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Time Loop: Loop 22
By wkgreen


Sarah moans into Cameron's mouth as she is pushing Cameron backwards to her room, "MMm… I can't believe I am doing this."

Sarah's desperate mouth descends on Cameron's for a deep passionate kiss, her tongue pushing into past the soft, sweet lips. Sure she finds Cameron attractive, but she is a terminator. Terminators are the hands of Skynet, the things responsible for the death of billions of humans in the future. Terminators have been trying to kill John and her since before John was born, part of her feels like she is betraying humanity by giving into her desire, her need.

Cameron does not speak as she accepts Sarah's kisses, she reaches back to push open the door just as she gets in reach of it. Returning Sarah's insistent demanding kisses, she makes sure nothing delays them getting to the bed.

"I should hate you, mmm, you are a terminator, you kill humans," Sarah moans between kisses as she kicks the door shut behind her. She runs her hands up and down Cameron's back as she feels hands run up and down her back, grabbing her tight ass and picking her up. She immediately wraps her legs around Cameron's waist as she deepens their kiss.

Cameron easily holds Sarah's weight as she squeezes her tight ass with one hand, sliding her other hand under Sarah's tank top to touch her hot, smooth back.

Five minutes ago Sarah was yelling at Cameron for endangering herself again, protecting her. In the middle of her rant, Sarah realized something, she was mad because she was afraid for Cameron's safety.

Sarah gasps into Cameron's mouth, her body flashing with heat, wanting to feel Cameron's skin against hers. She grabs the bottom of her tank top and leans backwards as she yanks her tank top over her head, taking her sports bra off at the same time and dropping the clothes to the floor. She leans back forward to claim the soft lips in another bruising kiss as she finds the bottom of Cameron's tank top.

Sarah had stopped mid-rant at the realization, looking into Cameron's eyes for the first time, seeing her tilt her head patiently, waiting for the ranting to continue. But Sarah is lost in her memories of how she is constantly putting herself in danger to protect Cameron. How Cameron keeps throwing herself between danger and Sarah. Remembering all the small things Cameron does for her. How she is always answering questions, explaining things instead of telling Cameron to look it up. How concerned Cameron is with her health. How she always makes sure to pull bullets out of Cameron as gently as possible and make sure the bandages are sealed tight. She realizes a truth that she has been hiding from, that Cameron loves her or whatever you call what a machine feels and just as importantly, she needs and loves Cameron.

Cameron spins around and leans forward to lay Sarah on the bed. Sarah is kicking her shoes off as she falls back on the bed, pulling on Cameron's tank top. Cameron releases her grip on Sarah as her tank top passes over her shoulders and down her arms. She straightens up, reaching up to unclasp her bright pink lace bra.

Sarah grabs the lapels of Cameron's shirt, her fist clenching as she remembers how close she was to losing her, the image of Cameron tottering on the edge of a furnace, almost falling into the molten steel below. She remembers the fear that clenched her heart at seeing Cameron tottering, and then she remembers turning the fear to rage, snapping her into motion to grab the back of Cameron's jacket and pulling the lean girl back away from the edge.

Sarah bites her lips hotly as she watches Cameron tossing aside the sexy pink bra, revealing perfect breasts. She rubs her jean clad legs against Cameron's.

"I need to feel you against me Cameron," Sarah hisses as she unbuttons her jeans. Cameron reaches down and hooks her fingers in the waistband of the jeans and panties, yanking on them, pulling them off. Sarah gasps as her clothing is tossed aside, leaving her exposed to the aroused doe-like eyes, as she scoots towards the middle of the bed.

Sarah hisses, "I almost lost you Cameron. You could have been destroyed. I can't lose you. I can't survive without you." Sarah reflects on her many arguments with herself, about not getting close to anyone. That people are always dieing around her. But not Cameron, Cameron keeps going, keeps up with her. Whenever Sarah looks over her shoulder, Cameron is there, patiently waiting for her to lead the way.

"I am here Sarah, I will always be by your side," Cameron states softly as she crawls across the bed, up the lean, sexy body and leans forward to kiss Sarah's bruised lips softly, one of her hands softly sliding up and down a smooth leg, all the way up to Sarah's center and back down to her knees.

