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Your Wicked, Wicked Ways
By Doubleyoo


Olivia swirled past an inebriated Reva O'Neill, who was dancing up a storm with an equally drunken Blake Marler. They were all over each other, having declared loudly earlier in the evening that lesbianism was the new pink, after Alan had showed up uninvited to the Rivera-Spencer Halloween party. He had appeared with a bag full of candy and mean-spiritedness, and had set about proclaiming to any and all who could hear that he was there to rescue his granddaughter from the den of sin her mother had set about creating in this godforsaken little hovel of a farmhouse. Nobody had objected when a slightly sloshed Buzz had "accidentally" dumped the punch bowl over his head.

Now, the two women were doing their level best to show the world that they, personally, didn't give two flying shits about what anyone thought. Laughing at the astounded look on Jeffrey's face, Olivia ducked into the kitchen, taking care not to catch her feathered wings on the walls as she slinked in from the main room. Stopping just inside the kitchen, she took a moment to bask in the vision before her.

Natalia was bent over the kitchen table, her short, red dress doing wonderfully sinful things to Olivia's libido where it hugged the curves of her hips and backside. Distantly, Olivia could hear the sounds of the revelers in the other room, their friends, merrily celebrating this holiday with them. The kids were all upstairs, hanging out in Emma's room and watching horror movies. Rafe had suggested the party weeks ago, as a way of fully coming out to the community once and for all. Everyone knew that the two women were a couple now, but few outside of close friends and family had really seen them in their comfort zone together, had really seen them as a dedicated, loving duo. The party had been for The Beacon's business partners, which had ended up including most of the town, and, not surprisingly, most of the town had shown up. Now, though, the witching hour had long come and gone, and only the most die-hard of the friendly revelers remained dancing to the scream-themed music.

Natalia was in the process of starting to clean up the food, laying saran wrap over the hors d'ouvres, when she felt a warm body press up against her back. "Hello, Devilwoman," whispered throatily in her ear, followed by a warm, open-mouthed kiss just below it on her pulse point. God. Olivia was pure sex, even dressed in white with a halo and wings as she was tonight. Natalia tilted her head, allowing her fallen angel greater access to the expanse of her neck. Her hands came up to cover those snaking around her middle.

"Olivia." The name was a celebration, a plea. "Why are all these people still here? When are they leaving?" The warm embrace had robbed her of her ability to think of anything beyond the woman behind her… and the things she wanted to do with, and to, said woman. The hands at her waist gripped at the red dress that made up the bulk of her devil costume, but they were not on her skin, and that was suddenly unacceptable.

"They'll be gone soon enough, love." It was true. They would all be leaving soon, picking up their cues and the remnants of their dignity, tripping over them out the door and falling headlong into their cars, to weave their way home through the gauntlet of law enforcement just waiting to catch the overly-indulged reveler on his or her way home. Soon wasn't good enough, though. Natalia wanted now.

She took hold of Olivia's hand, breaking free of their embrace and pulling the older woman behind her, into the little laundry room just off the kitchen. Pushing the slatted door closed behind them, Natalia turned to face her companion, and promptly lost her breath. In the half light that seeped in from the next room, Olivia's angel attire looked less like a costume and more like a reflection of the person she really was deep down… until Natalia's smoldering gaze reached her eyes. Those were not the windows to purity and holiness that one would expect from an angel. Lust simmered there, pure and unadulterated, and aimed entirely at her.

They came together like the waves crashing on the shore of a sandy beach, violently, crashing into one another with the abandon of mother nature's most primal urge, mouths meeting and sighing against one another, tongues dueling, hands tangling in heretofore perfectly coiffed manes. Natalia heard a zipper being lowered, and then her dress was pooled at her feet, the cool air partnering with her lover's mouth to bring her nipples to hard, aching points, soothed only by the sweet, aching caresses they found at the insistent silken pull of Olivia's lips. Eager to return the favor, she quickly relieved Olivia of her wings, then her silk sheath, not caring that it would wrinkle as soon as it hit the floor, wanting only the relief of her lover's body, her skin, beneath her fingertips.

Natalia felt herself being pressed against the washer, and took advantage of Olivia's widened stance to run her fingers down the older woman's belly, between her legs and into the wetness she found there. She stroked, swirling her fingers through the viscous delight, slipping them inside and curling them forward. When a hand found her in the same way, mirroring her actions, she briefly considered the possibility that heaven would never be able to compare to the Eden she'd found here on Earth, in Olivia's arms.

The crescendo built all too quickly, and as the world fell apart around them both, they gasped each other's names, riding the waves of their passion while never losing each other's gaze. When the sweet implosion finally gave way to blissful lassitude, they withdrew their touches, only to wrap each other in arms and kisses and love.

Distantly, Olivia heard the sounds of their party still going strong, a huge success both for the Beacon and for her and Natalia's relationship, but she didn't care. Everything she had ever wanted was standing in that little room, curled around her, and Olivia decided then and there that Halloween was her new favorite holiday.

The End

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