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Time Loop: Loop 11
By wkgreen


Sarah is sprinting down the corridor as fast as she can; she feels Cameron right behind her. As she runs, Sarah recollects how they got into trouble, again. John had discovered several abandoned buildings Sarkissian owned. She and Cameron had decided to search through the builds for clues to Sarkissian's whereabouts. It was a long shot to find anything in the abandoned buildings, he was probably based out of one of his better hidden properties and they unexpectedly found Sarkissian. Unfortunately, he had an escape plan ready; the building was wired with explosives. When they confronted him he set off the timer and ran through an armored door that sealed behind him. They didn't know how long the timer was set for and Cameron had quickly assessed that it was too impractical to chase after Sarkissian. The armored door and concrete walls would take too long to go through. So now they were running for the nearest exit. Sarah gasps in relief as she sees the corridor turn ahead. It would take them to the exit, although going through the large window looked tempting.

Suddenly Sarah hears an explosion behind her and time slows down as adrenaline kicks in. Cameron is tackling her, sending them through the window. Before they crash through the window, Cameron twists her body, protecting Sarah from shattering glass. Cameron keeps twisting as they fly through the air, her arms wrapping around Sarah and holding her snug against her chest. Sarah sees back down the corridor as a sheet of fire flows toward them. Sarah's eyes widen as she realizes that Cameron has timed their spinning so that Cameron's back takes the brunt of the fire. Sarah ducks her head into Cameron's shoulder as the fire passes over them. Their arc of flight leveling out as gravity pulls them downward, the flame retreats back into the building. Sarah feels Cameron slide her arms around as they spin through the air, one hand cupping the back of her head, aligned with her spine, the other sliding across Sarah's hip, pulling Sarah tightly against Cameron. Sarah can only pull her arms in and trust Cameron as she is held in Cameron's protective grip. Sarah suddenly finds herself looking at the ground over Cameron's shoulder. Cameron absorbs the force of their landing, turning their spinning momentum into a roll as debris from the explosion land around them. Rolling into a ditch, Cameron suddenly stops their rolling as she covers Sarah with her body. Cameron holds herself just above Sarah, debris landing around them.

Sarah stares up into Cameron's eyes, Sarah's breath coming in pants. Sarah watches Cameron turn her head to check out the burning building, but Sarah can't take her eyes off of Cameron. Her body is surging with adrenaline from surviving near death. She feels something rising, filling her as she stares at Cameron. Remembering how Cameron protected her through their flying escape, feeling how careful Cameron is holding her weight off of her, but is still protecting her from any debris. The light contact Cameron is maintaining allows her to feel how soft Cameron's body is. Sarah can't stop the swell of desire, the security she is feeling with Cameron on top of her. She finds her hands reaching up to grab Cameron's collar and pulls downward.

Feeling her collar grabbed, Cameron turns to look down at the woman she secretly loves, "It is safe. ThMmmmmmfff"

Sarah finds that she is pulling herself upwards instead of pulling Cameron downward and she kisses Cameron's soft lips. Her kiss is fueled by desperation, need, survival, desire, love, and thanks, but when Cameron starts returning the kiss, it is as if someone ignited her, burning as hot as rocket fuel. As their kiss deepens, Sarah feels Cameron lower herself on top of Sarah, Cameron's weight combined with her gentleness sends Sarah to the edge of exploding as their kiss deepens, their tongues intermingling.

Suddenly there is a loud BOOOMMMM, as a secondary explosion goes off inside the building and in the distance sirens can be heard. Sarah is startled out of the haze she was in and panics as she realizes that she is kissing Cameron. She pushes at Cameron's shoulders as hard as possible as she twists her face away, "Cameron! Stop!"

Cameron quickly rolls off of Sarah and to her feet, standing perfectly still. Sarah thinks she can detect a hint of contrition and sadness in Cameron's eyes. Sarah feels guilty for halting the kiss she initiated. Sarah squashes the guilt down ruthlessly, not sure where the feelings came from or why they are there. She glares at Cameron.

"GO! Find Sarkissian's escape route! Before he gets a bigger lead," Sarah orders Cameron pointing away from her.

She needs to get Cameron away from her, to give her time to think about what the fuck just happened! Sarah braces herself, getting ready to release her anger at Cameron when it looks like Cameron is going to argue with her.

