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Against All Odds
By JGirl



"We need to move, need to find another location. This place isn't safe anymore."

Sarah paced the room in concern, her face in a deep frown as Derek's words bounced around uneasily in her head. His update from his visit this morning to Sarah's neighbour making her head hurt. Terminators and now Agent Ellison again, it was never-ending this existence of theirs. Glancing towards Cameron, who was standing to the side in silence, Sarah could feel her nerves steadying, Cameron's solid presence a calming balm in the rising tension in her body.

"Why Mom? It's not like anybody knows who we are."

John's voice penetrated her haze of worry, focusing her attention off Cameron and onto the issue at hand again.

"Doesn't mean they won't find out in time." Turning to face John and then Derek who was now leaning quietly against the far wall in the living room, Sarah was just glad that the other Sarah had decided to retreat to Cameron's room for the time being. She didn't need the added headache of trying not to scare her even more.

Turning back to grace Derek with a determined glint in her eyes, Sarah ran a weary hand through her hair. "Ok, let's see, one thing at a time. Our first priority is to get more money and weapons."

"I have the list of Resistance safe houses Sarah, Future-John programmed them into my chip so that we would not run out of resources," Cameron interjected softly, her eyes never leaving Sarah's worried features.

Sarah glanced back to Cameron at her words, her relief evident at having something be relatively easy at last. At least they wouldn't need to go rob a bank now; being the saviour of mankind was an expensive occupation. "How come you never told me about this sooner?"

Cameron tilted her head quizzically, "You never asked."

Frowning at Cameron slightly before turning away, Sarah wondered what else the girl was not telling her just because she never thought to 'ask'.

"Ok, this is what we'll do then. Derek, go find us another location, preferably one that's away from civilisation. We don't need to be in the middle of suburbia anymore since John is now being home schooled."

"What are you going to be doing?" Derek enquired curiously as he stood up from the wall, ready to do as commanded.

"Cameron and I will go to the nearest Resistance safe house. As I said, we need money and weapons. We'll be needing new identities again as well and also to stock up on our depleting cache of weaponry."

Turning to grace John with a pensive look, Sarah rubbed her eyes tiredly; she could feel her right shoulder starting to throb lightly at her movements.

"John, see if you can use your laptop to locate any abandoned buildings within close distance of Sarah's place. I've got a plan."

"Care to share?" Derek interrupted lightly as he pulled his gun from behind his back, checking that it was fully loaded before tucking it back into his pants again.

"Not yet. I need the location first. Do you have any contacts you can call to organise a meet for the weapons?"

"Yeah, there's someone I can call. I'll let you know the details later."

Giving Derek one last glance as he walked out of the room, Sarah waited until his form disappeared through the front door before turning weary eyes onto Cameron. John had already made his way out of the room earlier, presumably to do research on his computer as requested.

"Here Sarah, take these." Cameron stepped closer, her hand stretched out in offering, a bottle of pills resting in her palm.

"Do you carry those with you now Cameron?" Sarah enquired part curious and part annoyed that the girl was still so stubborn in her desire to take care of her.

"Yes. I've come to realise that with you Sarah, these are necessary."

Sarah smirked at Cameron's words and arched an eyebrow, "You're just throwing that humour of yours around all over the place aren't you girlie?"

Taking the bottle from Cameron's hand, Sarah twisted the cap open and popped two into her mouth, swallowing them down in one gulp.

Ignoring Sarah's arched eyebrow and her words Cameron moved closer, placing a hand onto Sarah's waist to pull her against her own body. Giving in to her constant desire to have Sarah close, Cameron held on tighter, feeling the woman's body pressing against hers in its warm familiarity. Feeling a brief resistance from Sarah as she looked over towards the living room entrance, Cameron just held on more firmly, not allowing Sarah to escape. She needed this contact, had needed it since Sarah had left the bed this morning.

Closing her eyes and resting her chin lightly on to the top of Sarah's head Cameron felt her give in as she placed her cheek gently onto her shoulder and Sarah's arms wrapping themselves around her neck. Cameron could feel her insides starting to settle finally tinged with a slight guilt knowing that Sarah's tiredness was because of her and her continuous demands on Sarah's body all night last night. After the panic of yesterday Cameron had needed to feel Sarah with her, to assuage her desperate hunger in wanting to know and feel that Sarah was really in the bed beside her.

