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Christmas Comes Early
(For Both Naughty and Nice Girls)

By shyath


I need a shower, Sarah thinks as she drags herself up the stairs. She passes Cameron's bedroom as she always does on her way to her own and she never usually gives the closed door more than a passing glance. This time, however, she does a double take and stops in her tracks. The door is thrown wide open and Cameron is dressed as a – as a – "What are you dressed as?" she asks hoarsely, eyes glued to Cameron's back, running down to the impossibly short skirt and running back up to the definitely impractical cloak over a perfectly fitting vest – all in the telltale red colour.

Cameron turns slowly, adjusting her Santa hat and smoothing her hands down the front of her ensemble. "Santa," Cameron replies simply, looking down at herself before looking back up to Sarah with an expression on her face that says something like 'Can't you tell?'

Sarah blinks, swallows thickly and then clears her throat. "Why?"

Cameron does not answer right away. "We have a play at school," she finally offers.

It sounds like a lie, but with the way Cameron is playing with the hem of her vest – lifting it up and pulling it down again, revealing and concealing bare skin – Sarah cannot bring herself to care enough. "Oh?" she replies huskily. Her cheeks burn as she realises what exactly she has been thinking.

Cameron nods seriously as she approaches. "Yes, I am responsible for the distribution of presents. Apparently I must consult a particular list in order to do so."

"And what list is that?"

Cameron looks around and seems to have discovered 'the list'. "There it is," she announces, turning on the spot and bending over, her skirt riding up and up to –

Sarah leans heavily on the doorway. "Cameron, are you doing this on purpose?" she asks weakly.

Cameron remains bent over as she answers, "Doing what?" Sarah can hear the smile in her seemingly innocent question. Cameron straightens and wheels around, holding a few pieces of papers in her hands. "My naughty or nice list," she informs Sarah.

Sarah feels the warmth shoot southward. "And which list am I on, Santa?"

Cameron maintains her straight expression. "Have you been naughty or nice this year, Sarah Connor?"

"That depends," Sarah responds, stepping into the room and shutting the door behind her. "Is Santa going to punish me for being naughty?"

"It can certainly be arranged," Cameron answers with a tilt of her head.

Sarah stops a foot away from Cameron. "But I've also been quite a nice girl, Santa," she adds.

"Then Santa must reward you," Cameron replies.

"Please, Santa," Sarah whispers before closing the distance between the two of them.

The End

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