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AUTHOR'S NOTE: A quick bit of almost-fluff before the end of Mixed Emotions.
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Teach Me
By zennie


Sarah strode into the kitchen, swiping at the tendrils of sweaty hair stuck to her forehead. She ignored the terminator sitting at the kitchen table and grabbed a glass, filling it with water from the tap. She drained the glass and filled it again, parched after her third attempt in the last two days to work out her frustrations by attacking the heavy bag.

"Sarah?" Sarah dropped her head for a second, wishing that Cameron had gone with John and Derek to see the movie. With a sigh, she raised her head and turned, coming face-to-face with Cameron who had padded up behind her on silent feet. She tightened her grip on the glass that had almost slipped from her fingers and bit back a curse. For a cyborg made of heavy, dense alloys, Cameron was surprisingly light on her feet.

Embarrassed at being caught off guard, Sarah just glared at the terminator who was staring at her curiously, her head cocked to the side like a cat. A raised eyebrow prompted Cameron's question. "What does an orgasm feel like?"

Sarah was glad she wasn't drinking or she would have spit a mouthful of water onto the terminator. "Wha… what?" she stuttered out.

"In my human sexuality class…"

"You signed up for human sexuality?" Sarah asked, incredulous. How had she not known that? "And the teacher was talking about orgasms?"

"Yes. And no. Two girls in the back of the class were saying he forgot to mention the best part."

"Um…" Sarah looked around the kitchen, desperately, hoping for a Skynet attack or a swarm of terminators, anything really, to rescue her from this conversation.

"The descriptions on the Internet are mostly medical, except for the pornography," Cameron supplied, "but I'm having trouble translating them into feelings."

"And you want me to…?"

"Yes." Cameron reached out and grabbed Sarah's hand; with a tug, she pulled Sarah closer and placed Sarah's hand between her legs, the move catching Sarah by surprise. "I want…" Cameron struggled with the words, "Teach me." Sarah instinctively tried to pull her hand back but Cameron had it in a vice-like grip.

"Cameron! Let…" Sarah stopped struggling, letting out a strangled sigh. "If you've been paying attention in your human sexuality class, then you would know that orgasms usually happen between a girl and a boy, not two women." Sarah paused, realizing how the literal terminator might take her words. "Not that you should be asking any boys to, um, teach you."

"According to my textbook, woman experience orgasms more regularly with a female partner than a male partner."

Sarah could feel an increasing wetness through the thin fabric of Cameron's boy shorts and she swallowed past a sudden lump in her throat. "Cameron, this, I…"

Cameron shifted her hips, pressing down against Sarah's trapped hand. "Please?" Flushed and flustered by the rising heat in her body, Sarah tried one last time to extract her hand, inadvertently brushing against Cameron. The gasp that met her movement was Sarah's undoing; it was a sound of pure frustration and so utterly human. Experimentally, Sarah curled her fingers, watching the way Cameron caught her breath in response.

If they were going to do this, Sarah decided, "This isn't how it's done."

Cameron's face shifted into a look of confusion. "When you are alone in your room…" Sarah's eyebrows tilted up sharply. "The walls are thin," Cameron explained.

Sarah brushed Cameron's hair back behind her ear and curled her hand around her neck. Pulling the terminator closer to press a light kiss to her lips, Sarah whispered, "It's different when you are with a partner."

Cameron opened her mouth accommodatingly as Sarah deepened the kiss, finally releasing Sarah's wrist to wrap an arm around the older woman's waist and mold their bodies together. Sarah lost track of time until she rubbed her thumbs against Cameron's hipbones and felt Cameron rock back, falling against the counter. "I can't keep my balance," she said, glancing at her feet, puzzled.

Sarah tugged on Cameron's hips, pulling the terminator with her, "Come on. Bedroom. I want you out of these clothes."

"I thought it was better." At Sarah's puzzled frown, she explained, "When I wear clothes."

"I lied."

The End

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