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A Home Cooked Meal
By ralst


Sarah's head was buried in a book, her brows furrowed in concentration, as she stirred the brown mess that would substitute for a balanced meal. Cooking, John had once told her, was an art form best left to the spotty teenagers at Domino's, but that had never stopped her from experimenting with the idea of a home cooked meal.

"What's that?" John asked, his nose wrinkling as he entered the kitchen and deposited his school bag on the table. "Are you cooking up explosives?"

"Soup." Sarah turned the page of her book and kept on stirring. "Nice day at school?" she asked distractedly.

John was too concerned with the contents of the pot to take offence at her obvious disinterest. "I had a math test." He wouldn't mention his grade unless asked, not that he'd done poorly, but he'd scored lower than Cameron and that somehow irked his pride, despite her obvious advantages. "No biggie."

Cameron walked into the room at that moment, her eyes immediately landing on the simmering pot of food as she analysed the potential threat it posed to her charge. "Are you making explosives?" she asked, sidling as close to Sarah as she dared.

"Soup," Sarah repeated, her tone verging on the exasperated. "Nice day at school?" she asked sarcastically.

John scowled at her tone, but Cameron appeared unconcerned. "I'm a saucy little minx," she told them, before once again peering at the contents of the pot. "With a tight young body made for sin."

Sarah's book nearly landed in the soup as she turned to regard the girl. "What?" She looked at John. "What have you been teaching her?"

"It wasn't me!" He might have harboured the odd illicit thought about his protector, but he wasn't cheesy enough to come up with those lines.

"It wasn't John," Cameron agreed. "Is food meant to be that colour?"

"Forget the food!" Sarah switched off the gas and grabbed hold of Cameron's arm. "Who said that to you?" She could just about deal with having a killer machine sashaying around the house in her underwear, but she didn't think she could stomach some love-struck teenager mooning over her 'stepdaughter' and getting underfoot. "Was it one of your friends from school?"

Cameron was about to ask for a definition of 'friend', but the pressure Sarah was applying to her arm made her believe the answer to the first part of the question had been the more pressing one. "Mr. Johanssen." She cocked her head to one side, her voice lowering as it transformed into the unknown, and leered at Sarah, "You're a saucy little minx, aren't you?" The strange voice would have been comical if it weren't so decidedly creepy. "With a tight, young body made for sin." Cameron's hand came up to cup Sarah's breast as she finished the sentence, her fingers squeezing gently on the suddenly aroused nipple. "Why would he mistake me for a non-existent breed of feline?" she asked in her own voice, her hand unaccountably remaining where it had been placed.

John turned away to hide his anger and banish the image of his mother being felt-up by their mechanical protector. "You should report him," he growled.

"Did he do or say anything else?" Sarah asked, her own anger mixing with another emotion she didn't quite want to identify. "Anything at all?"

Cameron's hand slipped from its resting place to land snugly between Sarah's thighs as she took a step closer to the older woman. "I want to fuck you," Cameron said, the voice her own, although both Connors presumed the sentiment was not. "Should I call for pizza?"

The non sequitur caused John's head to whip around, a move he heartily regretted when he saw exactly where Cameron's hand had disappeared. "I need to go..." He would join them later to discuss the Johanssen situation, but for the moment, he needed to be anywhere but there; really, it was far too disturbing for his fragile mental health to handle. "I'll pick up dinner on the way back."

Sarah and Cameron both turned to watch him leave. "I believe we are alone in the house," the terminator whispered.

"What?" Sarah didn't know what to do first; kill the teacher, go after John, or remove Cameron's hand from where it was continuing to apply much welcome pressure. "Did he hurt you?" John would be fine, and she really didn't mind the hand, so Sarah thought it best to stick to the teacher end of the decision spectrum. "Try anything else?"

"No." Cameron raised her hand to gently pull at the zipper of Sarah's jeans. "He went to see the nurse," she explained, her hand disappearing inside the denim. "His hand is broken in three places."

Sarah's eyes flickered towards the door. "Cameron," she hissed, her tone less forceful than she'd intended due to the sudden feel of talented fingers slipping beneath the confines of her lace panties. "John is..."

"Not in the house." Getting him to leave had been a lot easier than Cameron had thought; she would have to adapt this particular scenario for future use. "We are alone."

Sarah wanted to disagree. She wanted to point out that John could return at any minute and that Derek was prone to turning up when he was least expected. She wanted to, but she couldn't, because all she could really think about at that moment was the feel of Cameron's fingers against her skin and how it had been far too long since they'd last had a chance to explore this new and surprisingly sensual aspect of their lives. She bit down hard on her lip and banished any other protest that might have been forming.

A smile broke out on Cameron's face, and as she bent to continue her task, she made a mental note to thank Mr. Johanssen for his assistance, before Sarah put him in the hospital on a much more permanent basis.

The End

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