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More Than A Mission
By Inspector Boxer


Part 11

Sarah curled a hand around the terminator's neck, urging her forward until their lips met.

The kiss lasted mere seconds before Sarah pulled back, a smile on her face that unexpectedly turned into a silly grin, then a chuckle, and finally full-fledged laughter.

Cameron tilted her head in confusion. She usually enjoyed making Sarah Connor laugh. The sound was so rare and captivating, and being the cause of it normally left her with a sense of accomplishment. This time, however, she was simply confused. She hadn't wanted Sarah to stop what she was doing. "Did I do something funny?"

Sarah pursed her lips as she tried to contain her amusement. She shook her head. "No," her voice still held a hint of humor. "I'm sorry. It's just…" She took a breath. "All this tension has… um…" She shook her head again. "You've never kissed someone have you?"

"You," Cameron readily answered. "In the hall."

"I kissed you," Sarah replied. "Big difference." Sarah licked her lips before allowing her hand to slowly come up and brush a lock of Cameron's hair aside.

Cameron felt her temperature rise. Her gaze returned to Sarah's mouth, wanting to sample it again. Her sudden desire to touch Sarah was almost alarming in its intensity. "I don't understand."

Sarah's eyes seem to soften even as a sparkle of humor danced in their green depths. "It's just that… It seems like you're…" Sarah blew out a breath. "Are you running some sort of program that tells you how to kiss me?"

"Should I not be?" Cameron asked in confusion. She really didn't want to talk right now. Talking was taking away from touching, and she was far more interested in tactile stimulation at the moment. She dipped her head, intent on reclaiming Sarah's mouth for another try, but Sarah's touch drifted to Cameron's jaw, stopping her a breath away from her intended target.

"It's not about mechanics, Cameron. Kissing should be about emotion," Sarah's voice was quiet and suddenly a little sad. "Maybe… maybe I want you to feel something you can't. Maybe I…"

"Teach me," Cameron cut her off. She looked pleadingly into Sarah's green eyes. "Please."

"I can't teach you to feel." Sarah's voice was hoarse.

"I don't need you to teach me how to feel. I already feel too much," Cameron said and wondered why Sarah's eyes widened at the simple statement. "Show me how to kiss you the way you want to be kissed." She watched, fascinated, as Sarah swallowed hard.

Sarah licked her lips again as she studied Cameron for a long, quiet moment. Finally she stepped in against her once more their bodies making contact all down their length. Cameron wanted to make a sound of approval at this, but she kept silent. "Kissing," Sarah said huskily, "is about conveying through touch rather than words what you feel… what you want." She put her fingers on Cameron's lips. "Don't respond. Just… process," she said the latter with a smirk.

"Okay," Cameron said slowly. The request didn't seem difficult, Cameron thought, until Sarah's lips brushed feather-light over her own. Her breathing hitched at the tenderness in the touch then her eyelids fluttered closed as Sarah's warm mouth caressed first her bottom lip then the top.

"Feel that?" Sarah whispered before kissing her delicately again. "Can you tell what I want? Can you feel what I'm feeling?"

Cameron understood that Sarah wasn't speaking literally, but a part of her wondered if she could, in fact, feel what Sarah was feeling. Something was passing between them in the intimate act, something Cameron struggled to understand until Sarah's tongue grazed her bottom lip.

Then thinking, even for her, became almost impossible.

"It's about give and take," Sarah continued to explain. "Not angles and mechanics."

Cameron had to admit there was a difference. This kiss was softer, teasing her unmercifully and making her feel. She could imagine everything Sarah wanted to do to her, everything Sarah wanted to have done to her. It was all conveyed wordlessly through Sarah's slow, seductive touch. Their first kiss had just been a meeting of their mouths. It had possessed no emotion. Cameron had been clinical in her actions, tilting her head and pressing her lips to Sarah's because that was what she thought she was supposed to do. But what Sarah was doing to her now…

Cameron was practically vibrating with the need to touch as Sarah's hands settled on Cameron's waist, her fingers hooking into her belt loops and pulling Cameron closer. When that talented tongue traced her upper lip, Cameron felt something in her control snap. "Thank you for explaining." She leaned in and claimed Sarah's mouth with her own, delighting in Sarah's startled gasp. She took her time, slowly exploring Sarah's mouth, discarding her programming in exchange for experience as she tried to convince Sarah through the kiss how much she wanted this. Cameron only released her so the other woman could breathe.

