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Naughty but Nice
By lazydevil69


Entering the farmhouse Olivia sighed heavily and grinned at the thought of her favourite girls. She hoped they'd be busy doing domestic stuff and being happy and carefree. Hopefully they'd had a better day than she'd just suffered through.

Olivia dropped her bag onto the kitchen table and draped her short jacket across the back of the kitchen chair while calling out for her girls. "Hey girls, I'm home."

Emma came hurtling through from the living room and launched herself at her mom almost bowling her over with the exuberance of her hug while Natalia followed with a slower gait. Dimples primed and ready she grinned at Olivia and sighed into the quick kiss proffered.

"Hey, you're later than you said, is everything okay?" Natalia instantly worried something had happened to cause Olivia to be over an hour later than normal.

"Oh, just the day from Hell and incompetent staff and a freaking fire escape door which won't stay shut. Nothing special!" Olivia drolled her sarcasm evident from the tone she used.

"Oh, well once I feed you and let you get changed I'll make it better for you." Natalia grinned cheekily, the hint of a secret hidden behind the flirtatious grin.

Eyebrows rising in surprise, Olivia gaped, "Really now? Just how are you going to do that?"

"You'll just have to wait and see Olivia," Natalia husked in her ear as she left a gentle kiss on her neck before heading into the kitchen to prepare Olivia's meal.

Dinner consumed, the dishes washed and the kitchen immaculate as usual and Emma bathed and tucked up safely in bed Natalia excused herself from Olivia's presence and headed upstairs for a shower. Grinning in anticipation, she tried to imagine Olivia's reaction to her little surprise.

Calling Olivia upstairs shortly after leaving her shower she stood nervously in the bathroom trying not to scare herself into chickening out. She could do this and Olivia would love it.

Taking a deep breath she stepped out into the bedroom and glanced at her lover shyly, praying that her surprise would be well received.

Olivia's eyes widened to almost comical proportions, and then narrowed in appreciation as she beheld her lover and her new appendage.

The End

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