Sarah thinks of all the arguments she had with herself, whether Cameron was just a machine or was more then a machine, remembering the small facial expressions, remembering Cameron's cute little pout when she doesn't get her way. She remembers the way Cameron can emotionlessly kill someone that threatens their mission. She still doesn't know whether Cameron is just a machine or more then a machine, she just doesn't care anymore. She nearly lost her. She pulls Cameron forward and kisses her desperately.

Sarah moans as she feels Cameron's hands running up and down her inner thighs, stroking her center, sending lightning bolts into her brain, 1… 2… 3… she tenses up in anticipation of the soft touch, 4… 5… 6… Sarah wants Cameron's fingers inside of her as she bites Cameron's lower lip and moans, unable to verbally communicate her need, 7… 8… tenses, knowing Cameron is about to touch her center again…

"Stop! You are running a program!" Sarah suddenly hisses as she pushes on Cameron's shoulders hard, pushing her away angrily.

Cameron tilts her head as she looks down at her incensed lover, "Yes, it is based on the Joy of Lesbian Sex." The sexy cybernetic organism slowly runs a hand up and down Sarah's arm soothingly, "Is it not bringing you pleasure?"

"That isn't the point," Sarah sighs exasperatedly, "you weren't paying attention to me. You were following the program."

"The purpose is to bring you to orgasm and give you pleasure?" Cameron says in a manner that is a question and a statement.

Sarah shakes her head, "No. The purpose is to be with me, to share yourself with me, to connect with me and in the process to blow my mind away."

Cameron tilts her head, like she doesn't understand, "To blow your mind away?"

Sarah rolls her eyes, "To give me an orgasm."

Cameron stares at Sarah intently, "And I was working on doing that."

Sarah sighs exasperatedly and pushes Cameron to roll to her back, "Let me show you." She pauses in thought, remembering how stoically Cameron takes getting shot and having the bullets pulled out of her, "You can feel right?"

Cameron lets herself be rolled onto her back, "Of course, I have to be able to react correctly with the environment. My nervous system is spread evenly throughout my body." Smiling sexily, she spreads her dancer's body out for Sarah's eyes.

Sarah nods as she leans on her side; head propped on one hand as she looks into the soft doe eyes, lightly running her fingernails over the tight, smooth belly, smiling as Cameron's eyes follow her motion, "Evenly? How evenly," Sarah draws her eyebrows together thoughtfully.

Cameron takes Sarah's hand in hers and brings it up to her mouth, sucking on each of the fingers, one at a time, "Completely, there are no concentrations of nerve bundles like the human body has. Skynet didn't make us to enjoy sex, but be able to respond to it correctly, high concentrations of nerves are not necessary for that."

Sarah shivers as she feels Cameron's wet mouth licking and sucking on her fingers, the strong tongue twirling around her fingers, "And how sensitive is your nervous system?"

"I can feel pressures between…" Cameron stops in mid-sentence as her lover's eyebrows gather in a coming frown, realizing that Sarah doesn't want specs and she quickly searches for an adequate description, "I can feel a light breeze sliding over my skin, and measure its exact temperature and humidity."

Sarah bites her lip in concern as she looks at Cameron, freeing her hand; she runs her fingers along a smooth arm, feeling the underlining structure, one that is different than a humans, "Does getting shot hurt?"

Cameron nods, "But not in the way you feel. I can turn off the flow of information that says I have received damage." At Sarah's frown, "I can choose to not feel the pain," she restates.

Sarah looks slightly mollified, "We will discuss that later. But for now, turn your nervous system all the way up and pay attention to everything I do, Girlie." Sarah smiles hotly as she plans out what she is going to do, "And no programs!"

Cameron moues, "How am I supposed to know how to respond?" Her arm twitches slightly from the constant, feather light touch of fingernails sliding over her skin.

Sarah smirks as she notices the slight twitch, "If I do things right, it will just happen." She leans forward and softly blows across Cameron's ear, "Mmm... pay attention to every touch, every action." She whispers into the sexy ear, lightly chewing on a soft earlobe as she slides a finger softly around an aroused nipple while sliding a bare leg against Cameron's jean clad leg.

"And we need to get rid of these jeans." Sarah stops Cameron from reaching for her jeans, "No, you just lay there, let me." She purrs into Cameron's ear.