"Was that better?" she asked timidly. She noted Sarah's eyes were darker than normal, the sight of them making her own systems react.

"You're a fast learner," Sarah rasped before kissing her again, harder this time.

Cameron took her enthusiastic response as a yes. She had more questions, but she couldn't seem to form the words to ask them as Sarah began to slowly kiss her way down Cameron's neck. The sensations the touch caused in other parts of her body were distracting, but Sarah's next words nearly sent her processors into overload.

"God, I want you," Sarah's words were somewhere between a confession and desire.

Sarah's fingers eased under Cameron's shirt, grazing her suddenly fevered skin. "Do you want this?" Sarah's voice was ragged. Her hands skimmed higher. "Do you want me to touch you?"

If there was ever a question that made Cameron want to laugh it was that one. She did want this, wanted it desperately. She nodded in response.

"I need to hear it, Cameron." Sarah's touch moved higher, stroking the sides of Cameron's breasts and nearly rendering the machine mute. "Tell me you want this."

"I…" Cameron swallowed again and tried to regulate her breathing. "I want this… I… want you."

Sarah's mouth crashed against hers once more, their tongues tangling for long moments while neither of them moved.

Finally Sarah broke the kiss and moved away. Cameron thought, hoped Sarah was moving toward the bed. Instead, the older woman moved behind her, placing her hands on Cameron's waist once more. Cameron was puzzled by what Sarah was doing and started to turn to look at her. Then she felt soft lips on her bare shoulder, the gentle nip of Sarah's teeth. One strap of her tank top was eased down her arm as Sarah's mouth followed the path of Cameron's shoulder, ending at the curve of her throat, her tongue swirling there playfully. Sarah's left hand eased under Cameron's shirt, her fingers splayed across the terminator's flat, firm belly.

Their gazes met in the reflection of the dresser mirror. Cameron was startled by her own expression, by the passion clearly written on her features. The image blinked away as Sarah's touch on her stomach stroked higher and Cameron's eyes slipped shut.

"You taste good," Sarah murmured as her right hand skimmed down and joined her left at the front hem of Cameron's shirt.

Cameron didn't know what to say. She barely understood the words, was only aware of Sarah's breath on her throat and the deep timbre of Sarah's voice which seemed to go right through her. Then she ducked her head as her shirt was peeled off and tossed aside, exposing her bare breasts. Her nipples hardened and pebbled in the night air seconds before Sarah's hands cupped them, her fingers teasing the surface and sending the most intriguing flashes of what felt like fire through Cameron's body.

It was the most amazing thing she had ever felt.

She didn't remember crossing to the bed or Sarah pressing her down into the mattress. She only knew Sarah's lips and tongue were mapping her bare back, paying special attention to every scar. There was aching tenderness in the touch that nearly brought tears to Cameron's eyes. In that moment, Cameron realized they weren't having sex. Sarah was making love to her.

"Roll over." The words were breathed in Cameron's right ear and she readily complied; her reward was Sarah's body covering her own, and Sarah's lips capturing hers. It wasn't enough, Cameron decided. She needed to feel more, and her fingers reached up to trace the neckline of Sarah's tank top.

Sarah seemed to agree. She nodded her head approvingly as Cameron's fingers tightened on the fabric before giving a startled gasp as Cameron ripped the shirt from her body. Sarah made a tiny sound of surrender before kissing her again. Cameron made sure that sound was stored securely in her memory.

Cameron's hands gripped Sarah's waist, pulling her closer. Sarah's weight was warm and firm on top of her. They went breast to breast, and Cameron realized the night was going to be filled with many new and pleasurable sensations as Sarah slowly rocked against her. Cameron's hands drifted to the button of her jeans, but she felt Sarah's fingers still her movement.

"The shirt was sexy as hell," Sarah said with breathless amusement. "But I like these jeans. No ripping."

Cameron smiled as Sarah kissed her again. She could feel Sarah's fingers unbuttoning her jeans as well. They finally broke apart to shed the rest of their clothing before their bodies rejoined with mingled sighs, and their lips met once more.

Cameron's hands began to explore the terrain of Sarah's body. She wanted to give Sarah more pleasure than she had ever known. More than any man like Charley Dixon could ever handle. There were so many ways she could love her, but she wasn't sure where to start. Sarah, however, seemed to have other ideas, and her next words completely derailed all of Cameron's thoughts.

