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Mission: Protect John / Sarah Conner
By Victoria Anne


Part 1

Sarah said, "I told John that he is too important to risk his life to rescue me once. Skynet sent a second Terminator back in time to kill him. And he tried to rescue me from a mental hospital when that Terminator tried to kill me there."

Cameron said, "He needs to learn mission priorities and how to follow them instead of his feelings?"

Sarah said, "Yes, he does. The funny thing is he had a reprogrammed Terminator that advised him not to go to the hospital after me. He ordered the ,um, Terminator to help him rescue me."

Cameron said, "You wanted to say 'it' instead of the Terminator?"

Sarah sighed and replied, "Yes, I am trying to correct that. You are not an 'it'." She reached out and held Terminator's hands in her hands gently. "You are . . ."

Cameron said, "I am?"

Sarah smiled and said, "Yes, you are. Cameron, yes you are."

Cameron considered what Sarah just said. Possible reference, I think therefore I am (Human Philosophy). Possible meaning: Sarah realizes I am self-aware and that makes me a 'being'.

Sarah said, "That Terminator showed me that even a Terminator could learn to value human life. And I do not doubt that you value John's life. I do not doubt that you value my life. And this gives me hope."

Cameron admitted to Sarah for the first time in words when she said, "Sarah I do value your life. I can not say for sure that I feel 'love' the way humans feel love. . ."

Before Cameron could finish her thought, Sarah hugged her and cried for a long while. Cameron hugged her back and let her cry on her shoulder. She said softly, "Stop talking and just hold me Tin man. Just hold me."

Sarah realized that Cameron was next in line for step parent duty. As she realized with the first Terminator that John sent back through time to save his younger self, a Terminator was a best choice for a step parent for John.

Sarah realized that Kyle was gone. And that Cameron was the best choice for a lover. Sarah could talk to Cameron about all things Judgement Day and beyond. Cameron would not reject Sarah and leave her.

Sarah said, "Cameron, I once told you not to kiss me or anyone else. Please kiss me and no one else, is what I meant."

Sarah called out, "John, come here please."

John came into the room with Sarah and Cameron. He was outside of the room, but always in direct line of sight with Cameron. He actually helps Cameron keep a close eye on him. In return Cameron spends more time with Sarah.

Sarah says, "John, I love you. Please understand you need to live."

John interjected, "Mom, I love you too. But . . ."

Sarah cut him off, "John, I know you do. Your future self found the neccessasy resources. He sent Kyle Reese and two Terminators to save my life. Learn from that, please I beg you! Please learn to trust your future self to protect me here and save yourself so you can live!"

John said, "Mom, I am sorry I did not believe you. When they took you away, they said you were crazy. And I believed them instead of you. I learned from that mistake when the second Terminator came and saved me."

John knew that Sarah was a tough woman. Cameron knew how tough Sarah was. They both knew that around anyone else Sarah only showed her tough side.

John walked slowly into the next room. He makes sure Cameron has a clear line of sight from where she stands. Thus ends the lesson for today.

To Be Continued

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