Cameron nods her head stiffly, "Yes Sarah," turning away she takes off in a light jog to search the perimeter of the building as she reviews her files, calculating where the escape tunnel should exit the building.

Sarah sighs in relief as she keeps control of her panic, taking deep breaths as Cameron moves away from her. She turns and jogs to the jeep, wondering why she kissed a terminator. Terminators are the enemy. They will destroy humanity in the future. It doesn't matter that this terminator is helping them. She could go bad at any moment; and why Cameron, why not any of the other terminators? They were cold, emotionless. Cameron appears to have emotions, reacts like she has emotions. Or she could just be humanizing Cameron, needing the terminator to be more human. She could just be tricking herself into thinking that Cameron's eyes reveal emotions.

Sarah guns the jeep out of the parking lot and away from the burning building. She avoids getting seen by the police and firemen as she drives away quickly. She has to get home, pick up John and get away. She needed to find some place to hole up, some place safe so she could think, some place far away from Cameron.

Cameron finds the exit Sarkissian had taken. With a little more searching she finds recently made tire tracks of a vehicle speeding away. She records the tire tracks for future reference and comparison. She sighs as she hears Sarah leaving in the jeep, calculating how badly she messed up. She should not have returned Sarah's kiss so eagerly. Sarah was not ready for it. It had caught her by surprise, having Sarah kiss her now. Her calculations indicated she was months away from even getting to hug Sarah. Cameron refocuses her attention back on her task; she hopes that Sarah chooses to ignore the kiss. Sarah is good at ignoring things that she doesn't want to deal with. Then things can go back to their normal progression. Cameron refocuses on the mission as she follows the projected route of the tire tracks.

Thirty minutes later, Cameron has not found any more evidence of tire tracks from Sarkissian's vehicle and determines that she has lost him. She turns to head home and to Sarah. As she runs through back streets, she replays the memory of Sarah kissing her, remembering the feel and her taste of Sarah's lips. It has been years since she last kissed Sarah and she can not help wondering when she will get a chance to taste Sarah's lips again. Logically all her memories should be equal, but for some strange reason she finds the newer memories to be more intense.

As Cameron approaches the house, she switches to high alert; the jeep is not in the driveway. Scanning the house, Cameron can not find any indication that John or Sarah are inside. She quickly searches the house and finds evidence that clothes, cash and other vital stuff are gone, although most of their stuff is still in the house. There is no indication of them being forced to leave. Cameron goes back through the house more thoroughly, trying to find any hidden message that Sarah or John might have left behind to explain where they are. Three hours later, Cameron tries to call Sarah's cell, but it immediately goes to voice mail. She disconnects and calls John. When his phone goes to voice mail, she leaves a message, "John, its Cameron. Call me when you can."

Cameron stands in the middle of the living room and concludes that Sarah panicked and left her. She cannot help but call Sarah one more time, even though she knows it is futile.

"Sarah, please do not leave me," Cameron's voice catches just a bit.

The next morning Sarah is sitting at the small table in her motel room. She has been up all night staring into nothing, going over and over in her head why she kissed Cameron. Castigating herself for reacting to Cameron like a real person. Wondering how she could let herself think that Cameron is anything but a terminator, a killing machine.

A knock at the door adjoining her room to John's startles her out of her thoughts, "Come in John."

John enters the room and stops in shock as he takes in his mom, "Geez Mom, you look terrible. Didn't you sleep at all last night?" He continues walking in and slumps into a chair across from her, looking concerned.

Sarah rolls her eyes at her son, "I am fine," She tries to not snap at him, not in the mood to be interrogated. "Get ready and we will go get breakfast."

John looks at his mom skeptically, "Okay, when are we meeting up with Cameron?" He asks as he stands up.

Sarah looks at John tiredly, "We aren't. She is too dangerous to be around."

John sits back down, face widening with disbelief, "But… how are we going to defeat Skynet without her help?"

Sarah sighs and shakes her head, "She doesn't know anything about how Skynet was created. Her mission isn't to destroy Skynet. We have to find the program that Skynet is created from. And with the Turk in Sarkissian's hands, I am not sure it is the basis of Skynet anymore."

