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Somewhere Along the Way
By itsalovestory


I never thought it would end up here.

But, then again, I never thought it would start how it did.

Gus and I were newlyweds. However, it was not a blissful marriage. How could it ever be after what I did to you? After what you did to me? We hated each other, but yet we couldn't stay away.

You were the other woman, the personification of sin and seduction, everything I wasn't. So, it was no surprise when Gus would come home late. Or not return my phone calls. Or come home with your lipstick on his collar. It would've been funny if it wasn't such a cliche. The husband cheats on his doting wife. The father shows his son how to be a supposedly real man. Gus fucks another woman, loves another woman. You.

You. With your biting tongue and your hard stare and your full breasts.

How could I ever compete with that? I was just a simple, single mom with dreams of a fairy tale. It was no surprise that Gus would stray. He cheated on Harley. He cheated on me. Heck, he'd eventually cheat on you.

It was no surprise when one day after work he talked about you. At first I was outraged. How could he suggest such a thing? Inviting another woman into our holy marriage bed, especially you. But, then I warmed up to the idea. If you can't beat them, might as well join them. Maybe it was just an itch that needed scratching. Maybe once it was over, it'd be over. And, then I'd have him all to myself.

And, then.

And, then you came over one night after I had a few too many glasses of wine. I was giggling, giddy almost at the prospect. The opportunity to show you, show him how much better I was at pleasing him. After all, he came home to me every night. He was mine. I had the rings, the son, the warm bed to prove it.

But, somewhere along the way, it all changed.

Gus and I were kissing, his strong hands all over my body, holding me close. You sauntered over to the bed. Our gazes locked. Your eyes were so green, almost a deep jade, emotions swirling in their depths. I was lost in them.

I was lost.

Gus and I both watched transfixed as you slipped off your dress and shoes, leaving you only clad in crimson silk panties and a bra. You smirked down at me as Gus sat up at the edge of the bed taking off his t-shirt. I crawled up behind him, nibbling on his ear. I ran my hands over his firm stomach down to his belt buckle. Unbuckling it, I could feel how hard he was. We had barely gotten started and Gus was already ready to go like some horny, teenage boy. I'd never seen him like this, even when he was a horny, teenage boy.

I was lost.

You straddled his lap, grinding your hips against him. I was mesmerized as I watched him unclasp your bra, releasing your breasts. They were full and pale and beautiful. Your nipples were engorged with your arousal. You let out a gasp as his warm, wet mouth wrapped around one. You held him close to your chest as he sucked and bit them.

I was lost.

I was wet. I was turned on. I was so hot and ready for him to touch me. Yet, he still feasted on your body, a buffet for his hungry mouth. He kissed and licked his way down your body. As he slipped off your soaked panties, I gasped.

I gasped.

I could smell your wetness. I could see your bare sex, pink and plump. It made me wet. My mouth began to water. And yet, I could not move. What the hell was I doing?

Gus never lowered his head. No. You grabbed his head, tightly twisting your fingers in his hair. You didn't ask. You demanded. You commanded and controlled him. You told him where to go, how to please you.

God, it wasn't enough.

I rubbed myself against the back of his thigh as he continued to lick at your wetness. My panties got wetter as I moved faster. I didn't understand what was happening until it happened. You never once took your eyes off me, even at our almost simultaneous releases.

Afterward, I sat for long moments in the dark. Long after you had left and Gus had fallen asleep, I had prayed for guidance. I had asked God to forgive me for my sins, for not being the perfect Catholic, perfect wife, perfect mother, perfect woman.

I was not a perfect woman.

And, neither was this situation.

Somewhere along the way, something changed. It didn't just stop at that night. No. It continued, you coming over every week, then every night. But, more than that, it became less about him and more about you. Because now, it's just you and me. It became more about us.


And, now here we are. You're hovering above me. Your gorgeous green eyes are looking into mine, right through me. Your fingers are plunging into me long and deep, and I've never felt anything like this. And, neither have you.

I can tell as you grind hard and fast against my thigh. I can tell as you begin gasping for breath. I can tell as you command, control our pleasure. I can tell in this moment, this minute that you are so alive and free. And, you're supposed to be the one dying.

Soon enough, I'm thrusting my hips up to meet your fingers, the sounds of wet flesh slapping echoing in the room. I gasp out, "Kiss me."

You do.

It's desperate, delicious. It's wet, warm. It's right now. It's forever. It's lust. It's love.

"Oh God, Olivia. I love you!" I scream out, my orgasm washing over me.

You moan long and deep as you come quickly after, shuddering in my arms.

After a few moments, you brush the damp hair out of my face. You cup my face in your soft, strong hands, and lean down to kiss me slowly, tenderly. When we part, we simply stare. Stare into each other's eyes, each other's hearts. And, you see the truth of it all in that moment. You begin to weep. I grab you into my arms, craddling you close. When the sobs subside, you look up at me.

You look up at me.

Your face is wet and blotchy and so, so beautiful. You smile sadly at me. "I'm dying."

"I know."

"I'm dying Natalia," you say harsher, more firmly. "I could be gone tomorrow. Or next week. Or if they get me a damn heart in a year, in ten years. I need a heart."

"I know." I shrug my shoulder, tipping my head to the side. "But..."


"But, you're here now. With me. And, I'm in love with you. I love you, Olivia. You have my heart already. And, you're gonna be alive for twenty more years."

"Natalia." You take a deep breath, holding my face once again, searching my eyes. "Somewhere along the way it stopped being about him and became all about you. Somewhere along the way, you became the woman I love." You kiss me, and I smile.

We lay there in each other's arms until the early morning, talking about nothing, talking about everything.

My phone rings. I turn over, and answer it. My startled gasp rouses you from your slumber. I jump out of bed and begin tossing clothes to you.

"What's going on? What's the rush?" you mumble groggy and adorable.

"Let's go. They found you a heart."

You smile wide, standing from the bed. We dress in silence. As we go to leave, you lean over giving me a quick kiss on my lips. I intertwine our fingers as you whisper, "Let's go start those twenty years."

The End

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