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Disaster In The Making
By shyath


Maybe it is Derek's disapproving glares or John's inquisitive glances, but Sarah goes to great lengths to justify this arrangement she has with Cameron. She tells herself that there is something inhumanly simplistic about the relationship. It is absolutely the truth and definitely a little more – because Cameron is the best example of what inhuman can literally mean.

There is no complication of the emotional sort; no awkward "How was your day?", no "Can we – uhm, tonight -" and definitely no "Is this too hard?" Yeah, definitely that last one, because Sarah likes to play rough once in a while and Cameron can give as well as she can take. Most definitely, though, because Cameron has no understanding of human emotions and Sarah can live with that.

Except this one time Cameron turns to her and asks to spend the night in Sarah's bed and Sarah lets her. And this other time Sarah wakes from a nightmare and Cameron is there holding her like she is something fragile (and Sarah has forgotten what being protected – even if it is only for a short time – feels like). And this other time Sarah is grumbling about what she would have liked to do with that cat from next door with no sense of parameters or hours (some people need sleep!) and that new fire thrower she has just gotten and Cameron is looking at her like she is the best thing to have come after the remote control has been invented or something. But, Sarah decides, this time takes the cake.

"I think I may just fall in love with you," Cameron whispers in between what Sarah is sure is her increasingly perfect emulation of what noises a human woman can and will make when she achieves sexual gratification.

Sarah supposes she should be reacting in some other manner, but she is without a doubt touched, flattered (and her heart is tap dancing like it never should; especially because Cameron's tentative love declaration – if it can even be called that – is not made in the most romantic of contexts). "That's a long way to fall, Cameron," she jokes weakly, lamely (so this spell is broken and she will wake and the most important thing Cameron will say in regards to their relationship will be something that will lead to the terminator hogging the blankets and spending the early morning begging for Sarah's forgiveness and warming Sarah's cold feet in the most creative of ways).

"I know," Cameron tells her, reaching down to place a chaste kiss that shakes Sarah to the core. "But you're more than worth it."

It is at that moment that Sarah realises there is nothing simple about this thing with Cameron and what is worse (or better, she cannot yet decide) is that there is nothing inhuman about this either. When Cameron drops another kiss on her lips, Sarah decides it is high time that her inner voice shuts up. She has a better offer to attend to.

The End

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