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Four Times Sarah Had an Orgasm and One Time Cameron Did
By zennie


In which Cameron reads Cosmo

Cameron pushed Sarah against the wall, the rough wood scratching Sarah's back. The snap of Sarah's jeans being undone was loud in the hush of the forest, then Cameron was working the wet denim down Sarah's thighs. The underwear she simply ripped away, and Sarah wondered idly what the terminator had against undergarments. But then Cameron kissed her way down Sarah's collarbone and all thought went away when Cameron sucked a nipple into her mouth.

After what seemed like an eternity, Cameron began a slow descent down Sarah's stomach and Sarah arched her back and braced against the wall in anticipation. But the relief she desired did not come, so she glanced down at the kneeling terminator, who was staring at Sarah's belly button with a puzzled expression.

"What?" Sarah groaned in her frustration.

"A woman had a protruding belly button in one of the movies I watched," Cameron explained, a frown pulling at the corner of her mouth.

"That's called an outie; most people have innies."

Cameron laid her palms flat against Sarah's stomach to press on the skin on either side, disappointed when that didn't turn her belly button inside out. "What causes it?" she asked.

"I don't know," Sarah's response came out as a growl, "and at this moment, I really don't care. Can you just get on with it?"

"Women in their thirties are supposed to be less sexually frustrated than women in their twenties," Cameron remarked conversationally as she slid her palms over Sarah's hips and down the trembling muscles of Sarah's thighs. She experimentally stroked her fingers over the skin of Sarah's inner thighs and seemed pleased by Sarah's gasp.

"Yeah?" Sarah snapped. "Where'd you hear that?" She resisted the urge to point out that whatever study Cameron was referring to probably didn't take into account households that had an underage-looking terminators flouncing around in their underwear all the time.

"I read it in Cosmo."

"Yeah? Did Cosmo also tell you if I'm a winter or a summer?" Sarah gritted out between clenched teeth as Cameron's breath blew across and warmed the wetness of her thighs.

Cameron paused and stared meaningfully at the sight in front of her before looking up to meet Sarah's eyes with a slight grin. "You're an autumn," she replied pertly.

Of all the times for Cameron to develop a sense of humor, this was most definitely the worst time possible, Sarah thought as she stifled a groan. Deciding to take matters into her own hands at last, Sarah grabbed a handful of Cameron's hair and pushed her mouth to the place Sarah needed it most. That was at least one way to keep Cameron from asking any more of her incessant questions.

In which Sarah has a moment of weakness

Sarah wasn't sure when the tears started; maybe when Cameron reverently stroked her breasts with an expression of awe and wonder, maybe when she pressed a kiss on Sarah's hip, the softest, gentlest touch Sarah had ever felt on her body, maybe when the first tremors of orgasm began deep in her stomach.

But by the time Cameron slid up Sarah's body, steadying and cradling Sarah when her legs threatened to give out, the tears were streaming down Sarah's cheeks. Wrapping her arms around the lithe body of the terminator in a sudden, fierce hug, Sarah snuggled into the crook of Cameron's neck, her tears wetting Cameron's skin.

Cameron returned the hug with equal fierceness, one hand tangled in Sarah's hair, the other stroking the small of Sarah's back. "Are you okay? Did I hurt you?"

"No, no, I just…" Sarah muttered and shook her head. She wished she could explain. She wished she even knew why she was crying. "No, you didn't hurt me."

"Can I help?"

Sarah sighed, the exhalation of breath and the warmth of Cameron's body slowly easing her. "Hold me, just for a few minutes," she answered honestly, voicing a need she rarely admitted to having. "Can you do that?"

Cameron tightened her hold, turned her head, and brushed her lips over Sarah's temple, breathing "I can do that" against Sarah's skin.

In which Cameron reveals herself to truly be a machine

It was over quickly. Sarah spent the entire time directing the enthusiastic but graceless ministrations of the terminator: "easy… softer… there… no… yes… good… faster…" Sarah's orgasm was perfunctory as well, mechanical even: an automatic, instinctual response to the sensation of an overeager tongue on her clit. But Cameron looked up from where she was kneeling at Sarah's feet with a shy smile and pleased expression, like a puppy who has just learned a new trick. Sarah reached down and ruffled Cameron's hair playfully, returning Cameron's smile with a small one of her own. They stayed like that for a moment, then Sarah turned and reached for her clothes.