"Cameron, we have to go," Sarah murmured softly revelling in the feel of a firm shoulder underneath her cheek through Cameron's jacket as she gave in to the touch.

Without saying a word, Cameron stepped back slightly and tilted Sarah's head up to hers, capturing soft lips fiercely, pushing in an insistent tongue to devour Sarah's with her own. Tasting and sucking urgently, Cameron clasped Sarah's backside firmly, pulling her closer against a solid thigh that was now between Sarah's legs.

"Cameron, we…we shouldn't be doing this," Sarah breathed out harshly as she pulled away from the demanding kiss to gather her breath as fiery arousal flared its way through her body. Feeling Cameron's roaming hands against her backside and the firm thigh pressing enticingly into her centre, Sarah closed her eyes and willed her heart beat to steady even as she felt her body starting to respond.

"Mom, I've got a list of…" Entering the living room, John abruptly turned on his heels and walked out again as he caught his mother in an intimate embrace with Cameron. Blushing a bright red and mumbling under his breath about bedrooms and privacy he retreated as quickly as he could, trying to scrub the disturbing image from his retinas that was now burning his brain.

Pulling herself away from Cameron at the sound of John's voice, Sarah closed her eyes in mortification as she caught his retreating back. Gripping Cameron's arms forcefully, Sarah dipped her head to lean gently against Cameron's chest, feeling her whole body warm in embarrassment.

"Cameron, you really are going to kill me you know. If not from exhaustion then from embarrassment," Sarah groaned softly.

"John is a big boy Sarah. He knows we are in a relationship and that the relationship will obviously involve…intimate encounters." Murmuring softly into Sarah's ear, Cameron was unperturbed that John had walked in on them as her hands began to roam over Sarah's body again.

"Yeah but he doesn't have to see it. Ok, that's enough girlie before I forget about everything and just decide to take you right here on the floor." Moving her body away from Cameron Sarah held her at arm's length inhaling a sharp breath as the tingling sensations from Cameron's touch whizzed their way through her veins.

Giving Sarah a small pout, Cameron was about to pull Sarah closer again when the other Sarah entered the living room. Glancing at the woman silently, Cameron's face lost all signs of playfulness as an awkward silence descended.

"Sarah…um." Having forgotten all about the other woman and their perilous situation in the heat of Cameron's arms, Sarah could only blush again as she flicked glances between Cameron and the now obviously uneasy woman standing before them.

"Um, I was just...I was just going to go to the kitchen." Walking out as abruptly as she had entered Sarah could only stare at the retreating back in silence.

Groaning softly and giving Cameron a stern look in warning, Sarah walked out of the room, trying to push away the look of uneasiness on the other Sarah's face at her behaviour with Cameron.

"Come on girlie, we've got a withdrawal to make."

"So…John. Your mother and…Cameron…there's something going on there isn't there?"

The question was seemingly casual in the silent kitchen but John could sense the uneasiness behind the enquiry.

After witnessing his mother and Cameron in their…moment, John had returned to the kitchen and his laptop and was now studiously trying to find anything on the internet that would take his mind off the image his eyes had seen. Remaining silent when the woman had entered a few minutes later, John had only given her a brief friendly smile before returning his attention back onto the laptop in front of him.

Tensing at the unexpected question, John raised his eyes to watch the woman fidgeting uncomfortably at the sink, her eyes roaming everywhere except on him.

"I don't really think that that's any of your concern but….yes. They're in love."

"How? I thought…Cameron's a machine isn't she? She's programmed…"

John's face turned into a scowl at the words as his fists clenched in sudden anger, "Cameron is not a machine. She's made of metal yes but she's…she's more than that."

Taken aback at John's obvious anger, Sarah schooled her face into apologetic concern as she moved to sit down beside John, clasping his rigid arm gently.

