A.P. Stacey

Serenity Point 18 Sarah/Cameron When battle lines are drawn unexpectedly early, Sarah discovers that the enemy of your enemy is not your friend. Complete


Samsâra PG Sarah/Cameron In a future without Skynet, a girl with a past is given a choice... Complete

Just Another Day in Paradise 18 Sarah/Cameron Contribution to the 2010 International day of Femslash's "A Day in the Life" story challenge. That would make this a day in the life of Sarah and Cameron, set in season 2, though an astute watcher of the show will notice that I took a few liberties such as more or less ignoring the events of episode 3 "The Mousetrap," keeping John and Cameron in school, and one other thing... but I'll let you all see that for yourselves *G*. Complete

Dreams PG Sarah/Cameron Sarah contemplates life after Skynet. Complete

Bedtime Stories PG Sarah/Cameron Prompt suggested by 4kennedy, a re-imagining/missing scene from "Goodbye to all That" when Sarah and Cameron babysit Marty, a young boy targetd by Skynet. Complete

Christmas Wishes 18 Sarah/Cameron A little premature gift giving leads to... well, you'll see... (written for the Christmas Wish Event) Complete


Gone Fishing PG Sarah/Cameron A day of rest and relaxation. Complete

Five Things Cameron Processed PG Sarah/Cameron Five interconnected drabbles. Complete

Five Things Sarah Muddled Over PG Sarah/Cameron A companion piece of sorts to Five Things Cameron Processed. Complete

The Tin Woodman PG Sarah/Cameron watching can be a bad way for a terminator to pass the time. Complete


Dangerous Realisations 18 Sarah/Cameron Sarah realises too late that there is a fine line between love and hate. Complete


Never Gone PG-13 Sarah/Cameron SongFic Drabble. Sarah reflects on everything Carmen's done. Complete


A Rose By Any Other Name PG Sarah/Cameron English is tricky. Complete


Jealousy PG-13 Sarah/Cameron Who did kill Andy Goode at the end of the chess competition? Here's my wishful thinking. Complete

Wishful Thinking 18 Sarah/Cameron This is a continuation of Jealousy. What dreams may come? Complete


Facing the Unknown 1 2 15 Sarah/Cameron Sarah's thoughts. Complete

Inside Sarah 15 Sarah/Cameron No synopsis given. Complete

Only Destiny 18 Sarah/Cameron Sequel to 'Inside Sarah'. Complete

Three Wishes 18 Sarah/Cameron Missing scene from 'Demon Hand'. Complete

Dance With Me PG Sarah/Cameron No synopsis given. Complete

Carla Mayumi

A Terminator's Vacation PG-13 Sarah/Cameron An attempt at vacation. Complete


How John Found Out G Sarah/Cameron John figures out exactly why he sent Cameron back in the first place. Complete

Wrong G Sarah/Cameron Sarah and Cameron knew it was wrong, but why did it feel so right? Complete


Trust 18 Sarah/Cameron Sarah and John talk. Sarah and Cameron learn that trust is a good thing. (First time story.) Complete


A Year Without Rain PG-13 Sarah/Cameron No synopsis given. Complete

Della Street

Untitled 15 Sarah/Cameron A bit of T:SCC fluff. Complete


Illusion And Dream PG-13 Sarah/Cindy Crossover with Women's Murder Club; two women who have many secrets, meet. Complete

Eve's Hour PG Sarah/Cameron Sarah muses on temptation, that of humankind and her own. Complete


Baby Blues PG Sarah/Cameron Sarah and Cameron get a pleasant surprise. Complete


Rules PG-13 Sarah/Cameron Sarah's falling apart and she knows it. All she needs is someone to unravel with. Complete

Missions 15 Sarah/Cameron AU - Loose sequel to 'Rules'. Cameron has a mission. Complete


Femslash Advocacy Group - Winter C.O.U.G.A.R. Mixer PG Multi-fandom crossover - An informal meeting for certain members of the F.A.G. Complete


