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By Geekgrrllurking


They had talked about it, with the lights out, sated and sweaty and naked in the safety of their bed, a mutual fantasy whispered and shared, but neither thought they would act on it, at least not right away and certainly not now. Not with Natalia swollen and full, heavy with child, carrying the promise of their future within her body.

But Olivia couldn't stop thinking about it.

It was still so new, all of it, for both of them. Making love to each other, experiencing the touch-taste-smell of a woman, hell, even just snuggling together was different, more intimate, more special than it had ever been before. Everything was all fresh and new and the thought of introducing something else new seemed unnecessary.

And yet, Olivia knew that Natalia was at the mercy of her hormones too. She had been pregnant herself not all that long ago. She knew Natalia not only needed slow and gentle lovemaking, soft touches and lingering kisses, all of which she loved to provide at a moments notice. Sometimes though, you needed something a little more intense, a little more demanding, a little more of everything.

Sometimes you just needed a good fuck.

And if Natalia needed to be fucked, Olivia was just the girl to give it to her.

Smirking now at all her planning, Olivia stood by the bathroom door, enjoying the sight of her partner waiting for her on their bed. It's not that they needed the toy; it just added a fun new element, especially after they had gotten so hot for each other after just talking about it.

Besides if Olivia was honest with herself, she was more than happy to try to erase the memory of the short comings of the last dick Natalia had the misfortune to dally with. Luckily that wouldn't be hard to do.

"Olivia?" Natalia asked, her eyes large and dark, clearly wanting, needing to be touched, ready to be loved. Olivia stalked across the room, stepping between her lover's legs, forcing her to spread them so she could move in closer to her aching throbbing body. Reaching out, Olivia slowly pulled the oversized t-shirt from Natalia's body, leaving her naked, except for her panties, sitting on their bed, wet and waiting.

Olivia smiled and dipped her head to gently kiss her lover, one hand slipping to cup a lush breast, squeezing and twisting the erect nipple there, the other moving lower, over the rounded belly, possessive and loving. Olivia's smile grew wider as she felt her daughter's tentative movements fluttering below her hand, as if the child knew she was there.

"You have too much on," Natalia moaned into the kiss and moved to unbutton Olivia's crisp white shirt, only to have her hands gently pulled away and redirected lower, across the soft denim of her baggy blue jeans. Her eyes snapped open as she stared at her hand as she discovered the hard bulge there, pressing against the material. Olivia's soft chuckle drew her attention back up to her lover's bright green eyes. "Olivia! When did you…?"

"Bup bup bup, little girl, questions later," Olivia tapped a long finger playfully against Natalia's full lips but pulled back a moment to check in and to see how her partner was reacting to her surprise. "Is this okay, sweetie? We don't have to do this if…"

Natalia all but growled as she pounced on her lover, pressing into the bulge, moving against it, and causing Olivia to shudder at the sensations it caused against her clit.

"Ooo-kay then," Olivia gasped and quickly captured her lover's grinning mouth. Natalia reached down and slowly slid the zipper down, before exploring and finding her surprise. Pulling the dildo out, Olivia's cock stood erect and proud from the fly of her jeans.

A shiver ran down Natalia's spine as she glanced up at Olivia, trust and desire found deep in the depths of her dark eyes. Olivia could have sworn she felt her cock twitch. She bent over and quickly claimed her partner's full lips, reaching out with her hand to stroke tenderly over Natalia's swollen belly and then lower still, tickling along the elastic of her panties.

"On your knees and turn around, I don't want to hurt you or the baby," Olivia smiled as Natalia smirked and quickly complied, turning around on the mattress, her hands digging into the soft duvet as she pulled her ass closer. Hooking her thumbs into the band of the underwear, she pulled the thin scrap of material down her legs and off her body. Olivia ran her hands back up along the smooth skin of Natalia's back, fingertips following along the indent of her spine, her thumb dipping down into the crack of her ass. Natalia twitched beneath her roving hands and Olivia smiled to herself. Maybe someday…

"Tell me what you want," Olivia's voice was low and breathy as she glanced lower still and noticed just how wet Natalia had become. She wanted to hear her lover say it, to tell her how badly she needed her cock, how desperately she needed to come. She watched as if in a trance as Natalia's head lowered, moaning softly, pressing her forehead down to the mattress, causing her ass to push up and her legs to spread even more.


Olivia swallowed hard, and gently pressed the head of her cock into the moist heat, enjoying the gasp of anticipation this produced. She wanted to take Natalia quick and hard, but held back. Her clit throbbed almost painfully, her own need wanting to be satisfied, to grind away until she had been satisfied as well. She moved her cock away, resisting the temptation.