"I'm sorry John. I didn't mean…I didn't mean to upset you. I know it's none of my business but I…I was just curious and I guess, I just wanted to understand. I can see that Cameron loves your mother; it's so obvious in everything she does. The way she always looks out for her, the way Cameron's eyes are only on Sarah whenever she enters the room. I'm sorry; I didn't mean to offend you."

John weighed the words silently, hearing the sincerity in the apology. Sighing softly, he relaxed his rigid frame knowing that for an outsider the question was justifiable, she would never understand completely. Sarah had only known of the machines and judgement day for one day, they had been doing this his whole life.

"It's ok but just, just don't call Cameron that anymore ok? She doesn't like it…we don't like it."

"So…tell me about them then. I'm truly curious to know the full story, plus it'll help me take my mind off my children." Settling back against her seat Sarah raised a curious eyebrow.

"Well, it's not really my story to tell but, it hasn't been easy for my Mom you know. Ever since she found out about judgement day when she was nineteen…her life has been a never ending struggle with machines from the future out to kill her and the constant burden of keeping me alive as well, never mind the authorities all labelling her as psychotically crazy. I'm glad she has Cameron, I think it's made everything more…bearable for her."

Staring off into space John fell silent wanting the woman sitting next to him to really understand his mother, to understand her life before she made any harsh judgements. Sarah Connor was deserving of her respect and admiration, not her condemnation of a situation that she would never fully grasp.

Turning to stare into still curious eyes, John could sense that the woman truly did want to understand and learn more about the woman whose name she shared. Taking in a deep breath, John started from the beginning. About how a nineteen year old girl came to realise that her destiny was to be more than just a mere waitress...whether she had wanted it or not.

"So how many of these places did Future-John set up?"

Taking in their surroundings Sarah pulled the truck over to the side and parked in front of the non-descript run down building in front of them. Hopping out of the truck and following after Cameron, Sarah ignored the mingling bums and other people around the entrance. Reaching behind her back instinctively to feel the comfortable solidity of the metal gun underneath her jacket, Sarah continued into the dingy building her features masking into a scowl automatically, hoping to discourage anyone curious enough to try and approach them.

"I have seven more other places on my list spread throughout LA and then there are other places throughout the states. John wanted us to be prepared and not to worry about resource shortages in our fight against Skynet."

Making their way up the winding staircase, Sarah screwed her nose up in distaste. The smell permeating the air was rankling on her senses and the accumulated rubbish and debris tossed carelessly into dust ridden corners were making her body shudder in revulsion. Avoiding a particularly nasty looking stain in the hallway they were now walking down, Sarah could only follow silently behind Cameron, keeping a wary eye on the dismal surroundings as she noted the colourfully spray painted words on the walls here and there.

"You know Cameron; you sure do bring a girl to the nicest places."

Cameron returned the mumbled comment with a small smirk as she entered an open doorway at the end of the hallway but refrained from speaking. She was getting better at understanding Sarah's humour.

Entering the cavernous room, the ceilings showcasing high arching beams up above spattered with cobwebs and dust, Cameron made her way to the far end of the room to a small brown panel. Apart from the scattered remains of human discarded rubbish here and there, the room was empty, the light filtering through the high windows showing the disturbed patches of dust on the floor, evidence to other people having used the room at one stage or another. Scanning the panel briefly and ignoring the spray painted graffiti on the walls; Cameron stretched out an arm casually to punch a gaping hole into the concrete wall.

Standing to the side watching in silence, Sarah could only marvel at the true strength being displayed in front of her comparing them to the memories of gentle touches and teasing caresses swimming in her mind's eye. Sarah knew what Cameron was made of of course but being around the girl on a daily basis had softened her to the knowledge of Cameron not actually being human. The girl had come a long way since her first encounter with the Connor's making Sarah forget at times that under her skin, Cameron had metal instead of bones. Having a girlfriend that could bend steel and crush concrete with her bare hands but also be able to hold her body with such tenderness was a testament to how much Cameron was evolving.

Taking a step closer as Cameron pulled out a faded grey duffel bag, the outside coated with so much dust and grime, Sarah wrinkled her face in displeasure. Gripping Cameron's arm lightly to get the girl's attention, Sarah placed a chaste kiss onto the red lips in front of her before stepping back to grace Cameron with a soft smile.

