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NOTE: First in Newtonian series.

For Every Action
By Cirroco DeSade


How many times had the engineering staff seen this? It had become so common that the staff didn't appear frightened; they only moved out of the 'collateral damage' range of B'Elanna's aim and continued about their work. Nevertheless, those who were within earshot this day, well, once they realized what was happening…

"ghuy'cha'" B'Elanna exclaimed and threw her spanner at the feet of the woman who was making her crazy. "What the hell do you think you are doing Borg!?"

"If you are half the engineer you claim to be, it would be apparent," Seven replied coolly. What wasn't outwardly apparent was how this interaction always got to her. She had noticed over the last year that the Lieutenant brought more emotion out of her than anyone else aboard the ship.

"How dare you petaQ!" the lithe little woman growled.

Nobody else but Seven could hear how those sub-vocal growls continued long past the spoken words. Three months ago Seven had noticed that those growls had a physiological affect on her. Beyond that her own heart rate accelerated whenever the Klingon-Human hybrid barreled into her personal space, as she was beginning to do now.

"One day I'm going pick up your skinny Borg ass and toss you out of here… The only thing that keeps me from doing that is my respect for the Captain," B'Elanna snarled at Seven. She was standing very close to the taller woman. The air between the two was electric. The hybrid could hear the ex-drones heartbeat had accelerated. What was worse was that she could smell her sweat and pheromones pouring off in waves. The blonde smelled like lavender, musk and metal that reminded her of the copper smell of blood.

Seven couldn't stand it anymore. A month ago she had finally analyzed her emotions and responses, correlating the data with the ships' databanks, although she already knew what they would say. First she thought it was simple lust for the small beautiful woman. Then she realized as the days passed and she was continually distracted by thoughts of the engineer that she was actually in love with her. It was confounding. How could she love the one person aboard who always challenged her, tormented her and insulted her?

"That is illogical. I mass more than you," Seven stated calmly. She didn't understand what suddenly possessed her, what broke through her fine barriers of control causing her to do what she did next. Leaning down to B'Elanna's ear she growled out "'IH SoH. <You are beautiful> HoS jIH. <I am strong> Klingon, you could find no better mate than me… I am your equal… but stop acting out the mating ritual if you don't mean it. I cannot stand the torment any longer."

B'Elanna didn't even have time to register the words before Seven had leaned down and kissed her. It was a strong kiss, full of promises of unfulfilled passions. Her mouth was not only plundered by a soft graceful tongue, but the blonde had swirled her tongue around her own until she found herself responding and her own tongue briefly inside a warm, sweet mouth. Seven ended the kiss just as abruptly, finally taking B'Elanna's lower lip in between her teeth gently, nipping it then licking away a drop of blood. Then she turned and left engineering, with out even looking back.

B'Elanna stared at her back and then the door. She didn't move from that spot for a long time. In fact her only movements were the heaving of her chest and her tongue caressing the small injury to the inside of her lip.

One ensign nearby was daring enough to observe her and before the chief turned to escape to her office she swore she heard B'Elanna whisper "Kahless." No body was daring enough to discuss it here on duty… not today. Yet tonight, most of her staff knew they would go to Sandrine's.

The End


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