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Double Impact (Right After the Bang)
By shyath


The silence is deafening after the explosion and Sarah feels a little lightheaded as she blindly stumbles forward against the first solid thing she comes across. "Cameron," she croaks, her arm a dead weight at her side and her cheek feels warm and wet and stings a little to the touch. "Cameron," she wheezes again as she forces – or tries to force – her legs to support her before falling painfully back down.

Her vision slowly clears, stars flitting half-heartedly around the edges and black spots dotting her view. "Cameron," she calls more desperately, swinging her head left and then right and she has to push down the bile that rises at the action. The silence remains and Sarah struggles against the onset of a full-blown panic attack.

"Damn it," she hisses. "Don't do this to me, Cameron. Where are you?" She braces herself against the wall she has been leaning against and manages to stand after a few more failed attempts. "Cameron," she mumbles weakly, her breaths coming out in ragged gasps, her sides contracting and expanding rapidly. "Damn it."

She moves across the remnants of the warehouse and has to climb over or walk around mangled remains of their arms suppliers. "Don't ever let the newbie be in charge of the bomb supplies," she tells one of the dead men, shaking her head as she resolutely forges on. "Guess that wouldn't help now anyway."

After what feels like ages – though, in hindsight, it could have been just a few minutes – Sarah comes across Cameron. The terminator's lower half is trapped underneath a huge pile of rabble, but she looks to be in one piece.

"You better be alive or I'll – You better be alive," Sarah whispers as she kneels down next to Cameron, pulling one of Cameron's hands into her lap and waiting for Cameron to wake. She cannot hope to free Cameron alone, especially not in her current condition.

Cameron's fingers flex against Sarah's and a raspy breath escapes her lips. She coughs, red misting the air and flecking her lips and skin. "S-Sarah?"

"I'm here," Sarah replies, her shoulders slumping in relief.

"I feel heavy," Cameron comments, turning her head to see Sarah. "You have a nasty cut across your forehead."

Sarah rolls her eyes. "And you've got what must be a ton of rubble over your lower half."

"I do feel heavy," Cameron repeats. "I will have to wait until I am fully functional before attempting to free myself."

"I know," Sarah says indulgently.



"You are holding my hand."

A pause. "Hush now, you're not fully functional."

"But –"


"You are blushing."

"Seriously, Cameron, hush and let me just hold your hand."



"I think I like this."

"Being trapped?"

"No. I like you holding my hand."

"Don't say such embarrassing things."

"But I do. Sarah, you are blushing more deeply."


Another pause. "I like –"

"What now?"

"I like you, Sarah."

"I – I like you too."


"Really. Now hush."

The End

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