"Thank you for loving me Cameron."

Startled and delighted at Sarah's impulsive behaviour, Cameron's lips widened into a big smile of her own, "You are welcome Sarah."

"Well, well, well, look what we got here boys, a coupla dykes who just needs a real man to show them what they're missin out on."

Turning towards the sudden intrusion, Sarah narrowed her eyes in suspicion as her face changed into a scowl taking in the five men sauntering towards them with a smirk on their faces. Watching the obscenely fat guy in the front of the pack warily, Sarah surmised that he was the leader of this band of miscreants.

"We don't want any trouble," Sarah growled softly as Cameron stepped closer to her side, dropping the duffel bag onto the floor with a thump at the sudden threat to Sarah before her.

"We're not lookin for trouble honey, we just want us some fun. Don't we boys?" Grabbing his crotch suggestively, the leader turned towards the other men standing at his side with a greasy leer, their raucous laughter filling the empty room with evil intent.

Sarah sighed, not really in the mood for a pack of over grown boys and their constant search for approval from their peers. Travelling in packs gave them a false sense of security, feeding their already over inflated egos of how great they were when in actual fact, they were just scared little boys playing at being grown-ups in a big bad scary world.

Sizing them up intently Sarah relaxed slightly. Apart from the obese guy in the front, the others were all scraggly looking. Tall and thin, with clothes that looked as if it had been borrowed from a discarded clothing bin, they appeared harmless enough. Sarah turned a quizzical eye onto Cameron in a silent question, knowing that the girl would have already scanned them for any dangerous weapons.

Seeing the quick negative head shake in return and knowing that Cameron could despatch them easily enough with one arm tied behind her back, Sarah gripped the girl's arm firmly as Cameron started to walk forward, the scowl on her face at the group's intent making her tense in anger.

"It's ok Cameron, I got this." Sarah gave her a small smile, willing the girl to let her take the lead in this situation. Cameron stepped back reluctantly, her eyes never leaving the man in front as she noted the positions of the other four men.

"Aw, would ya look at that boys ain't that just down right sweet? You must be the one that wears the strap-on when you fuck your pretty little girlfriend over there." Sneering at Sarah, the leader stepped closer as the other four men spread out to surround them in a half circle.

Ignoring another round of raucous laughter and feeling her hackles rising at the crude words, Sarah spread her lips into a smirking challenge, "I probably work it better than you ever could with your limp dick fatso."

Seeing the leader's face clench in sudden anger at her taunting words and his now sniggering comrades at his expense, the leader reached into his side pocket and pulled out a switch blade. Flicking the blade up with a soft 'snick', his features turned from leeringly teasing to a menacing glare.

"We'll just see about that when I give you what I got won't we bitch?"

"If I can see your dick through your rolls I'd love to let you but you see, my girlfriend here? She's the jealous type and she doesn't like to share."

Tensing at the now glinting blade in front of her, Sarah held on tighter to Cameron's arm, feeling the malevolence rolling off Cameron towards the vile man in front of her.

"I don't give a shit what type she is, you bitches are all the same when you're squealin under us."

Still keeping her eyes on the blade in front of her, Sarah released Cameron's arm and stepped closer to the glaring man, sensing Cameron stiffen even more at her actions. Feeling her anger flare in a hot rage at the man's words Sarah lost all sense of playfulness.

"Sarah…" Cameron voiced in a warning monotone as her stance changed to a fighting position, her hands clenching into fists at Sarah's behaviour. Turning slightly to still keep the leader in her sights, Cameron's gaze swept over the remaining four, their postures now tightening menacingly at Sarah's expression.

Ignoring Cameron's warning tone, Sarah stalked even closer to stand an arm's length away from the man. Smelling his rancid body odour floating to her nostrils and screwing her face in distaste Sarah drew her arms in front of her in a taunting gesture.

"Come show me then you fat pig, seeing as you like to prey on helpless women."

Shooting Sarah another vicious glare, the man tensed and then suddenly charged, the switch blade held in front of him firmly. Dodging the out stretched arm holding the weapon easily, Sarah smacked him on the back with a fist as he ran past. Turning around to face the leader again, Sarah jumped lightly on the soles of her feet her fists now held in front of her in a boxing position.