John's face grows mulish, "Come on Mom, we need her help. What if Cromartie finds us again?"

Sarah's face gets stiff as she looks sternly at her son, "I kept you safe without her help for years. I can do so again. He won't find us. Later today I am getting us new identities."

John rolls his eyes, "Fine! Why are you and Cameron fighting now?" John asks exasperatedly.

"She is a terminator, a machine, I am not arguing…" Sarah huffs as she looks away from John.

John waves his hand stopping Sarah in mid sentence, "I don't wanna hear it. You and Cameron argue all the time!" John gets up and heads for the door, "I am going to raid the continental breakfast bar. Get over it Mom."

"I am not arguing with Cameron," Sarah snaps tiredly.

"Fine, you are not arguing with her, you are avoiding her," John waves his hand dismissively, "You never fought with the other terminators, why are you always fighting with Cameron?" John asks as he exits the room, leaving Sarah trying to come up with an answer.

Sarah looks back down to the table, wondering how John would take it if she admitted that she kissed Cameron, that deep down inside she wishes Cameron could be her partner, her lover. How would John react to the knowledge that the reason she didn't sleep last night is because she can't without Cameron guarding them through the night? How would John react to her being attracted to a female who looks John's age. Even if the female in question is a terminator, which brings up the whole question of how can she be attracted to a terminator, something that was created to kill humans.

Sarah snorts as she considers why she feels safe with Cameron. For someone to make you feel safe, they have to be significantly tougher then you. And at this point, she knows that she falls into the top ten percent of human fighters in the world. Her training is on par with any Special Forces unit you want to name. She knows because she has worked with Delta force operatives, SEALS, Rangers, and other black ops operatives. Plus, she has trained with the best guerilla fighters in South America. Only someone as tough as Cameron, an indestructible terminator, would be able to make her feel safer.

Thinking of Cameron brings up an image of her in Sarah's mind. Why a girl terminator, actually that brings up the whole question of whether terminators have a gender. Any way you look at it though, Cameron is a girl, her preference for pink and purple, fingernail polish, lace, and her over all focus on how she looks seals that deal. Sarah has never been attracted to a female, although sure, she practiced kissing with other girls during high school. She experimented with girls in college, but she was never this attracted to them. That all stopped after she met Kyle, had John, and started fighting for their lives. The problem is that Cameron looks so young. Cameron looks John's age and he treats her like a sister. Age doesn't matter with Cameron of course, she is a terminator, she probably doesn't have any concept of time or that people change with age. But she, Sarah, would turn into one of those cougars she scoffs at privately. She would have to quit pretending Cameron is her step-daughter and that would cause all kinds of problems. What the hell!?! Sarah was shocked that she was working out how to make a relationship work with Cameron, who would know and who wouldn't.

The door slams open, breaking Sarah out of her thoughts as her head snaps up and sees John bursting into her room, "What's wrong?" Sarah snaps, expecting John to have been gone longer and wondering what has gotten him so excited that he would just barge into her room without knocking first.

"She found it!" John excited tells his Mom as he drops a bag of food in front of her, "Cameron has found the Turk! She is going after it."

Sarah ignores the bag as she listens to John, her eyes going wide in surprise and displeasure, "How did you find this out! I told you not to contact her."

John rolls his eyes, "Email, something I check regularly, and before you ask, I went through several proxy sites to cover my tracks." John leans forward anxiously, "We gotta go help her! If we can get hold of the Turk, we can stop Judgment Day!"

Sarah's eyes light up momentarily, but then she frowns, feeling vaguely unhappy that Cameron didn't send the information to her, "Why didn't she send the info to me," not realizing she actually said that aloud until John sighs exasperatedly.

"Mom, when was the last time you checked your email and have you turned on our phones yet?" John grouses.

Sarah glares at her son's impertinence, "Fine. What did she tell you in this email message?" She would rather avoid the topic of her habit of not checking the email account John set up for her. "And how did she find out about the meeting so quickly?"

John leans forward, intensely focused now that his Mom is asking about the message, "Sarkissian is selling the Turk to a company called Zeira Corp today. The meeting is going to take place at 5 pm at Linda Vista Hospital. She didn't say how she found out."