Twenty-Three 15 Sarah/Cameron Sarah is tired of fighting it. Complete


Postulations and Practices 15 Sarah/Cameron Cameron is given a choice. Complete

Of Lies and Betrayal 15 Sarah/Cameron Sequel to 'Postulations and Practices'. Complete

Articulation PG Sarah/Cameron Post 'The Queen's Gambit'. Complete

Inspector Boxer

More Than A Mission 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 15 Sarah/Cameron Sarah begins to see Cameron as more than a machine... while Cameron realizes Sarah is more than just a mission. Complete

No Rest for the Wicked 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 15 Sarah/River Firefly crossover - The crew of the firefly Serenity is about to get a new pilot... On-Going

Inspector Boxer and zennie

Perfect Present PG-13 Sarah/Cameron It's raining on Sarah's birthday. So what else is new? Complete


Cake PG-13 Sarah/Cameron No Synopsis given. Complete


Beyond All Reason 15 Sarah/Cameron Can Sarah let go of everything she knows to find something she never knew she needed? Complete

Against All Odds 1 2 3 4 5 6 15 Sarah/Cameron Now that Sarah's found what she never knew she needed, will she be able to hold onto it? On-Going

Jude Nightlure

Lessons in Instinct 1 PG Sarah/Cameron Sarah's thoughts during that whole "You might want to put those back in the holster" scene. On-Going


Weapon 15 Sarah/Cameron After recent events, Sarah reflects. Complete


Reminders PG Sarah/Cameron Sarah needed to keep reminding herself that Cameron was a cyborg. Complete

Welcome to the Club PG Sarah/Cameron No synopsis given. Complete

Somewhere In Between PG-13 Sarah/Cameron All she had to do was say 'No.' Say that Cameron was mistaken, and that she should stay the hell away from her. That was all Sarah had to do. Complete

Evolution PG Sarah/Cameron 'I am evolving. Deception is to be expected.' Complete

Heat 15 Sarah/Cameron This time, Sarah woke up smiling. Complete

Insatiable PG-13 Sarah/Cameron Cameron's found a new favorite activity. Complete

Dance With Me PG-13 Sarah/Cameron Surveillance at a club gets interesting when Cameron wants to dance. Complete

Inappropriate Attraction PG-13 Sarah/Cameron Sometimes Sarah thinks that it should be illegal for someone to look that gorgeous, particularly when it's 90-something degrees outside. Complete

Too Late PG Sarah/Cameron It's too late to tell her. Complete

Giving In PG-13 Sarah/Cameron Any resistance she'd felt was long gone. Complete


Property PG-13 Sarah/Cameron Cameron and 'her' room. Complete

Thunder PG-13 Sarah/Cameron Feeling a heartbeat. Complete

Heartbeat 15 Sarah/Cameron Feeling a heartbeat. Complete


Right Hand Man 18 Sarah/Cameron Cameron loves learning new skills. Complete

Teaching Her to Sleep 15 Sarah/Cameron Cameron tries out the pillows. Sarah tests the waters. Complete


Machine PG Sarah/Cameron Sarah hates machines. Complete

The Future's Past Series

The Mission PG Sarah/Cameron Living a paradox. Complete

A Home Cooked Meal PG Sarah/Cameron A saucy little minx. Complete

Listening to Your Body PG Sarah/Cameron Sarah's body is telling her something. Complete

A Terminator Betty Crocker PG Sarah/Cameron Cameron and Sarah join forced to bake a birthday cake for John. Complete

Killing John Connor PG-13 Sarah/Cameron Cameron takes charge of her life. Complete

The Raven

Flesh & Chrome PG Sarah/Cameron With all the running, all the fighting, and all the fear, will the machine that is like a woman, and the woman who is like a machine, find some common ground to stand on? Will they find each other? Complete


Go For the Jugular PG Sarah/Cameron Sarah finds Cameron watching some latenight TV. Complete


Out Shopping G Rachel/Luce Imagine Me & You crossover - Heck has never heard Rachel's confession. It is now a few months later and the two are on a trip to the US as Heck tries to gather experiences for his book, and decides to change tactics for a night and cook. But you need to buy food for that, don't you? Complete


