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Slightly Under the Weather
By shyath


Sarah groans and rolls over. Even with the pillow over her head, the rain still sounds loud and harsh as it batters insistently against the flimsy windows of her bedroom. Why, why must it rain on the one day that she has the house alone to herself?

"Are you awake, Sarah?" Cameron's voice cuts into Sarah's internal monologue.

Oh, right, Cameron is here, she corrects herself. "I was going to sleep in," she grumbles aloud, tossing the pillow aside. She sits up reluctantly and perks up marginally when Cameron puts down the tray of still hot breakfast she is carrying.

"I made your favourites," Cameron tells her as she continues standing.

Sarah picks up her fork and knife and begins digging in. "It's really good." There is an especially loud rumbling just then and Sarah mutters, "If only the weather is as good."

"The weather should be better in approximately three hours," Cameron announces suddenly, breaking the silence. "The rest of the day should be fairly sunny with low humidity."

Sarah looks surprised. "You – you don't have something like a weather program installed, do you?"

"I was watching the weather report." Cameron pauses and adds, "And no, I do not have a weather program installed."


"Would you like me better if I have a weather program installed?"

Sarah nearly bit down on her tongue. "What – no!"

"No, you would not like me better if I have a weather program installed? Does that mean you like me just as I am?"

Sarah's jaw drops. "Not that either!"

Cameron frowns. "What are you saying, Sarah? You do not like me? But, just yesterday -"

What am I saying? "Yesterday was different!"

Cameron looks dejected. Actually, she probably looks normal. Maybe Sarah is seeing things or maybe she is getting better at reading Cameron or maybe Cameron is getting better at being more human. Any of those is a scary thought. "I see. Yesterday was a one-night stand."

Sarah blushes fiercely. "Wait, no. Hold on." She takes a deep breath and pushes the tray away from her. She turns to face Cameron. "Sorry, I'm just –" She takes Cameron's hands into her own. "You caught me off guard."

"So, you do like me?"

Sarah sighs. "If you want to put it that way." Cameron looks unconvinced. Sarah winces and tries again, "I do like you. I honestly do." She tugs Cameron down to her knees and then loops her arms around Cameron's neck. "This 'us' thing is still new. Isn't it normal to be cautious with emotional declarations?"

"I like you, Sarah," Cameron says in a petulant voice.

"Yeah, and I like you too," Sarah assures Cameron, cupping her cheek.

"Really?" Cameron sounds and looks so childlike that Sarah feels the insane urge to pinch her cheeks.

"Really," Sarah says.

Cameron leans forward to press her lips against Sarah's. It is a brief, gentle kiss and Sarah feels somewhat relieved by the lack of intensity. The morning has been intense enough already.

The End

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