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A Sight For Sore Eyes (And A Balm For Bruised Hearts)
By shyath


Cameron blinks as she is drawn out of her other thought processes by another viciously loud explosion that she does not think belongs in the kitchen. Cameron must however admit that she does like that Sarah is hopeless in the kitchen. It makes Sarah impossibly cute – not that Cameron would ever tell that to Sarah.

She somewhat suspects that this particular sentiment of hers will be treated in the very same manner as that one time when Cameron made the mistake of complimenting Sarah's success at brewing a pot of corrosives when Sarah had in fact been attempting a pot of stew. Dodging kitchen knives might very well be beneath Cameron's capabilities, but she could honestly have done away with having to endure Sarah's silent treatment for the better part of the week following the incident.

"Maybe I should be preparing dinner," Cameron interrupts cautiously, measuring the distance between the knife block and Sarah.

Sarah actually growls at her as she turns to toss the remnants of something into the trashcan. "Bite me," she hisses at Cameron before turning back to start cursing at the smoking stove instead.

"Where do you want me to bite you?" Cameron quips back. "And how many times and how hard would you like it to be?"

Sarah stifles a chuckle and makes sure that her face does not betray her mirth before wheeling around to face Cameron. "In case you haven't noticed, I'm trying to prepare dinner here," she says in her most sensible tone. The fact remains that she has not rejected Cameron's offer outright.

Cameron tilts her head to the side and ventures reasonably, "John and Derek will not be returning until it is quite late. I am quite sure we will finish in time for you to prepare dinner. Of course, that is if you would still wish to once we are finished."

Sarah tries and fails miserably to glare at Cameron. "You're being quite presumptuous there, girlie."

"Am I mistaken in my understanding that you would like us to – take this somewhere more private?" Cameron returns evenly in her standard monotone. "I have always wanted to do it once in the kitchen," the terminator continues, her tone almost wistful.

Sarah is sure she almost chokes on her own tongue. "You stroke an old woman's ego, girlie," she says fondly, leaning forward on the kitchen counter on her elbows.

"You are not old, Sarah. Older most definitely, but you are not old at all," Cameron answers so seriously that Sarah has to fight yet again the urge to laugh.

"I'll ignore that comment about me being older because technically I am," Sarah answers.

"You are beautiful, Sarah. I have not seen any woman, younger or older, more beautiful than you are," Cameron comments sincerely.

"You're good for me," Sarah sighs, placing her hand on Cameron's cheek and liking immensely the way Cameron leans into her touch.

"And you are good for me," Cameron whispers back.

"Take me to bed?"

"With pleasure."

The End

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