"Please Olivia," Natalia moaned, rising back up onto her hands. She didn't know how much more of the teasing she could take. Turning her head, she looked back at Olivia, a wave of heat flooding over her at the sight of the woman about to mount her. Natalia whimpered in frustration and bit her lower lip as their eyes met and locked. Their hearts thundered at the intensity.

"You're so close, I know." Olivia shifted and stroked her fingers through the soaked folds. She was met with a hard thrust of her lover's hips. Natalia wanted it all right, and badly. "Tell me, Natalia. What do you want?"

"I want you to fuck me," Natalia didn't hesitate, knowing it was what she truly wanted and what Olivia wanted to hear, needed her to say. Natalia finally looked away, her head falling forward again, long hair hanging around her face like a curtain and spilling down onto the blanket. She all but panted with need, shivering as Olivia's hands slid along her lower back to grip confidently at her hips. Spreading her legs slightly, Natalia inched backwards, the tip of Olivia's cock sliding along her inner thigh, before shifting upwards and bumping against her slick folds once again, finding where she needed her most.

"Olivia, please…" Natalia exhaled, her body practically on fire with need and only Olivia could put it out.

Olivia refused to tease any longer, needing to give it to her as much as Natalia wanted it. She rolled her hips and leaned forward, pressing the thick cock against her entrance, both women moaning as she finally entered her, adjusting the angle as she sank deeper. Natalia gasped with pleasure as Olivia took her from behind, filling and stretching her more than she could ever remember. Olivia bottomed out and then slowly rolled her hips back, pulling almost all the way out before rocking forward again, her hands gripping at Natalia's hips. Slow strokes at first, deep and hard, leaving both women panting hard.

"Is that what you needed, baby? My cock buried deep inside you, fucking you?" Olivia gasped, her body reacting to the sight of her dildo sinking into Natalia, taking her like this. She could imagine so many other places she'd like to bend Natalia over and do as she pleased, forcing her to come or come herself buried deep inside her lover. Claiming her as her own where ever and when ever she liked. Olivia rocked faster, her body grinding into Natalia, taking them both higher.

"Olivia…" Natalia moaned, arching her back and bucking, needing more contact. Instinctively, Olivia reached around her swollen belly, to find her needy clit, stiff and begging for her attention.

"Are you gonna be a good girl and come for me? Mmm?" Olivia teased the clit, stroking her with her thumb as she continued to pound deep into her lover.

Natalia was overwhelmed, unable to stop the wave that rushed over her. Olivia's touch and scent surrounded her and at the same time her lover penetrated her, stretching her deep and full. She grew more frustrated as she noticed the weight of the baby combined with the other pressure tormenting her body, Olivia's sure thumb continued to flick insistently on her clit, all of it working together to all but demand that she come.

"Fuck me." Natalia growled; she was so close. Olivia knew it too, she could tell from the breathy moans and familiar sounds that her lover made before she would come. It pushed Olivia to the edge herself, her body rocking harder, needing just a little more.

"Come for me. Now baby," Olivia panted, their bodies writhing together. She groaned and thrust, slick and sure, her body throbbing as she hammered deep. Natalia arched and called out, both of them riding the fine edge until finally they tumbled together. Olivia gasped, her cock shivering and jerking deep within her lover as she shattered and came.

Natalia froze, her body gripping Olivia's cock as she came, long and hard, and then she came again almost right away, the waves of pleasure breaking over her. Falling together to the bed, they landed in an exhausted heap, with a few final jerks before they finally rested, each savouring the other's touch.

They lay together on the bed; Olivia's cock still nestled within her lover's body, gently rocking until Natalia's breathing evened out, content to just hold the woman she loved in her arms. She dropped tender kisses along Natalia's bare shoulder, nuzzling into the long dark waves of hair.

"God, I needed that…" Natalia sighed happily. Her clit twitched, the baby twitched, and deep inside she could feel Olivia twitch. It was perfection.

"So you liked my surprise?" Olivia chuckled, nuzzling lazily along the smooth skin.

"Most definitely…" Natalia rolled her hips to emphasize her point, both women enjoying the sensation. Olivia shifted, and started to move away, but Natalia moaned softly and shook her head. "Hey, where are you going? I'm not nearly done with you..."

"It looks like I've created a monster…" Olivia raised an eyebrow and slid back deeper again, enjoying the shiver of aftershocks this caused.

Natalia simply laughed, as she rolled her hips and the dance started all over again.

The End

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