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AUTHOR'S NOTE: A prequel to 'Give Me A Kiss (And More)' and 'Kissing Cameron'. Written for Challenge #197 ~ Mystery at femslash100 (which I missed, so that probably does not count).
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Kissing Sarah Connor
By shyath


Cameron has wondered for some time now how it will feel like to kiss Sarah Connor. Based on what she reads, watches, overhears and gleans from blunt inquisitions, she surmises that a kiss between two females normally involve melding contours, soft lips and fireworks behind eyelids. Only when she finally kisses Sarah Connor, it is nothing like what she has come to expect. Sarah's lips are dry and slightly chapped as they move almost furiously against hers. Her body presses into hers hard and unyielding.

It is not like there is no beauty in kissing Sarah. It simply affirms her belief that Sarah Connor is a mystery given form. Her lips feel like fire as Cameron melts against and into them. They are wild and unpredictable, the very qualities in Sarah Connor she has come to identify as attractive. Her body as Cameron's fingers trace it is not soft, is definitely not perfect. She can feel where Sarah's skin breaks uneven to accommodate both old and new scars. The muscles underneath that skin tense, ripple in anticipation and shiver in retaliation.

Kissing Sarah Connor does not involve melding contours or soft lips, but it does cause fireworks behind her eyelids.

The End

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