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A Short Hike
By zennie


Sarah's back twitched as she felt eyes on her and she spun around to catch the perpetrator in the act. "What are you doing?"

Cameron raised her head to meet Sarah's eyes and explained, "Checking out your ass."

Sarah reached up to massage the vein that was throbbing, painfully, in her forehead. "You're what?" This was the last thing she needed today; first, their stolen car had broken down on an isolated access road in the middle of a state park. Then, as they began to hike out, the rain had started. And now this.

"I'm checking out your ass."

"That's what I thought you said." Sarah knew she would regret it later, but she asked, "May I ask why you are checking out my, um…"

"Ass," Cameron supplied helpfully. She tilted her head to the right, staring at Sarah with wide-eyed innocence. "Those two men." She indicated the trail they were on, where they had passed two hikers a few minutes before. "One of them told the other to 'check out the ass on that one' when you passed by."

The pain pounding against Sarah's temple multiplied. "So you decided to…?

There was a pause as Cameron considered the best way to answer Sarah's question. Finally, she explained, "Many people do. Men are always commenting on it to their friends." Her forehead creased into a frown. "Women don't comment on it as much. Except the lesbians. The people commenting on it are right: it is a nice ass."

The conversation was taking a decidedly weird turn, so Sarah ended it by heading back up the trail. They traveled several hundred yards in silence until Sarah had a thought. "How would you even know?" She faced the terminator again, who had her head cocked quizzically. "That I have a nice ass? Were you programmed with some kind of algorithm?"

"I don't sleep."

Sarah shook her head, at this point too mentally exhausted to even begin to figure out how that response related to her question. "What?"

"Sometimes I watch TV at night. The amount of nudity of television increases by 36.7% after midnight."

"Wait, are you telling me that you are learning about the human body by watching porn? That's what you do at night?"

"Sometimes I watch the history channel. Or read."

"But sometimes you watch porn?" Cameron nodded and Sarah rubbed her head again. That was something that she really didn't need to know.

"And based on my analysis of the female actors and their body proportions, you have a nice ass. Especially in those jeans."

On that note, Sarah began walking through the brush again, at double speed. She decided she really couldn't get out of the woods fast enough.

After another hour of trekking through the woods and rain, thankfully with no more comments on her anatomy, Sarah heard Cameron say, "This way."

She stopped, turned, and found Cameron standing at the entrance to a small shelter along the trail. "No. Absolutely not. We are getting out of here."

"It's another two hours to the road. It's dark. It's cold. And it's beginning to rain harder." There was determination in Cameron's steely gaze. "Come on."

Sarah sighed, but trudged through the soaked underbrush to follow the terminator into the shelter. She snapped on a flashlight to survey the small but dry space and she had to admit it was a lot better than blindly fumbling through the woods. At least she thought so, until Cameron stepped in front of her and began to slide the saturated leather jacket from her shoulders.

"What the hell? Cameron…"

"You need to get out of these wet clothes. You will get sick."

"I…" Sarah began, but then Cameron tugged Sarah's sweater over her head. "Hey!" For a second they just stood and stared at each other, but then Cameron's eyes dipped lower, to where her breasts were clearly outlined by the wet white tank top. Of all the days to decide not to wear a bra, this had to be the worst, Sarah thought, as Cameron blatantly assessed her body. "Well? Do I measure up to the porn stars?" she growled sarcastically.

"No. Those women are over-endowed and often artificial." Cameron caught the hem of her tank and Sarah grabbed her wrist, the two of them engaging in a tug of war that might have been comical except for the anger blazing in Sarah's eyes.

"Leave it," Sarah ordered, but Cameron ignored her and simply ripped the tank from her body. Sarah could only watch in shock as Cameron cupped her breasts gently, weighing them in her hands.

"Your breasts are much better than theirs."

Sarah wasn't sure if she should thank Cameron or slap her, so she did neither; instead she stared at Cameron in bewilderment as Cameron slid off her own jacket, then her shirt, then her bra.

Cameron took a step forward and Sarah took an abrupt step back, eyeing the terminator warily. If a terminator could look exasperated, then that was the expression on Cameron's face as she explained, "I can regulate my temperature to warm you." She took another step forward and this time, Sarah stayed where she was as Cameron began to rub Sarah's arms and back. Sarah had to admit it felt good, and she relaxed a little in the circle of Cameron's arms.

She was so relaxed, in fact, that she almost missed how Cameron's touch went from a warming rub to a gentle caress, but when Cameron brushed her lips over the pulse point in Sarah's neck, Sarah very nearly jumped out of her skin. Pushing Cameron away, she grabbed for the first piece of clothing she could find, her ripped tank top. Clutching the tattered remains of her shirt, she glared at Cameron. "What the fuck are you doing? Do you have a glitch or something?"

Cameron paused and her eyes got a faraway look for a moment, before focus returned to Sarah. "I am functioning normally." She stepped closer, catching Sarah's belt loops before Sarah could retreat and drew the older woman in.

"I don't know what kind of a game you are playing, girlie, but it stops now," snapped Sarah.

"No game," Cameron breathed into Sarah's ear as she nuzzled her neck, kissing her way up and under the dark hair and nibbling Sarah's ear lobe.

"Cameron…" came out as a low groan as Cameron's arm wrapped around Sarah's waist, "Stop… now." Unnoticed, her grip on the sliver of cloth between them loosened, and it fluttered to their feet, forgotten. Cameron seemed to not hear her as she arched Sarah's back and kissed her way down to Sarah's breasts. She could feel Sarah's nipple harden under her lips as Sarah drew in a shuddering breath.

"Do you want me to stop?" Cameron asked as her teeth exerted just enough pressure to grip the nipple and she felt Sarah's hands tangle in her hair, holding her there.

"I… no, yes, please…" Sarah gasped out the last word, 'stop' just as Cameron sucked the nipple into her mouth and teased the tip with her tongue. Sarah grabbed Cameron's hair, forcibly pulling her back so she could meet hazel eyes, darker than she had ever seen them. "What are you doing?" she asked between deep, gasping breaths.

"I'm trying to seduce you," Cameron said, an edge of exasperation once again creeping into her voice. "You are making it difficult," she accused.

"I'm making…? Cameron, this is crazy," Sarah stuttered, trying to wrap her head around what had just happened and what the terminator was saying and where Cameron had just slid her hands. Sarah tried to ignore the terminator cupping her ass to pull them closer together and the thigh sliding between her legs. "Cameron, this isn't one of those pornos you've been watching."

"No. If it was, you'd be undressed already." There was still a faint accusation in Cameron's voice.

"Stop, just stop," Sarah commanded, meeting Cameron's eyes to show how serious she was. After a long staring session, Cameron released her hold and Sarah was able to put some space between them. Cameron made no move to cover herself, and Sarah found her eyes drifting down Cameron's body.

"What about me? How do I compare?" asked Cameron, and Sarah snapped her eyes up to Cameron's face.

"You are, um, well-made," acknowledged Sarah with a blush.

"Thank you."

They stood for a few moments in a strained silence, Sarah deep in thought while casting several sideways glances at the terminator, who seemed content to stare at the rise and fall of Sarah's chest. This is ridiculous, Sarah thought, as her eyes ranged lower once again. There was a last moment of hesitation before she reached around the back of Cameron's neck and literally dragged her into an embrace, their bodies and mouths crashing together.

Pulling back so she could look into Cameron's eyes, Sarah asked, "Was there anything in those movies you'd like to try?"

A tiny smile graced the terminator's lips. "Yes."

The End

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