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Listening to Your Body
By ralst


Skin temperature 33 degrees. Internal body temperature 37 degrees. Heart rate 64 beats per minute.

Cameron eased her way through the door and crossed the room toward the window, swaying her hips as she passed Sarah, relaxing on the sofa. She stretched, bending her body with catlike grace, and exposing golden curves to the gentle caress of the morning sunlight.

Skin temperature 33.3 degrees. Internal body temperature 37.1 degrees. Heart rate 72 beats per minute.

Hands reaching towards the sky, Cameron arched her neck, her eyes closing in an imitation of bliss. Sarah grunted and picked up a magazine from where John had left it crumpled on the arm of the chair. Cameron kicked her shoes to one side and stretched her legs out before her in a manner guaranteed to show off her calves to their best effect.

Skin temperature 33.7 degrees. Internal body temperature 37.3 degrees. Heart rate 81 beats per minute.

The sound of tearing paper cut through the silence and Sarah tossed the remnants of the magazine behind her onto the floor. A smile tugged at Cameron's lips and, for the first time, she allowed herself to stare openly at the other woman. Sarah was studiously ignoring her.

Skin temperature 33.9 degrees. Internal body temperature 37.5 degrees. Heart rate 98 beats per minute.

The thin material of Cameron's skirt slithered to the floor and pooled at her feet. Sarah's eyebrow arched and against her will she found herself staring at the other woman. Cameron smiled. Her skimpy shirt the next to fall victim to gravity and find itself forgotten on the floor. Sarah's eyes closed, her knuckles turning white, as her chest rose and fell with increasing desperation.

Skin temperature 34.3 degrees. Internal body temperature 37.8 degrees. Heart rate 109 beats per minute.

Cameron stepped closer, her hands cradling Sarah's face, and caressing the overheated skin, as she urged Sarah to open her eyes. "Look at me," she demanded, her body moving in closer to the other woman's. "Look at me, Sarah."

Skin temperature 34.7 degrees. Internal body temperature 38.1 degrees. Heart rate 120 beats per minute.

Sarah's eyes opened. She wanted to turn away, but her body had already given in and succumbed to her desires. With trembling hands, she reached out and brought Cameron into her arms. The future writing itself anew.

The End

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