In which Cameron renders the entire inventory of Babes in Toyland unnecessary

A sharp gasp punctuated the low moans that had been escaping Sarah's mouth from the moment the terminator had slid her fingers home, deep inside Sarah. Sarah reached out, blindly, to brace herself. One hand found the wall, the rough wood splintering under her fingers as she scrambled for a hold; the other gripped Cameron's shoulder, digging her nails in painfully, if the terminator felt such things.

"What… are you… doing?" Sarah managed as another wave crested through her body.

Cameron regarded her curiously, enjoying the pleasure playing out on Sarah's features. "I am sending low-level electrical charges through my fingers, which causes the metal to vibrate." Another gasp was torn from Sarah as Cameron's fingers curled inside her.

"I can even modulate the charges to send concentrated bursts." Cameron demonstrated and the pleasurable vibration turned to a pulse, thudding through Sarah's body like a jackhammer.

"Oh god…" Sarah said as she writhed desperately under the assault, her head rocking back, then forward as she searched for a center of stability to hold on to as she rode out the waves. Finally she wrapped herself, bodily, around Cameron and clung to her sturdy frame, never happier for the solidity of the terminator's construction than in that moment.

Cameron's alarmed voice reached her through the haze. "Are you all right? Should I stop?"

"No!" Sarah nearly screamed the word as another pulse pounded through her. "Don't you dare."

In which Cameron discovers pleasure

Cameron tried out the many things she had seen, using Sarah's body as her canvas, through most of the night. As the sun was breaking over the horizon and Cameron was gliding up her body, Sarah had a sudden thought.

"Cameron? Do you…?" Cameron glanced up Sarah's body, her hazel eyes catching the light and sparkling. "Should I, I mean, do you want me to… touch you?"

Cameron's hands on her body stilled and she stared at Sarah with pure wonder for a brief moment before she schooled her expression into a blank look. When she didn't reply, Sarah ran her fingers through silky softness of Cameron's hair and then down to her chin. "Would you like that?" Sarah asked.

"You don't have to."

Guiding Cameron's chin, Sarah drew the terminator to her feet. "That's not what I'm asking. I, I can reciprocate, if you want."

"You don't have to," Cameron repeated stubbornly, and Sarah found herself feeling sorry for, of all things, a terminator. Admittedly, a terminator who had just spent the past six hours fucking her in every way imaginable, but a terminator nonetheless.

They hadn't kissed, not really; at first, Sarah had stopped Cameron from trying, and later, when Sarah might have welcomed it, Cameron had stopped trying.

So Sarah tilted Cameron's head back, her fingers caressing Cameron's cheek, and leaned into the terminator's body. Sarah watched Cameron's eyes widen as she brushed her lips over Cameron's fuller, softer lips and then deepened the kiss, her tongue teasing its way into Cameron's mouth.

It was several seconds before those hazel eyes blinked open after Sarah ended the kiss, and the slightly stunned gaze the terminator turned to her was a decided boost to Sarah's ego. "What if I want to? Will you let me?" Sarah asked quietly in the hush of the dawn. Cameron nodded mutely, her eyes fixed on Sarah's lips.

Suddenly the expression on Cameron's face turned to one of sadness, and before Sarah could ask, she explained. "I may not be able."

It was almost heartbreaking, the lost look in those hazel eyes, and Sarah pulled her in for a hug. "Do you want to find out?" she whispered against Cameron's neck before pressing a kiss to the soft skin. She felt Cameron's head nod where it was snuggled against her shoulder.

Sarah leaned back so she could watch Cameron's face as her hands traced the contours of Cameron's back, from her shoulder blades to her waist, her fingers dancing up Cameron's spine. Cameron seemed to be trying to analyze the motion. "How does that feel?"

