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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Iíve seen the first two eps and have completely fallen in love with this show. It does what I had hoped The Bionic Woman would do but didnít. Two ass-kickiní women Öwhat more could my femslashy little heart wish for? ;)
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Facing the Unknown
By Calliope


Part 1

I watch her standing by the window, still as stone, looking for the smallest hint of danger, watching out for us. Cameron, the terminator, is our protector and the only hope John and I have of stopping Skynet. I have no choice but to trust her, but I know so little about her.

In glimpses, I've caught bits and pieces of her abilities. She has yet to tell us what model she is and what she's capable of. All I can do is trust this woman…machine with our lives. I have to deliberately remind myself that she's a machine. It's so easy to forget until I see her in action.

When she stitched up my shoulder, I forgot that she was a machine. Against my better judgment, I let down the walls I had been building for years. Her fingers were gentle, barely grazing my pained and heated skin, sending unbidden shivers through me that settled in my belly. I tried to slow down my breathing and bring my heart rate back to normal, but it was no use. Thinking back on it, I'm sure she detected all of it, even the scent of my arousal.

I'm sure she can read, even across the room, my increased breathing and heartbeat. I'm shocked to realize I feel this way about a terminator. I've hated them all for so long for what they've done to John and I and how they've destroyed our lives and our world. I can't hate her though.

Watching her standing there stoically and unmoving, I fight the desire to walk up behind her and run my fingers over her skin, which is surprisingly soft and warm. Will she feel the shiver in the pit of her stomach like I felt? Will the hair on her arms stand on end? Will my lips on her neck and a soft nip to her skin cause her to fall back in my arms? Will she feel anything like I feel when she touches me?

I don't know, but I have to find out.

Part 2

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