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The Silence Is All There Is (And All There Will Be)
By shyath


Sarah prefers it when the door is closed, the windows are shut and the silence is all there is. She wants to think it is the trapped summer heat that is suffocating her, or the stale air, or the much too insistent metal fingers wrapped in soft human skin pressing down, against, into her own all too fragile skin - and she almost, almost believes herself. But this suffocation comes from the inside, from that thing that thumps hard against her ribs (and she refuses to name it because, if she does, it implies that she feels, that she cares), that reminds her why she fights, why she lives, why she cannot, should not be doing this.

She needs to breathe, but she wants to drown: in this forbidden sensation, in this - this thing that embodies all too well all that she has sacrificed the last sixteen years of her life for. She has come to think of Cameron - of terminators as death itself, as anti-humanity, but it is when Cameron is so close that Sarah's breath hitches, that her blood rushes in her ears, that their bodies press like there is no respecting personal space that Sarah remembers, acknowledges that she is human, that she is alive, that she feels.

And she feels so much, so hard, so wrongly and she feels like giving (in or up, it cannot matter) - as long as Cameron is the one who undoes her.

"Sarah," Cameron says her name like she is asking her how Sarah prefers her eggs done, but her fingers are buried deep inside of her, curled just that way and twitching a little. "Come for me."

Cameron's eyes stare and watch and remember (sincerely, Sarah wills herself to believe), and Sarah comes like she is about to break, like she is about to die, like it is her last moment. When Cameron's free arm wraps around the older woman and soothes her shudders, Sarah cannot help but think that maybe she is about to break, about to die. It can very well be her last moment.

The End

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