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By Janine


"You're tense."

Sarah looked up from the flickering fire she had been staring into at the sound of Cameron's voice.

"So?" Sarah asked listlessly watching as the robot moved towards her slowly, running a hand through luxurious wet hair.

"It's detrimental to your emotional and cognitive processes," Cameron responded coming to a stop beside the couch Sarah was seated on, her head turning towards the fire as well, staring into it as if trying to understand what it was about the flickering flames that captivated the older woman so. "It limits your efficiency."

"My efficiency," Sarah repeated a small smirk tugging at her lips as she glanced over at the girl … robot, Cameron's eyes now on her as well. "Not everything can be measured and calculated. Tense or not, I'm and will be efficient because I need to be," Sarah continued, her eyes momentarily darkening and becoming steely as she thought about what it was that she needed to do and why.

"But it's not pleasant," Cameron said listening as Sarah sighed deeply a few seconds after she finished talking, watching as the other woman rolled her shoulders and stretched her neck, a slight wince coming to her face as she did so.

"No," Sarah admitted settling back against the couch once more. "But I can't do anything about it," she continued wearily, glancing over the girl for a second. Cameron didn't have to worry about tension and bruises and cramps and all of the other things that plagued Sarah. It was easy for her to be strong, it was what she was built for, for Sarah however it was more complicated than that and much more painful.

"I can," Cameron said, her soft brown gaze focused on Sarah as she spoke.

Sarah stared at her for a moment. Cameron's voice was always soft, soothing, just like her appearance was. She often caught herself looking at the girl, her serene looks calming her even though she knew it was a ridiculous way to feel. Cameron might not have looked or sounded the least bit threatening, but she wasn't the innocent creature of purity and light that she often appeared to be. Cameron wasn't a cute little puppy that Sarah could look at when she was feeling blue, the girl was a dangerous killing machine, and she shouldn't have to remind herself of that.

"Really?" Sarah asked still watching Cameron intently, her gaze a little cooler than it had been before. "I thought you didn't know how to defeat Skynet."

"I don't," Cameron confirmed staring at her, her lips curving into something that was identifiable as a smirk either unaware of or choosing to ignore the slight hostility in Sarah's tone. "But I can help relieve the tension."

"How?" Sarah asked slightly curious. The truth was that the girl was right, she was extremely tense and knotted up which made it almost impossible for her to get a decent night's sleep, and if the future had gone to the trouble of programming Cameron with Swedish massage techniques she could as well make use of them. After all, waste not want not had become a credo of sorts for her.

Cameron moved from the side of the couch stopping again when she was standing in front of the other woman. She then smiled softly and reached for the tie to her robe pulling it open before allowing the robe to fall, pooling on the floor around her feet, the firelight shimmered over her body as she stood nude in front of Sarah.

Sarah blinked. She hadn't expected that.

"Put that back on," Sarah said softly a few seconds later, her eyes lifting from Cameron's tanned, flat stomach up to her face.

"Irrational," Cameron responded holding Sarah's gaze. "The sensations will be more pleasurable if you can feel and see my skin."

"I don't want to feel or see your skin," Sarah replied immediately though her eyes drifted from Cameron's face down to her breasts and over her stomach, her gaze locking on the smooth lips at the apex of the girls thighs, and then traveling along the lean planes of Cameron's legs before she finally returned her gaze to the girl's face.

"Yes you do," Cameron said that smile back on her face drawing Sarah's eyes to her lips. "I can detect changes in your body temperature, your respiration, and the dilation of your pupils. My heightened sense of smell also allows me to detect pheromone changes and," Cameron halted as Sarah lifted up her hand and waited for the other woman to speak.

"I see," Sarah said shifting in her seat knowing that it was pointless to deny that her body had some reaction to the girl. Whoever designed her had done a very good job making her aesthetically pleasing. "But you should also realize that just because there's cake in front of you it doesn't mean you have to eat it."

"Do you not like cake?" Cameron asked glancing down at her body. She had been designed to specifications that were supposed to appeal to both John and Sarah Connor. If cake was a metaphor - which she was certain it was - Sarah should want to eat her.

"The question isn't whether or not I like cake," Sarah began.

"Yes it is," Cameron interjected taking a step closer to Sarah, only stopping when their toes touched. "If there's a piece of cake in front of you, and you like cake, then why wouldn't you eat it?"

"Because it's not right," Sarah responded trying very hard to keep her eyes on a respectable part of her cake.

"I don't think there's anything unethical about eating cake," Cameron replied that small, teasing smile on her face once again as she looked down at Sarah.

"This isn't really about cake," Sarah responded her eyes slipping from Cameron's gaze once more. There was just something about the girl.

"I know," Cameron replied that gentle, knowing look in her eyes once again. "It's about what you need, and what I can give you," she continued moving once again, bending slightly at the waist as she reached out for Sarah's hand, picking it up and holding it tenderly in her own for a moment before drawing it closer to her body and placing it on her hip.

"Sarah," Cameron breathed out softly, her voice a raspy whisper as she lowered herself onto Sarah's lap and drew the other woman's hand up to cup her breast. "Have some cake."

Sarah sighed as Cameron's mouth pressed against her own, her lips parting a few seconds later allowing Cameron to deepen the kiss.

Honestly, she had never understood the point of having cake if you couldn't eat it too.

The End

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