"You first."

The terminator started to protest. Her mission was Sarah, had always been Sarah. To protect her, keep her safe, to put her first in everything. After sixteen years of fighting machines like her, Cameron thought it was time for one of them to show her ecstasy instead of agony.

"Please," Sarah whispered, reading her hesitation plainly. "I need to have you first."

Cameron swallowed and nodded.

"Tell me you're programmed to enjoy this," Sarah murmured as her mouth moved lower, kissing along Cameron's collarbone.

Cameron had to swallow again. "I'm programmed to give and receive sexual gratification."

"But are you programmed to enjoy it?" Sarah insisted as her breath blew across Cameron's right nipple.

For a moment, Cameron said nothing. "Apparently," she finally replied.

Sarah offered her a wicked smile before lowering her head and teasing Cameron's breast with her teeth and tongue. The terminator arched helplessly into the touch, Sarah's name escaping her lips. Cameron felt like there was something she should be doing… some action she should be taking… but she couldn't think, couldn't process beyond what Sarah was doing to her.

She didn't want to.

She hadn't known it was possible to feel like this. So good, so wanted. Her fingers curled in the sheets with enough force to actually make them squeak from the pressure. She felt Sarah laugh against her belly, her warm breath stirring the fine hairs on Cameron's stomach before being chased by a curious tongue.

"Like that?" Sarah teased, her voice holding a hint of delight.

Cameron couldn't process an answer as she felt Sarah's tongue dip into her belly button. She did know all the mechanics of what was happening, of what Sarah was doing to her, but nothing in her database of knowledge prepared her for how it would feel. For how much she would want it.

Cameron lost track of time, of her surroundings, as Sarah continued to tease and tantalize her. When Sarah's fingers finally skimmed up the inside of a very sensitive thigh, Cameron's hips jerked off the bed, nearly dislodging her lover.

"Ride 'em cowgirl," Sarah drawled with a hint of humor before rubbing her body against Cameron's on the way back up to steal another kiss from her. As her tongue slipped inside Cameron's mouth, her fingers did the same, sliding into the terminator's wet heat. "Damn," Sarah said through her teeth, her voice husky with arousal.

Cameron let go of the sheets, her hands gripping Sarah's shoulders as her body started to move in time to the slow, deep thrusts of Sarah's fingers.

"Don't crush the shoulder, Tin Miss," Sarah warned her playfully. "It just got better."

"F…fail… failsafe…" Cameron could barely think, barely speak through the thick pleasure she was immersed in.

"Good to know."

She'd tried to be quiet, had always heard that you needed to be quiet in the camps lest your love making alerted Skynet to your position, but when Sarah's thumb found the focal point of her need and stroked her there, a desperate gasp escaped her followed by a sound she would have thought herself incapable of without deliberate intent. Sarah groaned in reaction and increased her pace as her mouth returned to Cameron's breasts.

It wasn't long before Cameron's whole body seemed to launch off the bed as a burst of color exploded like fireworks through her optics and a sweet, pounding wave of heat and release arced through her.

The intense reaction had startled Sarah. She laid there, her body still blanketing Cameron's, as she watched the terminator process everything that had just happened to her. There was sweat on Cameron's skin, and Sarah could still feel the aftershocks rippling through the girl and clamping around her fingers.

Watching Cameron come undone was one of the most beautiful things she'd ever seen. The way the girl had moved, the way Cameron had completely given herself over to Sarah's touch; it had been as mesmerizing to watch as it was to feel.

"Cameron?" Sarah asked slowly after a moment of watching Cameron's eyes gaze at the ceiling. "I didn't break you, did I?" she asked with a nervous laugh.

Suddenly the world tilted. Sarah gasped in surprise as she was rolled over, her fingers slipping free of the warm cocoon they'd been savoring. Cameron hovered above her, their bodies barely touching. There was a predatory gleam in the girl's eyes that made Sarah's guts clench. Something told her she was in serious trouble now.

"My turn," Cameron declared before dipping her head and kissing Sarah with a ferocity that made Sarah moan against the girl's mouth. She finally had to wrench herself away so she could breathe. Cameron wasted no time, her mouth instantly on the move as it mapped Sarah's throat then drifted to soothe the still slightly angry skin of Sarah's healing wounds.