"Isn't that place abandoned?" Sarah frowns as her gut clenches, something not feeling right.

"Yeah," John shrugs unconcerned, "it's not like he is going to sell it in the open."

"John, there is no reason why he wouldn't sell it in the open. No one knows he stole it." Sarah frowns in concentration, Zeira Corp sounds familiar. She reviews what little info they have on Zeira Corp in her head. It is a high tech company that is looking into advanced computer programming, including AI programming. They have looked into it as being one of the possible places to develop Skynet. Recalling the few pictures of the CEO of Zeira Corp, she remembers thinking that something was off, the woman moving stiffly.

"Oh right, but still, we need to go now if we are going to help her." John insists stubbornly focused on going to help Cameron.

Sarah's head snaps up and she looks John straight in the eyes, "It is a trap."

Sarah is moving, grabbing up her bag and digging through it quickly, tossing stuff out left and right until she pulls out her cell phone. Energized, despite having no sleep since the explosion, Sarah turns on the phone and waits for it to get a signal.

"What?!?" John's eyes widen as he watches his mom throwing her stuff out of her backpack and pulling out her cell phone, shocked at how fast his mother is suddenly moving.

"John, what would be better than delivering a half formed AI?" Sarah arches an eye at her son, waiting for him to figure it out. He has to be able to think on his feet if he is going to be the leader of the Resistance. The phone finally gets a signal and Sarah quickly calls Cameron, listening to it ring.

John frowns in thought and then his eyes snap open, "A fully developed AI!"

Sarah hisses in frustration as the call goes to voice mail, "Damn! She isn't answering." Sarah disconnects, pulls out her 9mm and shoves it under her waist band at her mid-back, then throws her stuff back into her bag.

John bites his lips, "Mom, it is only 3. The meeting hasn't started yet," John frowns, "Maybe her phone is out of power or she is in the shower?"

Sarah sighs and looks at John, "John, Cameron is going to figure out this is a trap too. What is the first thing she will do?"

John gets an unhappy look, "She will get there early to set an ambush for the ambushers."

"Right, and the one who is setting up the trap probably made it easy for us to find out about this meeting to lure us into a trap, and he would figure what?" Sarah questions semi-patiently.

"That we would figure it is a trap and we would either avoid the meeting completely or come early to try to catch him unawares." John replies exasperatedly, "but that gets into the whole he knows that we know that he knows logic loop and there is no way to know where that ends."

"He knows exactly when it begins and ends John," Sarah states categorically as she reaches under her bed to pull out her shotgun.

John pauses at his Mom's certainty and realizes his mistake, "Because he set the trap before he spilled the information about the meeting." John grimaces as he crosses his arms, "But wouldn't Cameron figure that out too."

"Of course, but she thinks that she is invulnerable," Sarah glares at John, "get your stuff, we are going to rescue the Tin Miss this time."

"Wait." John pauses his automatic following of his mother's orders, "You think he already has her. So where would he take her? We don't know where his current base of operations is."

Sarah frowns as she looks at John, "I am hoping that there really is a meeting today and that Sarkissian is solving the problem of transporting Cameron to the meeting, by having her come to the meeting location and then just keeping her incapacitated. If he is gone, we know we have to start from scratch."

John nods in acceptance as that is as good a starting point as any and he quickly packs and soon they are on the road.

An hour later they stop in sight of the hospital. Sarah is riding on adrenaline; she will not rest until she has Cameron back safe and sound. Then she can figure out what is going on between them. During the entire drive she had to force herself to stay within the speed limits, the last thing they needed was to be pulled over by a keystone cop. Looking at the huge abandoned hospital, Sarah's perpetual frown deepens.

"That is a big building, going to take us a lot of time to search it," John comments as he looks around.

"For me to search it," Sarah states, "You are going to practice doing one of the hardest jobs a leader has to do. You are going to let others do the work and you are going to stand back and be ready to back them up."

John gets a mulish stubborn look on his face, "But Mom! I can help; with two of us searching it will go much faster."

"Don't put all your eggs in one basket," Sarah casts back, "If both of us go in and fall into another trap, who is going to get us out?" Sarah gets out of the jeep and makes sure she has extra clips for her 9mm. "Two, I need you to stand watch for the Zeira Corp people and delay them if they get here too soon."