"Nice," Cameron replied, and then frowned at the inadequacy of her description. "Like…"

Sarah's lips on hers stopped her from continuing. "Close your eyes," Sarah commanded softly, "and just react to me." While her fingers traced patterns on Cameron's back, Sarah kissed her way down Cameron's jaw to her neck. After a second's pause, Cameron leaned her head to the side, giving Sarah better access. Sarah's tongue and teeth teased the skin and Cameron's hands came up to tentatively rest at Sarah's waist.

Sarah's fingers brushed up Cameron's sides to skim the underside of her breasts, eliciting the first spontaneous reaction from the terminator as her eyes opened suddenly, blinking twice in rapid succession. "Feel good?" Sarah teased.

"Yes." The surprise in Cameron's voice made Sarah smile, and she began to slowly trail her tongue down as her hands cupped Cameron's breasts.

Cameron arched into Sarah, offering herself to Sarah's mouth. Curious, Sarah asked, "Did you do that in reaction or because you saw it in one of your movies?"

"I saw it. But it brings your mouth closer…" Cameron's words trailed off as Sarah blew softly on Cameron's nipple, watching as it hardened in response.

"Do you want my mouth there?"

"I… need your mouth there," Cameron said in an astonished whisper. Needing no further encouragement, Sarah lowered her head, capturing one nipple in her mouth while rolling her palm roughly over the other. This time, the increasing arch in Cameron's back and the hand that slid under Sarah's hair to hold her there was pure reaction, as was the slight trembling along the muscles of Cameron's stomach.

Sarah pulled back and saw the stunned look in the hazel of Cameron's eyes. "How…?" Cameron asked.

"I think you are able," Sarah quipped wryly, her thumbs brushing over Cameron's hips. The shiver that wracked Cameron's frame surprised them both, and an edge of panic showed in Cameron's eyes.

"What…" The terminator swallowed, licked her lips, and tried again. "What should I be feeling?"

Sarah circled her thumbs over Cameron's hips again, feeling the trembling increase. "What did you feel when you were, um…" Sarah stumbled over the words but Cameron helpfully finished the sentence.

"Fucking you?"

"Yes," Sarah answered, feeling a blush creep her up cheeks.

"I liked it when you moaned."

"How did it make you feel when I moaned?"

"I…" Cameron tilted her head, recalling the many times Sarah had moaned over the last few hours. "Warm."

"Warm is good." Sarah nodded, her hand splayed on Cameron's upper thighs, her thumbs now doing lazy circles and inching closer and closer to Cameron's center. "What about wet?"

"Yes. Like you were when I…"

"I still am." Cameron gave her a puzzled look. "Watching you gives me pleasure."

"I liked watching you too," Cameron told her shyly. "Is that what I'm supposed to be feeling?"

"I think so." Sarah slid her hand through Cameron's wetness, pausing when she saw the muscles along Cameron's jaw twitch. A second later, Cameron's eyes drifted shut and she pressed down on Sarah's hand. Sarah took the proffered invitation and curled her fingers inside. A spasm racked the terminator's body, giving Sarah a moment of panic. "Are you okay?"

"Yes." Cameron spoke so softly that Sarah barely heard her, but there was no mistaking the hesitant movement of Cameron's hips. Sarah moved within Cameron slowly, letting the terminator become used to the feeling.

"How does that feel?"

Cameron blinked, once, then twice, like she was having trouble processing the question. "Like… like…" There was a pause as she struggled to explain. "Like I'll explode if you continue and die if you don't."

Sarah chuckled at the surprisingly apt description. "Yeah, that sounds about right." The heat around her fingers seemed to be increasing and the terminator's frame was beginning to shake. "Do you want me to continue?"

"I won't explode?"

Sarah laughed and pressed a soft kiss against the terminator's lips. "You won't explode."

"Then please." Sarah smiled into the kiss, increasing the tempo of her fingers to build Cameron to a crescendo. And when Cameron was so close her entire body was vibrating with barely restrained tension, Sarah slid down and sucked Cameron into her mouth, releasing the the energy built up in that frame in a sudden burst.

Later, Cameron would accuse Sarah of lying, but with a smile as she requested Sarah explode her again.

The End

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