"Not that easy when we're not so helpless huh?"

Narrowing his eyes at the taunt the man charged again, swinging the blade in front of him wildly towards Sarah's chest. Side stepping easily again, Sarah kicked the man's rear in passing, watching him sprawl to the floor in satisfaction.

Seeing the other four men moving in closer to help their leader out of the corner of her eyes, Sarah turned back to face the man struggling to his feet, his belly protruding obscenely from the shirt that had risen up in his haste to stand. Knowing that Cameron had her back, Sarah ignored the others her only focus on the repugnant man in front of her.

"Come on tough guy, I'm still waiting to see a real man here."

Hearing the sounds of scuffling behind her, Sarah knew Cameron had had enough and was starting to pound on the other four men advancing behind her.

"You fucking bitch!" The man roared in rage, spittle flying out of his mouth as he lumbered towards Sarah again, the blade still held tightly in a death grip. "I was just gonna play with you a little but you're fucking dead now."

Suddenly distracted as two men went flying past her, Sarah side stepped the swiping blade a little too late, feeling it slice through her jacket sleeve and into her arm. Gasping in shock rather than pain, Sarah kicked out viciously as the man lumbered forward again, catching his side in a solid thump.

Cameron tensed in reaction to hearing Sarah's gasp as she grabbed the man she was fighting with by his throat and threw him carelessly over her shoulder to crash with a bang against the wall, her only focus now on getting to Sarah. Swinging her arm towards the last man running towards her almost nonchalantly, she connected with his stomach and watched dispassionately as he flew across the room to land in a crumpled heap in front of her.

Stalking towards Sarah her eyes glaring daggers into the obese man standing in front of her, Cameron gripped Sarah firmly by the shoulder and pulled her back gently to stand behind her.

"You really shouldn't have done that. Now you've made Cameron mad and all I was trying to do was to save you pain." Commenting lightly Sarah allowed Cameron to take over, feeling the sudden anger draining from her body, wanting to just go home and forget about shitheads that didn't deserve to be human.

Gripping the charging man by the throat easily in her outstretched arm, Cameron lifted him off the ground. Catching his flailing arm with the switch blade, Cameron twisted, feeling the crunch of bones as his wrist snapped and the blade fell to the ground with a clatter, mingling with the sounds of the man's gurgling scream at his broken wrist.

"Cameron, don't kill him even though he doesn't deserve to live."

Hearing Sarah's words behind her, Cameron froze, her eyes never leaving the man's in front of her as he continued to struggle vainly to get free, his eyes widening in sudden fear.

"You said I could hurt them though right?" Remembering their conversation of months ago, Cameron tilted her head pensively waiting on Sarah's answer as her grip tightened minutely, watching in satisfaction as the man's eyes began to bulge his face turning purple at the lack of oxygen.

"Yes Cameron, you can hurt him but just a little though ok?" Sarah's tone was like a mother to a child, playfully tolerant as she watched Cameron drop the man to the ground to lie in a heap at her feet, his breath coming in harsh gasps as he tried to get as much air as he could into his lungs.

Crossing her arms over her chest, Sarah stood and watched in silence as the man tried to scramble away on one hand and feet, his other arm held tightly to his chest.

Cameron reached out casually and clamped down firmly on to the man's left ankle, twisting her wrist with a sudden jerk. The man screamed in pain again as the bones in his ankle snapped, clasping his leg to his chest in overwhelming agony with his one remaining working hand. Ignoring his screams, Cameron knelt down and circled a hand around his throat, nailing him to the floor and cutting off his screams with a sudden gurgle as she flexed her hand and squeezed firmly.

"Sarah said I cannot kill you but maybe I should ignore her and kill you anyway?" Cameron voiced softly as her cold eyes continued to bore holes into his skull. "You hurt Sarah."

Sarah held her breath at the softly spoken words but remained standing where she was, hoping that she wouldn't have to intervene. It was a choice to take a human life when self-defence didn't come into the equation and Cameron had to learn that it was her choice to make and no one else's.

