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With You I Find Salvation
By shyath


Sarah's fingers shake as she tries and fails miserably to hold the gun steady. There is no target for her to shoot at, no tangible target at least – and her pathetic attempts at protecting herself from persistent nightmares will only bring harm to herself or, worse, John (Cameron's name refuses to budge from behind her teeth and she fights to keep it there) – but John is already hurt and she slowly but surely is losing the will to listen to her instinct for self-preservation.

There is a silent displacement of something that just tells her that Cameron has entered the room (and she does not want to think why she does not just know when Cameron is close by, she feels it). She releases the sigh she has been keeping in and relaxes into Cameron's hands as the terminator places them on the tense set of her shoulders. "John," she croaks cryptically.

"He'll make it," Cameron replies, understanding what Sarah is trying so hard not to say. "He's damaged, but he'll live."

Cameron's bluntness should hurt, it really should, but the stark honesty she offers Sarah is a welcome change from the awkward omission Derek seems to prefer or the careful manipulation of words that Charley is so good at. "Really?" Sarah whispers, sinking further back into the deceptive softness that is Cameron's body.

"Really," Cameron assures her confidently. There is an endearing hesitation in Cameron's fingers as she inches forward before finally her arms looped around Sarah's neck, half pulling her in, half pushing herself in – and Cameron's chin ends up resting in the crook of Sarah's neck, their noses almost touching while they share one breath and try not to look at each other.

Sarah knows that she should never allow herself this comfort, really. She should never allow herself the luxury of trusting, or even pretending to trust, Cameron – and Derek's increasingly dirty looks aimed at either of them are testament to how badly, how far Sarah has broken the rules she has set down for herself. But Sarah cannot allow rationality to take over how she acts – at least not this once and she definitely cannot allow Derek's displeasure to dictate her decisions.

No one else needs to know why she has begun to trust Cameron, why she has begun to admit that she maybe – loves Cameron. Sarah would be happy if she remains the only one to know the words Cameron whispers at the end of the day.

The End

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