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Illusion And Dream
By Demeter


Cindy Thomas stared into the other woman's eyes, wondering about her pain, about those secrets she kept. Not that she really minded. Cindy carried a load of secrets on her own, for this now, for tonight, it just didn't matter. They hadn't said it aloud, but it had been clear between them from the moment they had come here to this hotel room. Don't ask, don't tell.

Lying down, she shivered at the feel of cool sheets against the skin of her back. Watching her would-be lover undress, she knew though that the sensation wouldn't last long.

Cindy's eyes trailed over the clothing piling on the chair, the gun on the table then back to the other woman, her breath catching in her throat, a blush heating her cheeks.

Moving with cat-like grace, just as Cindy had known she would, the dark-haired woman joined her on the bed. The instant she wrapped her into strong arms, sealing their lips in a take-no-prisoners kiss, Cindy's temperature leapt a few notches.

She was already trembling, aching for the touch of warm sure hands. She wasn't disappointed.

While her lips were still tingling with the kiss, her lover bent to taste the skin of her neck, sending her into full body shivers, and earning her a smile. "Sweet spot?"

Cindy loved how her voice had darkened with desire. "Something like... That." Her own words came out in a hushed gasp as fingers caressed her breasts, trailing over her nipples that perked under the touch.

With a shaking hand, she reached up to brush a strand of dark hair back from the woman's smiling face. Damn if she wasn't looking a little bit smug, but then again, she had reason to be smug.

Especially when she put her hand where Cindy desperately needed it, fingers gliding through warm wetness and finally sliding inside.

The sheer intensity made her exclamation seem like a sob, but it was pleasure overwhelming her, coursing through her body in unstoppable waves. This was what she had always sought, imagined, wanted. Something impossible.

It was happening now, the two of them falling into a rhythm too easily, the illusion perfect.


It was wrong, maybe but neither of them had fought it too hard, for similar reasons, probably, Cindy suspected. Then she stopped thinking altogether.

"I love you," she whispered, and it was at least partly the truth, she did, for this shred of reality she had given up on. Cindy felt herself tense and then she was held closely as she shuddered, too short of breath to get out anything but a wordless moan, but in her mind, she said her name,


Cindy had known the words wouldn't be said back to her. The sad smile she got in response was enough though. They might share the same pain, only that tonight, for a little while, it didn't hurt all that bad.

"Do you know... How it feels when you're part of something that's so big that just everything you want, or have planned, will just have to come second?"

The club. In order not to risk her membership in this exclusive group, she just had to keep her feelings in check, but it was hard at times.

"Yes," Sarah said. "I know."

It was all the conversation they had before Cindy fell asleep in her arms, feeling safer than she had in a long time.

The End

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