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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Based on the prompt "R is for Regret." Written for charrua33.
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Too Late
By mysensitiveside


Judgment Day might have begun with a bang, but it disappeared with a quiet flash of light.

It was only after the fact that it even occurred to Sarah that she'd had no idea how she was supposed to know when she'd succeeded. How she'd know for sure when the future got re-written.

It retrospect, it shouldn't have been such a surprise.

It had seemed like just any other day, though. Any other mission. Just another long-shot towards saving the world.

As soon as it was done, though, Sarah could feel it in the air. The wind shifted direction, too suddenly to be natural. Then that bright, but silent flash of white light. After it faded, it took Sarah a moment to realize what had happened.

Cameron was gone. Vanished into thin air.

Sarah whirled around, eyes searching wildly, confusion washing over her. When full realization hit her, Sarah nearly crashed to the ground as the shock caused both knees to buckle.

Saving the world meant no more terminators. No more terminators meant no more Cameron.

Sarah sank down to her knees as a wave of emotions hit her in full force. Relief, shock, joy, exhaustion, disbelief, regret. Sarah did a mental double-take. Regret? How could she feel regret on the day humanity was saved?

But Cameron was gone, and Sarah had never gotten around to admitting how much the girl meant to her. Admitting how she had stopped seeing a machine and started seeing something more.

Too late now.

The End

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