John looks like he wants to argue more, but he realizes his mother is right, if she gets captured, it falls to him, "How am I supposed to stop them?"

Sarah cants her head, "I don't know, improvise. If they show up, call me and immediately hang up." Sarah walks away from John, looking over the building and gauging the best way in, choosing to approach it from the side. Most likely Sarkissian is having the front watched for when the Zeira Corp people arrive.

"At the first sign of trouble, I am coming in Mom!" John promises or threatens, either could be the case.

"No, you come in at the second sign of trouble," Sarah calls back, "the first sign will be me freeing Cameron."

John nods at his mother unhappily, "Right, the second sign of trouble. I will call you and immediately hang up if anyone approaches from the outside."

Sarah nods at John, "Good, now get out of sight," Sarah affectionately hugs her son, smirking as he tries to shorten the hug, embarrassed at being hugged by his mother. She turns and jogs across the street into a clump of trees that border the building. She uses the trees to approach the large abandoned building from the side, walking in the trees until she finds a broken window, and then stealthily enters.

Sarah slowly and quietly walks down the hallway, hugging the walls cautiously as she listens for sounds. In a building this big and empty, sounds are going to echo and that will be her first warning. After five minutes of stealthy, slow walking, she hears the sound of footsteps heading in her direction. She immediately ducks out of sight into an open doorway and waits. Less then a minute later, a big man walks into sight. He is walking carelessly, confidently, like he knows he is doing something that isn't necessary. Sarah gives a tight little smile at his overconfidence and lets him pass her hiding spot. She steps through the doorway and up behind him quietly, reaches up and grabs his hair and yanks backwards and down. As he is falling backwards, she is stepping back and going to one knee. She lets his spine land on her extended knee as her other arm wraps around his throat. Her forearm presses into his Adam's apple, cutting off the shout he was about to releasing and, incidentally, his air. As she balances him on her knee, she leans forward; her hand at the back of his head, pushing forward as her other hand grabs the shoulder of his shirt, anchoring her forearm across his throat. She keeps the pressure up right until he starts to go unconscious and then eases up slightly.

"Yell and I snap your neck, answer my questions and live," Sarah whispers into his ear. At his nod of acquiescence, she eases up a little more. "Where are they holding the girl? And how many others are there?"

"It isn't a girl, it is some freakgaghhhh," the man hisses only to have Sarah increase the pressure on his throat and neck warningly, "aahh.ah…okay.. okay... she is in the main reception room… there are 4 others."

"Is Sarkissian there? And where is the cover guard hidden?" Sarah whispers silently, intensely.

"aah…ah.yes..he…is.there… second floor…aaahh… east side…ah… pillar," the man gasps out as Sarah increases the pressure on his throat.

"Sarkissian is the cover guard?" Sarah clarifies and at the man's nod, she increases pressure against his throat. She ducks her head as he struggles weakly to get free, trying to claw at her face. He passes out quickly, already short of breath from the continuous light choking. Once he is out, she takes a couple of minutes to drag him into a room out of sight and then ties and gags him. She doesn't want him getting a warning out or sneaking up behind her.

Sarah doubles back to a stairwell she had passed earlier and climbs up stealthily to the second floor. It figures that Sarkissian has a new front man and that he is taking the safer position, out of the line of fire. Sarkissian seems to like keeping in the shadows and unseen. She sneaks around so that she can approach Sarkissian from behind. Stopping when she hears voices in the distance, she slows down and walks much more quietly. When she gets in sight of the atrium where the main reception would be, she looks around until she finds Sarkissian. He is looking down on his people, a rifle close at hand. Before she has a chance of being discovered, Sarah walks up behind Sarkissian and puts the barrel of her 9mm into the middle of his back.

"Put your hands up!" Sarah commands. Sarkissian stiffens as he hears an intense feminine voice behind him and a pistol in his back. He slowly raises his hands. "Now, lean forward slowly, over the railing."

Sarah commands as she pushes forward with her pistol, forcing Sarkissian to lean forward. Using his body as a shield from the men below, she looks over his shoulder to check them out.

