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AUTHOR'S NOTE: I think it's so cool that Cameron can dance and that somehow this gives us a glimpse into her "soul" (whatever that consists of) so I thought it fitting that there's a fic with dancing involved.
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Dance With Me
By Calliope


Derek stalked toward me like a man on a mission. He wasn't looking at me, but through me as he headed out the front door. That's when I heard it, the sound of soft music coming down the hall, a light lilting sound full of hope and love, a sound so unusual in this house that I was curious about its source. With a teenager in the house, the last sound I expected was classical music.

Peeking around the corner, I was surprised to see Cameron in her ballet attire moving with the music. I couldn't help but notice the gentle sway of her arms and the sensual curve of her back, spinning, tilting and bending to the beat of the heartbreaking melody of a violin. If machines had souls, I was seeing Cameron's right now and it mesmerized me. Looking past her, I caught a glimpse at her face, eyes half closed, lost in a world of movement and sound. Without realizing it, I had closed my own eyes letting the cadence of the string instruments speak to my own soul.

A hand to my face woke me from my reverie. Warm brown eyes looked not just at me but into me, and I felt something I never thought I'd feel with Cameron: a connection. As her hand took mine, slowly pulling me further into her room, I gave up the battle I had been fighting since I first met her. Yelling at her the other day about Charley had zapped me of what little willpower I had. It was all bluster and hot air, anger, fear and everything I had lost to the machines wrapped up in the vicious words I spewed at her. I couldn't bring myself to destroy her because in doing so I'd destroy a piece of me. My life has become so wrapped up in the world of the machines that I wouldn't know how to live without them if I tried, and I was finding it harder to live without the thought and presence of Cameron.

A gentle arm wrapped around my waist, while the other hand took mine, "They say that dance is the hidden language of your soul," she smiled then, "Dance with me, Sarah."


"Because my soul has something to say to yours."

Then she smiled, almost shyly, like a schoolboy caught looking. I felt her hips move into me, guiding me into a turn, while her hand on the small of my back pressed me closer to her, pulling me in as her hips and legs turned me. The music stopped and we stood still in the silent room, only our breathing making any sound, letting our souls tell our stories.

The End

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