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Make The Seconds Last
By shyath


Cameron likes listening to the sound of Sarah's heartbeats. She likes it when they beat slowly, likes it when they beat quickly, but she loves that the beats are always, always strong. They are filled with strength to the brim and, if it were not for the very real scars crisscrossing the terrains of Sarah's skin, Cameron could have believed that Sarah is invincible.

(But if Sarah were invincible, what purpose would Cameron serve?)

Sarah likes to pretend that she is not aware of Cameron's presence, that she is really asleep and that her eyes are not in fact tracking the subtle rise and fall of Cameron's chest, that her breath does not hitch when Cameron's hand comes dangerously close to brushing against her skin – that she does not at all imagine what it could be like to have Cameron stay and never leave.

It is always during these moments of both certainty and uncertainty (like she is standing on the precipice of something and the words should come easily, but no – the silence reigns for another day between the two of them), during these moments when Sarah tries so hard not to be all the things she can so easily become that the shutting of the door always comes too loud, too sudden.

(All that remains is a Cameron-shaped hole seared into Sarah's line of vision and sleep eludes her for the rest of the night as Cameron's predictable, reassuring footsteps echo and carry through to her ears.)

The End

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