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By Kye


Sarah was tired.

Frustrated. In pain.


But not happy.

Considering that their biggest threat, for the moment, was buried nearly six feet under some deserted Mexican desert, she should have been happy. Or, at least relieved.

But that's not Sarah Connor.

In fact, she couldn't even really remember a flicker of a moment in recent times that she even came close to the emotion. She couldn't afford to. Not in her lifetime or John's.



Sometimes, even Sarah could begrudgingly admit, sometimes she forgot that John wasn't just the future savior of mankind. He was also a teenager.

A teenager destined to save what's left of humanity from a race of machines created by their own hand that will stop at nothing to ensure that he never makes it to that future.

But still a teenager.

A teenage boy, nonetheless, and that just made it a million times worse. She'd been there once. A lifetime ago it seems...but she was there. She knows how confusing and...angry life can be at sixteen.

Add to that the fact that John's...John, and well, there's just nothing good gonna come of it.

"It's going to get infected."

Sarah looked up at the sound of a familiar voice. She offered a disinterested look to the terminator before turning her attention back to the injured hand displayed before her on the table. She took in a short breath. "It'll be fine."

Cameron ignored the protest as she walked over to take a seat in the chair angled facing the brunette's. She set the bottle of Betadine down and then reached out to close a firm hand round the bottle of alcohol poised just above the other woman's hand.

"Alcohol should not be used on an open wound," Cameron explained when the brunette looked up sharply. "It will kill the tissue in your hand and prolong the infection." She set the clear bottle down and then reached for the Betadine. "This will sting."

"Shit," Sarah cursed softly as the cold liquid came into sudden contact with the gash in her palm. Her body's immediate reaction was to jerk her hand away, but held in the firm, yet surprisingly soft, grip of the terminator, she knew there was no use.

Cameron looked up to study the emotion on Sarah's face. She was doing a lot more of that lately. Studying humans and their emotions.

At first, she thought them futile. Emotions are only feelings, thoughts. There is no real purpose that they serve, because there is no efficient physical manifestation.

Yet, Cameron understood the need of humans to...feel. She had learned many of these emotions from her short time with the Connors. Humans of her time were not afforded the luxury of emotions.

In the future, it was about survival.

Not that it was much different now, except for the fact that this John was much...younger, and it seemed a lot more impulsive. Cameron understood this behavior from a biological standpoint. She had been programmed with the human life cycle and therefore knew of the adolescent stage known as puberty.

John was about the right age, and it seemed that her additional research on the topic was not as adequate as she had originally expected.

"John likes Riley," the terminator stated bluntly as she applied the antiseptic bandage to the older Connor's hand.

Sarah once again looked up sharply, her brow furrowing. "Uh...yeah," she replied. "He does."

Cameron placed the final piece of tape around the edge of the brunette's hand and then looked up to meet her eyes. "He wishes to have sexual intercourse with her."

Sarah cringed at the words, and the sudden image. "Cameron," she warned tensely. Her expression suddenly changed and she tilted her head as she studied the machine before her. "Are you jealous?"

"Jealousy is a human emotion based on the need to feel love and acceptance," Cameron instantly replied.

Well, Sarah had never really thought of it that way. She narrowed her eyes, not really liking the answer. She quickly decided that she was too tired to really care. "Look, Cameron..."

"I am not sexually interested in John," the terminator cut in before she could finish. She blinked, and then let out a short breath.

"John is a good boy who will grow into the better man that will lead humanity against Skynet."


Sarah took another breath, but before she could respond, she was suddenly staring directly into expressive brown eyes. "Cameron, what're you..." She tried to back away, but machine's hand was on the edge of the table, her arm blocking her path.

A sharp jolt of fear shot up the back of the brunette's spine, but she once again stood defiant in the face of danger.

"You, Sarah Connor," Cameron explained softly. "You are the reason he is that boy and will become that man. Do not doubt the value of your presence in his life." And with that, the arm was removed from her path. She watched, a little shell-shocked as the terminator quietly collected the supplies and then disappeared from the kitchen.

Sarah sat for a long moment, staring at the empty doorway.

It was hours later when Sarah suddenly jolted upright in bed. Her hand instinctively clamped down around the Glock tucked underneath the spare pillow on her bed. Cringing, she instantly jerked it away as a sharp pain shot through her palm. She looked down through bleary eyes to see the dark red stain on the center of the large bandage. She sighed and then tossed the covers back.

The brunette made her way towards the door, stopping to grab her robe from the back before pulling it open to head for the bathroom. She stopped suddenly just as she passed John's door. She waited until she heard the familiar sound of slow, even breathing before she continued towards her destination.

Her attention was once again averted as the side door opened and Cameron stepped in from the darkness. She looked over as she grabbed the ends of her robe and then tied the belt around her waist. Their eyes met as the terminator set the shotgun down next to the door and then clicked the lock into place.

"The perimeter is secure," Cameron informed the other woman, never taking her eyes from blue-green staring back at her. "Your hand."

Sarah's palm instantly flexed at the mention. She shook her head and then let out a soft breath. "It's nothing."

Cameron once again ignored the protest as she walked over and then reached down for the appendage. She could feel Sarah's hand shaking as she peeled back the bandage. "Does it hurt?" she questioned softly as she looked up the short distance to meet soft eyes.

Sarah swallowed back at the sudden close proximity. Did all terminators smell that good?

And did she really just think that?

"A little," she finally replied softly as she felt the gentle touch of Cameron's thumb against her hand. Intense brown eyes stared back into her own as she felt her throat suddenly constrict and her heart rate increase.


It couldn't be.

But it was.

She was actually...attracted to Cameron. Worst than that. She was actually feeling aroused by this...machine. No. That wasn't really fair. She had to admit that she and Cameron had their moments, but it was true, despite a recent...malfunction, that the girl-like machine had proven to be more than just that.

Sarah had just that day called her a weapon. The best, and really only weapon she had against the machines that sought to kill her son.

But right in that moment, she was seeing the terminator in a very different light.

"Cameron," Sarah whispered desperately as the girl dropped her hand and then reached down for the haphazardly tied belt hanging around her waist. Her breath hitched and her body tensed as the knot was pulled open and cold air suddenly hit the area of her chest not covered by her tank.

Cameron's eyes briefly flickered down. Sarah watched as she slowly licked her lips. A motion that she had never noticed in the terminator before.

The machine looked up to meet the blue-green gaze. "I am, however," she finally spoke with an unusual husk in her voice. "Very sexually interested in you."

And in that moment, Sarah thought she knew exactly how prey felt as it was stalked by a hungry beast.

"Ow, shit," Sarah cursed softly as her eyes flew open and the arch in her body fell back to the bed. She pulled her hand from its place against soft brown hair to lay it flat against the cool sheet.

Cameron's head popped up from its place between her legs to level her with concerned eyes. "Are you okay?"

Sarah allowed herself a soft, breathless smile and then nodded. "I'm fine."

Cameron returned the smile, actually believing the words for the first time.

"Keep going," Sarah whispered with a desperation in both her voice and her eyes. Cameron instantly dropped her head back down and the arch quickly returned to the brunette's body.

Sarah tried to fight it, but her hand once again gravitated towards the soft brown hair as she clutched at the headboard with the other. The pain was soothed by the rapid heat of pleasure slowly spreading throughout her body.

As her fingers tightened in soft hair, and while she was still physically capable, she thought of the reason for her sudden, and far overdue, satisfaction.

Cameron was her weapon, but she was quickly becoming so much more than that. As guilty, or disillusioned as she may have felt in that moment, there was one thing for sure -

"Oh God...Cameron..."

The End

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