Cameron remained staring down coldly at the frightened eyes in front of her, feeling her hatred and her rage flow through her body for the…filth that had wanted to cause her Sarah harm. Feeling her fingers tightening even more at the thought of what the man and his friends had wanted to do to Sarah, Cameron could feel the overwhelming desire to kill him coursing through her entire body.

Raising her left arm and clenching her hand into a tight fist, Cameron drew back and with a mighty swing punched down towards the frightened man's face…swerving minutely at the last minute to crash through the concrete floor beside his head with a dull crunch.

"Sarah is right, you don't deserve to live…but she has also taught me that it's wrong to kill when there is no need to kill. You are lucky that I have Sarah to teach me."

Walking up softly behind Cameron, Sarah placed a hand onto the girls shoulder, squeezing tightly to get her attention. Feeling Sarah's firm grip and her warm body against hers, Cameron suddenly released her hold from around the man's neck and stood up, her eyes dismissing the now frozen man on the ground as she glanced over towards Sarah in concern.

"You are hurt Sarah, let me see." Glancing towards the jagged cut in Sarah's sleeve jacket and the tinge of blood around the edges Cameron reached out swiftly pushing the sleeve up Sarah's arm at the same time.

"It's ok Cameron, it's just a scratch. The jacket stopped most of the blade from cutting through." Sighing in relief that Cameron had let the man go, Sarah glanced down at the scratch on her arm to confirm her words. Placing a warm hand onto Cameron's chin, Sarah tilted her head up towards her. "See, it's just a scratch."

"You should have let me handle it in the first place Sarah. You would not be 'scratched' at all if you had." Firming her lips into a thin line of disapproval, Cameron's body relaxed slightly at the proof of Sarah's words.

"I told you I can look after myself girlie…besides…he pissed me off." Glancing towards the still writhing man on the floor and hearing his groans of pain, Sarah walked over towards him suddenly. Taking note of the spreading puddle coming from under the man's prone body, Sarah wrinkled her nose even more in disgust.

Placing her feet on his chest to get his attention, Sarah waited until his fearful eyes met hers, "Remember this day you piece of shit because I'll be watching you. If you and your goons try to hurt anyone ever again I'll know about it and next time, I won't be so nice, you got me?"

Waiting until the man shook his head in fearful agreement, Sarah turned away back to Cameron, "Let's go Cameron; I've had enough excitement for one day."

Watching Cameron walk back towards the forgotten duffle bag and slinging it over her shoulder effortlessly, Sarah was grateful that no one had been seriously hurt. Knowing that Cameron could have killed every one of these men without a backward glance or remorse, Sarah felt an overwhelming happiness that Cameron was at last seeming to understand the importance of humanity, even if the ones that were still alive didn't deserve that honour.

"You sure do know how to show a girl a good time girlie…but next time? I vote for just dinner and a movie for our next outing ok?"

Giving Cameron a smirk, Sarah wound her fingers around Cameron's as they walked towards the exit, catching the girls barely suppressed eye roll at her words. Snorting in open amusement now, Sarah continued to chuckle softly as they walked out of the room together, more in love with a metal girl than she could ever hope to understand.

"Mom, what the hell happened?"

John stood up suddenly from the kitchen table as Sarah and Cameron entered. Taking in their crumpled appearance and the jagged cut tinged with fading blood on Sarah's jacket sleeve, John could only think the worse.

"It's ok…we had a run in with a pack of over grown boys who wanted to have a bit of fun." Giving John a brief reassuring glance, Sarah placed the takeaway bags of food down onto the table and sat down wearily. "When I told them that I had all the fun I could handle, they didn't like the answer."

"Are you sure you're ok? Why the blood?" Sitting down again feeling slightly better at his mother's reassurance and light words, John could feel himself relaxing slightly. At least it wasn't the terminator.

Glancing towards Cameron for confirmation who was now sitting opposite Sarah, John caught Cameron's slight nod in affirmation at Sarah's words. Feeling the tension releasing from his body at Cameron's nod, John knew his mother was telling the truth. Cameron would never just be sitting at the table causally if Sarah was truly hurt.

