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If Only We Were Characters in a Fairy Tale
By shyath


"You're staring," Sarah tells Cameron – her voice ragged and breathy, her lips swollen and suspiciously tinted with the exact shade of Cameron's lip gloss.

Cameron refocuses her attention on Sarah with a little effort. It has become a routine of hers recently: to stare at Sarah and to commit every nuance of her person to memory. Cameron does not want to dwell too much on why she feels an almost desperate need to do so. Though she suspects the approaching confrontation with Skynet is probably it. "I am?"

"Yes, and you've stopped," Sarah replies with a smile. She strokes Cameron's cheek with a tenderness Cameron has noticed Sarah only dares to show in private. Cameron closes her eyes and leans into the touch. "What's wrong?"

Cameron frowns as she tries to come up with an appropriate response. "I do not know," she replies unsurely.

"You don't?" Sarah sounds amused and her body shakes in Cameron's arms as the older woman tries unsuccessfully to suppress her laughter.

"Did I say something funny?"

"No, it's just -" Sarah takes a deep breath and lays her head down on Cameron's shoulder, her hands cold – if Cameron could actually feel the chill – as they rest solidly on Cameron's lower back underneath her sweater. "It seems unusual for you not to know the answer to something."

"Is it weird?" The colloquial terms sounds strange coming from her lips, vibrates warmly against Sarah's hair and Cameron holds Sarah closer to her. If only it were possible to never let go.

"No, just - it makes you normal, I guess," Sarah replies, her tone slightly indulgent, a lot affectionate.

"I wish we could be normal," Cameron murmurs wistfully.

"There is no normalcy in the kind of life we lead, Cameron," Sarah reminds her gently.

"Then at least I wish I could love you in normal circumstances," Cameron persists.

"I'm happy enough that you love me." Sarah pauses, her lips a few hairs' breadth away from Cameron's so that her next words literally bounce off Cameron's strawberry-flavoured lips, "Why should it matter whether the circumstances are normal or not?" She flushes a little and continues, "And I think my feelings would be the same given different circumstances."

Cameron whispers, "I do love you, Sarah." Here is another moment to commit to memory.

"I know," Sarah replies, pressing her lips against Cameron's. "I love you too."

The End

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