"Hands up boys," Sarah orders. She keeps herself covered with Sarkissian's body as she watches them carefully. Once their hands are up, Sarah glances quickly at Cameron, she is chained to a metal chair, feet in a bucket of water, with electrical cables running into it. Cameron's body is completely still, no life in it. Sarah grimaces, obviously, they have been regularly shocking Cameron to keep her deactivated. There doesn't appear to be any current running into the bucket of water at the moment, so Cameron should be rebooting soon. Sarah returns her attention to the 3 guards below.

"You, you first, drop your weapon and kick it away," Sarah gestures at a man with blonde hair, as the men look to their boss who is bent over the balcony railing. Sarah feels Sarkissian suddenly roll, her 9mm sliding off his back. She steps backwards, dropping her arm. Sarkissian is swinging his arm around to push Sarah aside, but his arm misses Sarah, barely. He expected her to try to immediately bring her pistol back inline. The men below are scrambling to find a shot, Sarah having stepped out of sight. Sarah raises her 9mm as she stares into Sarkissian's eyes and shoots him in the heart, twice, a classic double tap. Sarah ducks down and crab walks around to get sight of the stairwell that leads up here, bullets impacting into the walls and pillars over her as the men below fire wildly.

Sarkissian's body falls to the floor below. The men look at each other and then quickly start retreating, their paycheck dead. Now that they aren't going to get paid, staying and fighting isn't worth their lives. Sarah pops her head over the railing to see where the guards are and sees them pulling back fast. She notices that none of them are carrying anything but their weapons and ducks back down as a hail of bullets fly over her.

Sarah pulls out her cell phone and calls John, as soon as he answers, "There are three men leaving the building, make sure they aren't carrying anything, but let them go."

Sarah hears the door closing and pops up to sprint down the stairs to check on Cameron. The first thing she does is grab the electrical cable, above where the metal is exposed, and yank it out of the bucket of water Cameron's feet are in. Sarah next checks Cameron's scalp, making sure it is intact. She is pretty sure it is, or they wouldn't have put her feet in the bucket of water. Heaving a sigh of relief that there is no damage to her skull, she gets back on the cell to John.

"John! Did you notice them carrying anything like a box?" Sarah demands sharply as soon as John answers. She listens to his response, "Okay, pull the jeep up and get in here, we have some stuff to grab and run." Sarah orders and then nods at something he says, looking over at Cameron as she answers, "Looks like they were shocking Cameron to keep her disabled, she should be waking up soon."

Sarah disconnects and turns to look at a table filled with electronic equipment; she quickly identifies the source of electricity keeping Cameron disabled as she is searching through the stuff for any sign of the Turk. Sarah sighs as she looks back over at Cameron, briefly wondering if she should take John and run again, but now that she is no longer overwhelmed with panic, she can't find it in herself to leave Cameron. She turns back to the table.

Cameron's systems finally complete a reboot, her sensors coming online as her eyes glow a soft red. Only one human being in her presence, she holds back a gasp of pleasure as she identifies Sarah, Sarah came back for her. "Sarah," Cameron murmurs.

Sarah hears Cameron's voice and spins around, her heart speeds up as she feels like Cameron's voice just caressed her. Stopping herself from rushing over to Cameron, Sarah scowls, "Where is the Turk."

Cameron examines the chains around her and casually flexes, snapping the chains like they were paper. Brushing the broken links as she stands she faces Sarah, "I destroyed it before letting them capture me."

Sarah arches her eyebrow as Cameron approaches her, her body stiffens, "Letting them?" She asks caustically.

Cameron stops as soon as her sensors register Sarah stiffening up defensively, she grows still, trying to not spook Sarah more as she responds, "Yes. They underestimated my sensors and ability to conceptualize."

Sarah smirks and shakes her head, "Right. Let's go."

Cameron tilts her head as she considers Sarah, "You do not want to meet with the Zeira Corp people? Find out if they have anything to do with Skynet?"

Sarah shakes her head in the negative as she walks towards the exit, "Not under these circumstances. I want to know more about them first. They have always been low on our lists of companies."

Cameron follows Sarah out the door, skipping a tiny bit with happiness shining out of her eyes. Sarah came back for her. "Thank you for explaining."

Sarah stumbles when she hears Cameron's catch phrase, her heart telling her what Cameron really means, but she ignores it as she keeps walking, still not ready to face that.

The End

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