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Someday I Will Whisper These Words To You
By shyath


Cameron's breaths come away hot and sweet as they pull apart – and Sarah can feel every puff against her skin like electric shocks. There is this overwhelming headiness attached to her interactions with Cameron. When Cameron makes promises in the heat of the moment (is there even such a thing for terminators?) – promises Sarah knows she probably cannot keep, Sarah always comes so close to believing that Cameron's words alone are enough to give form to dreams, that her willpower will be enough to shield them from the world.

It is in that vulnerable moment when Sarah comes down from another high – sweaty and sated, their mingled scent permeating the air and Cameron's arms securely, reliably around her, the terminator's lips raining down all over her face like Sarah probably means something special – that the words will inevitably try to slip through clenched lips.

"Cameron," Sarah whispers, closing her eyes as she just enjoys Cameron's gentle kisses.

"Yes, Sarah?" Cameron answers promptly, her words soft and subdued and it always surprises Sarah how gentle Cameron can be when she tries.

"I -" The gravity of what she is about to do suddenly occurs to her and she opens her eyes to look into Cameron's. Sarah is reassured by the fierce loyalty she can so obviously see in Cameron's eyes, but she thinks she is most reassured by the hint of warmth just behind the steel. She clears her throat and tries again, "I -"

"What, Sarah?"

Sarah loses her nerve and shakes her head, her cheeks flushed like they are on fire. "Nothing," she murmurs, looping her arms around Cameron's shoulders. "Just – just stay with me." Forever, if you do not mind.

"Of course," Cameron responds without missing a beat, running a comforting hand down Sarah's back.

I love you.

The End

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