"It's just a scratch, I'll be fine." Dismissing John's worried frown with a wave of her hand, Sarah started to open the bags of food, setting them out onto the table. "I'm gonna go take a shower, I'll tell Sarah dinner's ready."

"I think I've found the place that you wanted me to look for as well Mom." Standing up from the table to grab plates and silverware, John glanced over towards Sarah briefly as she started to walk out of the room.

Pausing in the doorway, Sarah turned back slightly, "Ok, we'll discuss it after my shower, has Derek returned yet?"

"He rang about a minute ago and said he was on his way back."

With a small nod, Sarah turned and walked out.

"So, did you guys end up getting what you were looking for?" Tossing Cameron a raised eyebrow in query, John sat down and started to dish out the food from the various Chinese cartons sitting on the table.

"Yes. The bag is in the living room."

"What's in it?" Sitting back comfortably in his seat now that his plate was piled high with food, John started to dig in enthusiastically.

"Cash, diamonds, gold, Future-John was very resourceful." Cameron quirked a small smile in return at John's surprised look.

"Hmmm, probably so I'd never go hungry," John smirked in return. Sighing briefly John rolled his eyes at Cameron as he caught her looking at the doorway again.

"Just go already Cameron; you know you want to go check on Mom."

Giving John a blank look in return at his words, Cameron remained seated for a few more seconds then stood up slowly from the table and left without another word.

Passing the other Sarah on the way to the bathroom, Cameron acknowledged her presence with a slight nod, knowing that the other woman was uncomfortable with her presence. Getting a wide grin in return from the passing woman, Cameron was startled but hid her reaction as she approached the bathroom door. Giving one last glance towards the retreating woman's back, Cameron dismissed her from her thoughts and entered silently.

Shedding her clothes as quickly as she could, Cameron adjusted her eye sight to the steaming bathroom from the hot water and caught Sarah's enticing form through the glass shower doors. Opening the door as quietly as she could, Cameron stepped inside to wrap her arms around Sarah's waist gently pulling her firmly against her front.

"Shit Cameron! What have I told you about sneaking up on me?" Startled at the feel of Cameron's warm body pressed against her back, Sarah turned her head to grace Cameron with a peevish glare.

"That I wasn't to do it anymore?" Ignoring the woman's glare, Cameron's hands started to roam up and down Sarah's body. Tracing light caresses onto Sarah's flat belly Cameron continued further up to cup full and rounded breasts softly, palming and squeezing as the nipples hardened in reaction.

Placing light teasing kisses onto Sarah's neck, Cameron could feel Sarah's body relaxing as she continued with her soft ministrations on Sarah's body.

"Ye…yes," Sarah replied haltingly, feeling the breath rushing out of her body at Cameron's touch and kisses. Leaning her head back against a strong shoulder, Sarah reached behind her to grasp firmly at Cameron's hips, pulling her tighter against her backside.

"Why…why are you in here…anyway?" Gasping softly as Cameron's lips found the sensitive spot behind her ears, Sarah could only close her eyes in reaction as instant arousal flushed through her body. Feeling the warmth of the hot water cascading down her front and the hotness of Cameron along her back, Sarah was lost and in heaven.

"I came to check up on you, make sure you weren't hiding more wounds from me." Moving one hand away from the soft breast she was kneading lovingly through the drops of water coming down from the shower head, Cameron traced a finger delicately down Sarah's side, across her stomach to rest lightly against her centre. Continuing her light tracing pattern with her fingers on the outside, Cameron nipped gently at Sarah's ear lobe, "You're not hiding anything from me are you Sarah?"

Feeling Cameron's warm breath on her ear and the tingling sensations of Cameron's fingers driving her wild Sarah groaned softly as she clenched Cameron's hips tighter.

"Cameron…" Sarah gasped as the fingers began to dip lower, her legs spreading of their own volition to accommodate the searching, probing fingers, feeling Cameron's other hand tug and roll her hardened nipple firmly as she increased the pressure of her kisses.

Leaning fully against Cameron's solid body now, Sarah could only feel as rational thought flew out of her head, her insides beginning to sizzle and fizz as Cameron's fingers continued their teasing touches. Standing away slightly from the running water and twisting her head around, Sarah caught Cameron's lips in her own, sucking fiercely on the hot tongue pushing its way into her mouth.

