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Sins of the Daughter
By Geekgrrllurking



Alan Spaulding needed a drink.


It had been one of those days, which wasn't all that uncommon at Spaulding Enterprises. Hell, it had been one of those months, if Alan was honest. And that was well before this wee slip of a girl had entered his office and dropped her bombshell all over his world.

He glanced across the expanse of his desk at the young woman sitting there, calmly staring back at him. She was certainly attractive. His calculating glance took in her long dark hair, petite build, full lips and dark doe eyes. It was the eyes that made him think she was telling him the truth.

"I want a test." He finally managed to speak.

"Of course, I expected as much." She smiled at him as she shifted in her chair, crossing and uncrossing her legs. "When?"

"How's Thursday?" Alan leaned forward, looking a little closer at the document she had slid across the desk for his perusal. It looked real enough, but that meant nothing. He needed to be sure. He glanced up in time to see the most adorable dimples appear as she smiled at him and nodded her agreement.

Dear God she looked just like Lucia did, all those years ago.

Birth certificate and blood tests be damned. His heart all but stopped in that instant and he knew the truth in his soul.

Natalia Rivera was his daughter.

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