Sarah's breath hitched at the contact, and her hands clutched helplessly at the girl still poised effortlessly above her. Cameron's touch was both serious and sensual as both of them remembered the day those wounds had been inflicted… and everything that had come after.

Those two scars symbolized the moment their relationship had changed. The two bullets that had made them brought them to this. The way she felt at the moment… the way she'd felt when she'd watched Cameron come… two scars and some remembered pain seemed like a welcome price to pay.

Warm lips and a curious tongue slowly glided down Sarah's torso, lingering to play almost teasingly around her belly button. Sarah's body bowed, arching into the touch, needing more, needing it everywhere. She gasped again as one of Cameron's hands slid upward, the terminator's thumb grazing her breast.

"You… using those programs again?" Sarah managed to gasp out in a husky voice. "Or are you… learning?"

Brown eyes looked up at her as Cameron's teeth nipped the skin near Sarah's left hip, making Sarah's body jerk in reaction. "Maybe both?" She gave a slow smile that made the ache between Sarah's legs sweeten and throb. "And I had an excellent teacher."

Sarah swallowed as she watched Cameron move up her body again. There was something almost feral in the girl's gaze in the moment before Cameron kissed her. She took her time as her hand continued to stroke Sarah's breast.

Sarah wanted to feel all of Cameron's body, but she knew having the terminator on top of her would be too much. She growled in frustration only to have the sound turn into a sigh of approval when Cameron seemed to read her mind and brought their bodies into contact all along their length. The girl's weight held her willingly prisoner, but it wasn't enough to cause her pain as Cameron obviously exercised caution and restraint. A firm thigh slipped between Sarah's, and she groaned as Cameron leaned into her, giving her some of the relief she'd been desperate for.

"Jesus," Sarah whispered against Cameron's lips.

"Do you find sex to be a religious experience?" Cameron asked curiously.

Sarah laughed even as she began to move against firm muscle and soft skin. "It's feeling like one about now."

Cameron smiled again. "Chocolate does not compare."

Sarah half groaned, half laughed as Cameron proceeded to demonstrate just how right she was. The delicious pressure on her center moved away, but a hot, wet mouth enveloped her right breast. Cameron explored the new territory with enthusiasm for several long minutes, finally using her teeth and tongue to drive Sarah nearly out of her mind.

"C…Cam…" Sarah could barely get enough air in her lungs to speak. She watched as Cameron raised her head only to switch breasts and begin the process anew. Sarah writhed under her, desperate for the conclusion of what they were doing to claim her yet reveling in Cameron's masterful touch that kept her from getting there.

Her hips rocketed off the bed when she felt the first hesitant touch of Cameron's fingers slide inside her. Cameron's head came up and she looked at Sarah, her brown eyes wide and reflecting passion and fascination.

"You're so wet," Cameron murmured, her voice almost clinical.

Sarah could only grunt, most of her reasoning skills having been overtaken by the pleasure pounding into her brain.

Cameron's fingers didn't move for several minutes as her mouth resumed its previous activities. Sarah tried desperately to get the girl to provide some much needed friction, going so far as to grab Cameron's hand and urge it deeper inside her.

"Not yet," Cameron's voice was low and ghosted across Sarah's neck under her right ear. Soft lips followed before teeth dragged down the column of Sarah's throat. "My turn to teach," she whispered.

Sarah moaned helplessly. "Don't make me order you, Tin Miss," she gasped.

"Order me," Cameron replied with a definite smirk. "I won't listen."

The defiance only enflamed Sarah more. Her body shuddered, and she clamped down on the pleas that threatened to stumble past her lips. All sense of dignity was nearly gone, but she wanted Cameron to take her time and learn, so she didn't beg, even though she wanted to, desperately.

Cameron rolled them on their sides so her free hand could explore Sarah's body, slipping slowly over every inch of her. Sarah knew she was being studied, catalogued; every gasp, every moan, Cameron was filing it away to use what she was learning from Sarah's body to push her past all reason.

Sarah was trembling hard by the time those fingers started moving inside her. She cried out helplessly as her body finally received what it had been aching for, yet Cameron continued to avoid the one touch that would send her over the edge, opting instead to simply inch her closer and closer, letting her teeter on the sharpness of it.