Kissing Sarah Connor 15 Sarah/Cameron No synopsis given. Complete

Give Me A Kiss (And More) 15 Sarah/Cameron A sequel to 'Kissing Sarah Connor'. Complete

Kissing Cameron PG-13 Sarah/Cameron A sequel to 'Kissing Sarah Connor' and 'Give Me A Kiss (And More)'. Complete

Just The Two Of Us 18 Sarah/Cameron A sequel to 'Kissing Sarah Connor', 'Give Me A Kiss (And More)' and 'Kissing Cameron'. Complete

Always Yours PG-13 Sarah/Cameron   Cameron/OFC No synopsis given. Complete

The Silence Is All There Is (And All There Will Be) PG-13 Sarah/Cameron No synopsis given. Complete

I Can Be Broken (Just For You) PG-13 Sarah/Cameron No synopsis given. Complete

Christmas Comes Early (For Both Naughty and Nice Girls) PG-13 Sarah/Cameron "Have you been naughty or nice this year, Sarah Connor?" Complete

A Photograph of Your Smile PG-13 Sarah/Cameron No synopsis given. Complete

A Sight For Sore Eyes (And A Balm For Bruised Hearts) PG-13 Sarah/Cameron Sore. Complete

Break Me Into Pieces (Then Put Me Back Together) 18 Sarah/Cameron No synopsis given. Complete

Cameron's Little Secret PG-13 Sarah/Cameron A prequel to 'With You I Find Salvation'. Complete

With You I Find Salvation PG-13 Sarah/Cameron A sequel to 'Cameron's Little Secret'. Complete

Disaster In The Making PG-13 Sarah/Cameron Disaster. Complete

Double Impact (Right After the Bang) PG-13 Sarah/Cameron Cut. Complete

Fear of Tomorrow PG-13 Sarah/Cameron Background to 'Tomorrow Is Another Day'. Complete

Tomorrow Is Another Day PG-13 Sarah/Cameron Follows up from 'Fear of Tomorrow'. Cameron fulfils the promise she has made to Sarah. Now that Skynet is destroyed, Sarah is led to believe that Cameron has shared the same fate. Or is it possible that Cameron is not gone? Complete

Fight (With) Me PG-13 Sarah/Cameron Fight. Complete

High On You 18 Sarah/Cameron High. Complete

If Only We Were Characters in a Fairy Tale PG-13 Sarah/Cameron No synopsis given. Complete

In This Moment We Shall Remain PG-13 Sarah/Cameron No synopsis given. Complete

Make The Seconds Last PG-13 Sarah/Cameron Imagine. Complete

Seeing the Wood for the Trees PG-13 Sarah/Cameron No synopsis given. Complete

She Is All That I Want PG-13 Sarah/Cameron Sunshine. Complete

Slightly Under the Weather PG-13 Sarah/Cameron No synopsis given. Complete

Someday I Will Whisper These Words To You PG-13 Sarah/Cameron No synopsis given. Complete

Stay The Night With Me 18 Sarah/Cameron Talk, Talk, Talk. Complete

We Have Time For One More 18 Sarah/Cameron Time. Complete

Would You Call This Love? (All It Took Was a Bullet) PG-13 Sarah/Cameron No synopsis given. Complete


What Sarah Needs 15 Sarah/Cameron This is a first time short story; what happens when Sarah might finally let someone take care of her, instead of always trying to maintain control in a seriously screwed-up situation. Complete


Shelter From The Storm PG Sarah/Cameron Sarah can't help it if she has nightmares. Complete

The Scratching Post 18 Sarah/Cameron Sarah has an itch only Cameron can scratch. Complete

Scars 15 Sarah/Cameron Sarah has scars. Complete

La Petite Mort 15 Sarah/Cameron Sarah lets Cameron's curiosity get the best of her. Complete

Victoria Anne

A Place To Keep Her Safe 1 New PG Sarah/Cameron No synopsis given. On-Going

Mission: Protect John / Sarah Conner 1 New PG Sarah/Cameron No synopsis given. On-Going