Pulling away to catch her breath Sarah stood directly under the hot water, placing both her palms against the shower wall for support as she bent her head forward, feeling Cameron grinding against her backside, her hands never leaving her breast and her aching centre.

Rocking her hips feverishly trying to push the probing fingers deeper Sarah gave another groan, feeling the fiery hotness building inside her body. The hot water pounding down from above and the feelings coursing through her both combining to add fuel to her already burning need.

"Cameron…oh God…" Losing all coherent thought as Cameron's fingers continued their torturous touching Sarah's breaths started to come out in little keening gasps as she felt her stomach muscles clenching.

With a hoarse cry, Sarah arched her back as she felt her brain explode, hot little white lights twinkling inside her eyelids as her body started to spasm, feeling Cameron's strong arms holding her steady, catching her as she continued to shake uncontrollably.

Placing a loving kiss onto the back of Sarah's shoulders, Cameron removed her fingers and gently turned Sarah around to face her as the warm water continued to pound down. Capturing Sarah's lips in a demanding kiss, feeling the water cascading down her shoulders and back, Cameron placed both her hands under Sarah's leg's and lifted, leaning Sarah back against the shower wall for added support.

Moaning as Cameron's searching lips touched hers Sarah wrapped her legs reflexively around Cameron's waist her hands wrapping themselves around Cameron's neck to pull her tighter against her. Feeling Cameron's searching fingers once more reaching down between her thighs, Sarah broke the kiss abruptly to clasp onto Cameron's shoulders, her body already responding with an urgent need that left her breathless.

"Cameron…I…I can't…" Trying to protest softly in between Cameron's kisses and teasing fingers, Sarah could only groan and bite her teeth into Cameron's shoulder as Cameron refused to let her go, her fingers moving in and out relentlessly, coaxing her body into another release she could already feel building.

Placing her mouth against Sarah's ear, Cameron suckled softly at the ear lobe, her tongue flicking in and out in the same rhythm to her fingers down in Sarah's centre as she whispered softly, "You are Sarah Connor…you can do anything Sarah."

"Fuck…Cameron!" At the words and the added pressure, Sarah arched her back desperately feeling her whole body clenching, her arms and legs wrapping themselves even tighter against the body holding her captive as another searing white heat expanded its way through her insides. Feeling her body trembling at the sensations Sarah could only hold on as they devoured her whole, consuming her in their intensity leaving her feeling raw and tender.

Placing soft kisses onto Sarah's neck, Cameron could feel the water beginning to cool on her back. Still holding tightly onto Sarah to keep her balanced, Cameron pulled back slightly to place a soft kiss onto Sarah's lips.

"Now do you believe I'm not hiding anything?" Mumbling tiredly Sarah gently released her legs from around Cameron's waist to stand on unsteady feet, her insides still reacting to the warm sensations flowing up and down her body like a gentle waterfall. Trembling slightly at the soft caresses to her sides, Sarah could feel the cooling water dripping onto Cameron's body as Cameron shielded her from most of the spray up above.

"I don't know Sarah, you do have a bad habit of keeping the true extent of your injuries from me." Giving Sarah a small smirk in reply Cameron started to place light kisses against Sarah's collarbone, her hands already beginning to trail their way up her body. "I think I need to check again just to be sure."

Turning off the now cold water, Sarah reached out gently to stop Cameron's wandering hands as she stepped out of the shower, tugging a willing Cameron along behind her. Already feeling another overwhelming surge of arousal zinging its way through her core, Sarah wondered if maybe dying from being over loved by a cybernetic organism wouldn't be a good way to go after all.

"Come on girlie, I don't think I'll survive another check-up like the last two right now, not on an empty stomach anyway. I definitely need food before anymore checking can continue."

Placing a soft kiss onto pouty lips, Sarah smiled softly at the expression on Cameron's face marvelling once again at seeing the love that she had not been searching for, had actually fought against with everything in her entire being, shining back at her with such heart-breaking openness.

Part 5

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