"Fuck me," Sarah gasped as three fingers curled inside her.

"I thought that was what I was doing," Cameron's voice was blank but there was a hint of humor there. The fingers of her free hand splayed low over Sarah's belly.

Sarah looked down, watching Cameron's hand moving gently over her lower stomach. In that instant she knew what Cameron was doing, had been doing all along. The sensor pads in the girl's fingers, the same ones that told Cameron how far she could push Sarah in physical therapy were now relaying all the information Cameron needed to know how far she could push Sarah in bed.

A strangled sound emerged from Sarah's throat with the knowledge.

Then Cameron was moving, sliding down further on the bed. Between her epiphany and the pleasure fisting in her belly, Sarah had only an instant to realize what Cameron was about to do. Then those talented fingers curled again, a hot mouth took Sarah inside, and the world went nova.

"Did I hurt you"?

Sarah laughed at how ludicrous a question that was. "No. You didn't hurt me. Ruin me, maybe." Off Cameron's puzzled look she added. "For sex with anyone else."

Cameron smiled bashfully.

It was so damn cute, Sarah thought. After everything Cameron had done to her in the last two hours she could still look so damn innocent. Sarah's head dropped back against the pillows. Her body felt like it was practically floating. There wasn't an ounce of tension in her whole fucking frame. She felt warm and boneless, and she was content to merely lie still, feeling Cameron's close heat and curves against her side. She licked her lips, wanting to find some reserves, not ready to let this night go just yet.

"You're tired," Cameron murmured as her hand stroked through Sarah's hair. "You should rest."

Sarah chuckled again. "Small wonder I'm tired." Sarah returned the touch, letting her fingers comb through Cameron's soft strands. "What about you?" she asked, suddenly serious. "Did I hurt you?"

Cameron tilted her head but this time the action seemed more natural than mechanical. "Hurt me how?"

"You've never…" Sarah hesitated. "I guess… I just want to know if… you… liked it," she asked shyly. She watched, transfixed, as Cameron's features eased into a lazy smile. Then she got more intimately reacquainted with that grin as Cameron leaned forward and kissed her.

"If you were not tired," Cameron confessed when they parted, "I would happily let you teach me more."

Sarah laughed. "I think the student has already surpassed the teacher," Sarah breathed as her hands began to wander. She let them run down the slopes of Cameron's collarbones then slide slowly down to brush the girl's breasts. She watched as Cameron's eyes closed. "You like that?" Sarah whispered.

Dark eyes fluttered back open. "Yes," Cameron admitted. "It feels…" Sarah gently rolled the nipples with the palms of her hands and a tiny sound came out the back of Cameron's throat. They both stopped moving and looked at each other.

"Did you just moan?" Sarah asked in surprise and pleasure. Light laughter fluttered from her lips.

"I think I did," Cameron said in bafflement. "I didn't mean to."

Sarah curved her hand behind Cameron's neck and brought the girl closer for another slow kiss. "I liked it," she told her. "It lets me know when I'm doing something right."

"You do everything right," Cameron replied instantly and honestly.

Sarah blinked then shifted, rolling Cameron over so she was on top of her once more. "Everything, huh?"

Cameron could only nod, as if she had lost the ability to speak.

"I haven't tried everything, yet," Sarah proclaimed. She descended on Cameron's body, her teeth, lips and tongue blazing a trail down the terminator's torso.

By the time she was done, Cameron had learned how to moan quite well.

The sound of rain woke her.

Sarah eased her eyes open, trying to place her surroundings. The bed next to her felt cold, but the tangled sheets and the scent of sex told her that making love to Cameron had been real and not a dream. She swallowed and rolled over searching for her lover, but the room was quiet.

She lay there a moment, replaying the events from last night. For a while she had been able to forget about trying to save humanity from the machines that wanted to destroy it. She wondered what the shrinks back at the institution would say if they found out one of those very machines was responsible for the only real respite she'd had in sixteen years.

They'd have a field day no doubt.

Sarah smirked at the thought.

With a sigh she slipped out of the bed, feeling her body twinge in some very interesting places. Cameron had used her relentlessly last night, and Sarah admitted to herself she'd wanted her to. It had felt so good to give in for a little while.

She snatched a long t-shirt from the top dresser drawer and slipped it on. She was surprised by the lack of guilt. A part of her had been sure once she surrendered to the heat between them that, the next morning, reason would return and, with it, a sense of hatred at her own weakness.