Cameron follows Sarah with her eyes as she feels wet lips kiss and nibble their way down her belly. Sarah randomly places kisses here and there on soft, smooth skin, blowing cool, soft air over skin, fingernails teasingly sliding along her torso as Sarah rolls to kneel over her, legs on either side of hers.

Sarah smiles seductively as she locks her lust darkened eyes with Cameron's, swirling her tongue around a smooth belly, dipping her tongue into Cameron's belly button, as her fingers slide along the edges of the jean's waist band, then pops the button open. She kisses and blows cool air over Cameron's skin as she slowly pulls down the zipper. She slides her fingers under the waist band of the jeans and as she slowly crawls backward, pulling the jeans downward, kissing her way around Cameron's hips and down her lover's long legs.

Cameron keeps her eyes on Sarah, as she lifts her hips, focusing on how Sarah is touching, kissing, blowing cool air over her skin, feeling goose bumps spread outwards from each touch.

Sarah quirks an eyebrow as she gets down to Cameron's combat boots, "It is really hard to sexily take off combat boots," she stops trying to be sexy as she works at the combat boots.

Cameron releases a giggle as Sarah drops her sexy pose and quickly, efficiently takes the combat boots off, tossing them aside. Sarah's hands return to the jeans as she slides them over Cameron's feet with a flourish, tossing them away to join the boots.

Cameron caresses Sarah's back as Sarah kisses and caresses her legs, admiring the naked, flushed back, fingers tracing a scar from an old wound, "You are very beautiful, Sarah."

Sarah ducks her head and blushes, feeling the sincerity of Cameron's words, but not able to believe them, her body scarred from the many battles she has been in. She deflects the compliment as she slides her fingers along Cameron's legs lightly, "I am going to explore your body Cameron, tell me how pleasant my touches feel. On a scale of one to ten, one the lowest, ten the highest."

Cameron frowns in confusion, "How pleasant?"

Sarah arches an eyebrow at Cameron, "Yes, how much you would like it to happen again."

Cameron smirks, "10." Sarah rolls her eyes at the obviously smart-aleck response as she swats the firm thigh under her hand and mock glares at Cameron. Cameron pouts, "What? I have wanted you to touch me ever since I came back."

Sarah quirks an eyebrow at Cameron's odd phrasing and chuckles, "I can go take a cold shower," she playfully threatens as her fingers lightly slide up and down the long, smooth legs under her hand.

Cameron pouts as she caresses Sarah's skin where she can reach without moving, "The slap is a 4, and the caress is a 6."

Sarah smiles at Cameron as she dips down to kiss a knee, "6" her fingers slide over hollow hips feathery, as she licks along Cameron's inner thigh, "6" her fingers slide over firm breasts, cupping and squeezing, "7" she kisses around a lightly haired, damp mound, "7" her soft lips slide up a flat belly as she locks eyes with Cameron, pinching a hard nipple while sliding her hard nipples against Cameron's thighs as she slides a finger along the bottom of round, smooth breasts, "7."

Cameron's eyes flutter as she tracks all the places Sarah is touching her at once, the different sensations, feeling Sarah nibbling her bicep as a finger slides along her slit, realizing that her mound is wet and she hadn't consciously ordered her juices to flow. Feeling Sarah lightly blow across her nipple as fingers slide along her torso, Sarah's hard nipples pressing into her belly as Sarah sucks hard on the flesh between her breasts, constantly giving Sarah feedback with numbers, but not able to keep up, always a step behind as Sarah keeps switching, changing what she is doing.

Sarah licks Cameron's upper breast and then softly blows across it, "8," as she lightly strums fingers of one hand along a smooth torso as she thrusts 2 fingers into a moist slit, "8" as her nipples rub in a circular manner against Cameron's breasts as Sarah nibbles along Cameron's neck, "9" kissing Cameron's lips hotly, their tongues dueling as she slides her entire body against Cameron's. She constantly looks into Cameron's eyes as she explores the lean body under her.

