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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Based on the prompt "U is for Up against a wall." Written for wolfemeister.
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Giving In
By mysensitiveside


If anyone were to have told Sarah that one day she'd find herself up against a wall, with Cameron standing before her, she wouldn't have been surprised. She'd have gone off on a rant about how she'd always known that the terminator would turn against them someday, would end the charade of wanting to help. 

If anyone were to have told Sarah that she'd be up against that wall voluntarily... Sarah probably would have either laughed incredulously or slapped him for daring to voice such a thing. 

And yet here she was... Chest heaving, eyes dilated, heart pounding. All voluntarily.

Cameron wasn't there to hurt her, hurt any of them, and Sarah knew it. 

"Do you wish for me to proceed?" 

The question took Sarah by surprise. She didn't want Cameron to ask questions; didn't want to be forced to voice her desires out loud. 

"Yes," she murmured softly, knowing the girl would hear her anyway; hating herself for giving in; feeling so helpless against herself so as to not have any real choice. 

Although... If she were going to give in, she might as well do so wholeheartedly, she mused. 

"Yes," she repeated more forcefully, eyes locked on Cameron's. 

Cameron stepped forward, eliminating Sarah's personal space completely, and without hesitation, brought her lips to Sarah's. 

Sarah yielded, molding her body into the warmth of Cameron's skin. The fake warmth. She didn't even pretend to put up a fight; any resistance she'd felt was long gone. 

And yet, the thought came into her head, unbidden -- if this wasn't the end of mankind, then Sarah didn't know what was.

The End

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