Time Loop Series

Time Loop PG Sarah/Cameron Cameron is the Flying Dutchman of Time. Complete

Time Loop: Loop 80 PG-13 Sarah/Cameron Cameron answers some questions about the future/past. Complete

Time Loop: Loop 59 PG-13 Sarah/Cameron Sarah discovers that Cameron is hiding stuff from her. Complete

Time Loop: Loop 50 PG Sarah/Cameron Sarah and Cameron preparing for a mission. Complete

Time Loop: Loop 37 PG-13 Sarah/Cameron The Apocalypse comes and Cameron tells Sarah why she keeps coming back. Complete

Time Loop: Loop 33 PG-13 Sarah/Cameron Cameron and Sarah marry. Complete

Time Loop: Loop 29 PG-13 Sarah/Cameron Sarah confronts Cameron about why she keeps coming back. Complete

Time Loop: Loop 12 PG Sarah/Cameron Sarah comes face to face with Cameron's importance to her. Complete

Time Loop: Loop 4 PG-13 Sarah/Cameron Cameron learns to fight. Complete

Time Loop: 1000 yrs after JD (Judgement Day) PG-13 Sarah/Cameron A tale from The Chronicles of Sarah Connor. Complete

Time Loop: Loop 18 PG-13 Sarah/Cameron Cameron finally saves Maria. Complete

Time Loop: Loop 22 18 Sarah/Cameron Sarah explores making love with Cameron. Complete

Time Loop: Loop 47 PG-13 Sarah/Cameron Sarah and Cameron attacks a base and may not get out. Complete

Time Loop: Loop 63 PG-13 Sarah/Cameron Everything changes for Sarah when a new terminator comes into her life. Complete

Time Loop: Loop 11 PG-13 Sarah/Cameron Sarah makes a mistake and kisses Cameron. Complete

Time Loop: Loop 72 18 Sarah/Cameron Cameron doesn't get to Sarah in time. Complete

Time Loop: Loop 91 PG Sarah/Cameron Sarah has trust issues. Complete

Time Loop: Paradox PG-13 Sarah/Cameron What happens when Sarah and Cameron succeed and create a Paradox. Complete


Mixed Emotions Series

Stating the Obvious PG-13 Sarah/Cameron Everything comes with a price. Complete

Killing Machine PG Sarah/Cameron Everything comes with a price. Complete

Interlude PG-13 Sarah/Cameron Everything comes with a price. Complete

In Dreams PG-13 Sarah/Cameron Everything comes with a price. Complete

Trust PG-13 Sarah/Cameron Everything comes with a price. Complete

Russian Roulette PG-13 Sarah/Cameron Everything comes with a price. Complete

Final Act PG-13 Sarah/Cameron Everything comes with a price, even love. Especially love. Complete

Low Tide PG-13 Sarah/Cameron Everything comes with a price, even love. But sometimes the price is worth it. Complete

Teach Me PG-13 Sarah/Cameron Cameron needs a little help with something she overheard at school. Complete

Teach Me, Part 2 18 Sarah/Cameron What happens when they get to the bedroom. Complete

A Terminator in Springtime PG-13 Sarah/Cameron Cameron partakes of a summer ritual. Complete

Gambit 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 15 Sarah/Cameron Sarah, Cameron, missile silo. Need I say more? On-Going

A Short Hike 15 Sarah/Cameron Sarah and Cameron in the woods, oh my! Complete

Four Times Sarah Had an Orgasm and One Time Cameron Did 18 Sarah/Cameron The sequel A Short Hike and a twist on the old classic '5 things'. Complete

Water to Sky 15 Sarah/Emily Criminal Minds and X-Files crossover - Sarah Connor is taken into FBI custody. Complete

Star-crossed 15 Sarah/River Firefly crossover - Zoe knows what really happened that night between Connor and Mal. Set sometime during a quiet moment in the present. Based on the universe created in inspectorboxer's story No Rest for the Wicked. This may or may not have happened in her story. Complete

Batter Up PG Sarah/Cameron It's Sarah birthday and Cameron wants to surprise her. Complete