Cameron loves when Sarah does this to her, trying to keep track of all the sensations, one starting before others have stopped, feeling as if her entire body is covered in a web of sensation. Her entire body tingles as Sarah's mouth nibbles on her earlobe, Sarah's wet mound rubs against her thigh, feeling firm breasts slide over hers as Sarah kisses down her neck as Sarah's hands tease down her arms. Her entire body starting to twitch uncontrollably as she keeps trying to catalog all the sensations flowing along her nervous system, how the sensations combine and flow together, intensifying each other as her software has a harder and harder time keeping up. She babbles numbers out to Sarah, not really even sure what number goes with what sensation anymore. Sensations piling up, combining energizing her entire nervous system, bringing her entire body alive with sensation, trying to keep her eyes locked with Sarah's as Sarah constantly moves over her.

Sarah moans hotly, letting the vibration flow into Cameron's belly as she scratches Cameron's scalp with one hand, pinches a firm ass with her other hand, slides a leg between Cameron's legs, as she kisses up Cameron's belly. She feels Cameron's body twitching against hers more and more as she keeps her eyes locked with Cameron's. She nibbles along the edge of a soft breast as her hand slides from a hip to tickle a twitching belly. Watching Cameron's head twitch left, her eyes roll up into her head as Sarah bites down on an aroused nipple. She thrusts 3 fingers into Cameron's wetness causing her head to twitch to the right. She presses her entire body against Cameron as she kisses her hotly, her hands linking with Cameron's, trusting Cameron to not hurt her as Cameron's entire body surges up, arching high, and then collapses, going completely still.

Sarah's eyes widen in surprise and then she smirks as she relaxes, settling down beside Cameron, waiting for her Tin Miss to reboot, pretty sure that is what is going on. As she waits, she studies Cameron, lazily sliding the fingers of one hand over Cameron's torso. She bites her lip as she wonders how she is going to tell John, actually she wonders IF she is going to tell John. Charley will be outraged, but he can leap off a cliff for all she cares. And if they succeed in destroying Skynet, does that mean Cameron disappears? Biting her lip pensively, Sarah pushes those questions aside as she feels Cameron coming back online.

Sarah smiles smugly as Cameron turns to make eye contact, "And that is making love to someone. I believe you just had your first orgasm."

Cameron blinks as she reviews her memory of what happened, smiles, "Orgasm, the little death. Thank you for demonstrating." Cameron gets a devilish smile as she suddenly rolls on top of Sarah. "I believe it is time for me to return the favor."

Much later Sarah wakes up to the smell of coffee, groaning, her entire body aching pleasantly, she lifts her head to see a tray of breakfast foods on the bedside table with Cameron sitting down patiently on the edge of the bed. Sarah smiles as the memory of what Cameron did floods her mind, she slowly sits up as she accepts the coffee Cameron hands her, "What time is it?" Sarah sips as she wonders how long she was out, feeling more rested than she can remember, and wondering at the darkness outside the windows.

Cameron gets a smug look in her face, "It is 8:00 pm. You have slept for four hours."

Sarah gets a startled look across her face, "What about John?"

Cameron stops Sarah from jumping up and possibly spilling her coffee and calmly reassures Sarah, "He is at a movie with Charley. I told them that you were resting for a midnight surveillance op and it would be better if they made themselves scarce for the day."

Sarah settles down and takes the piece of toast Cameron hands her, already lathered with butter and chews slowly as she closes her eyes and tries to remember when she passed out. "I distinctly remembering telling you to stop at one point," Sarah mock glares at Cameron.

Cameron smiles innocently, "But you hadn't orgasmed yet."

Sarah glares, "I came plenty," and thinks more than she had during the rest of her life, combined.

Cameron smiles and ducks her head to hide her smug, brown eyes, "But you didn't pass out until after 2 hours and I kept your body within its physical exertion limits the entire time." Cameron's voice holds a touch of smugness in it. Cameron holds out a bowl of fruit to help Sarah recover her energy.

"Girlie, a woman doesn't need to pass out to have had orgasms," Sarah admonishes Cameron as she snacks on the fruit.

Cameron smiles and nods, "I will keep that on file." Cameron's voice sounding very much like she isn't going to follow that bit of advice, "Are you ready to have more sex?" Cameron asks hopefully, eyes bright.

Sarah's eyes pop open at Cameron's question, her body still aching deliciously, although she can already feel it responding to the suggestion of going another round with Cameron, she finishes chewing a piece of fruit, which she almost choked on, "I have created a monster."

Cameron smiles hotly as she takes the coffee cup and sets it aside as she leans forward to kiss Sarah deeply.

The End

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