But all she felt was well fucked.

And almost giddily happy.

Until she opened the door and Cameron was standing there. Sarah yelped and stumbled backward. "You really have to stop that." She wouldn't swear on it but she thought Cameron smirked.

The girl came in the room and tossed a plain white sack on the bed before advancing on Sarah. "Breakfast," she explained.

Sarah's eyes went to the bag before tracking back to Cameron's decidedly hungry gaze. "What..?"

"Donuts… with sprinkles."

Sarah had no time to be touched or surprised by the gesture. The back of her knees hit the bed and she fell onto the mattress, her t-shirt riding up and exposing a good expanse of skin to Cameron's eyes. Cameron sank to her knees at the foot of the bed and pulled Sarah closer.

They ate breakfast around noon.

"I've created a monster."

Cameron tilted her head at Sarah's proclamation. The other woman was panting, coming down from the high of their recent love-making. Sarah's skin was flushed and damp with sweat, and Cameron could feel the trembles in her lithe, but exhausted frame. "A monster?"

"A sex fiend," Sarah said with a breathless laugh.

Cameron smiled. "I enjoy making love to you."

"I noticed." Sarah closed her eyes. "Lucky me."

"You make the most interesting noises." Cameron watched as Sarah cracked one eye open and looked at her.

"You make a few yourself, you know," Sarah pointed out. She hesitated. "I make a lot of noise?"

Cameron leaned over her, bringing her mouth even with Sarah's ear before she started to mimic the sounds, in her own voice, she loved drawing from Sarah's lips. She heard Sarah swallow hard just as Cameron imitated a breathless moan that caused gooseflesh to rise on Sarah's skin. "I like that one best," Cameron said matter-of-factly.

"You're going to kill me."

The terminator knew Sarah wasn't speaking literally. She lay back down, curling around Sarah's body with her own. "You need to rest," she murmured against Sarah's shoulder, biting the skin there gently.

"You got that right," Sarah confessed sleepily. "I'm not sure I'm going to be able to walk tomorrow." Green eyes opened and fixed on Cameron's.

Cameron paused, feeling something deep inside her respond to that gaze. "What?" she almost whispered.

Sarah's smile was soft when it came. "What are your plans for tomorrow?"

"Whatever you want me to do," Cameron's reply was instant.

"What do you want to do?" Sarah insisted.

"Be with you, wherever you are." Cameron watched her closely. Sarah seemed to like that answer if the broadening of her grin was any indication. "Why?"

"I thought… I thought I'd take you on a picnic."

Cameron went still as she processed the words. "A picnic?" she said slowly.

"Yeah, slammin' potato salad and all," Sarah said sleepily.

"You remembered," Cameron whispered in pleased surprise.

"Not much I forget about you, Tin Miss." Sarah's eyes opened again and met the terminator's gaze up close. "So how about it?"

Cameron was sure she'd never felt joy as pure and clean as she did at that moment. The emotion she felt as she looked at Sarah was worth fighting to save, worth dying to protect. In that single breath, she suddenly understood completely what it meant to be human.

Looking into Sarah's eyes, she realized Sarah felt it, too.

"I love… that idea," Cameron finally murmured, her true thoughts kept quiet for now.

Something in Sarah's gaze softened. "A picnic it is then. I'll make the potato salad. I'll let you make everything else." Her eyelids drooped.

"You need to sleep," Cameron told her.

"Don't want to," Sarah whined playfully.

Cameron nestled closer, wrapping one leg around Sarah's as she rolled the other woman on her side and spooned against her back. Her hand began to slowly rub Sarah's stomach with soothing circles.

"Now that's just cheating," Sarah said drowsily, but her body relaxed into Cameron's warmth and curves.

"Sulky human," Cameron breathed into the curve of Sarah's neck. She could almost feel Sarah trying to place the phrase before Sarah suddenly chuckled.

"Sex-crazed cyborg," Sarah replied.

Cameron smiled against the skin of Sarah's shoulder. "Sleep," she instructed.

There was a moment of quiet. "You'll be here when I wake up?" Sarah asked hesitantly.

Cameron kissed the surface under her lips almost reverently. "I promise."

Then quiet came again, filled gently with the sound of the rain and their slow mingled breathing.

The End

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