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Time Loop: Loop 33
By wkgreen


Cameron stands still, practicing her causal lean against a wall, scanning over the dining hall, analyzing all the people and their states, memorizing the new people to their growing community. She is waiting for Sarah to finish debriefing with John. She had uploaded all the particulars of their mission to the computers already; she didn't understand why Sarah had to tell John personally. Of course it may just be Sarah's way of spending time alone with her son. John is often busy with running their growing community. Figuring out ways to avoid HK, Hunter-Killer, patrols, getting the information out to everyone, coordinating and setting up supply routes to make sure all the groups they have connected with are getting adequate supplies. Or Sarah and she are out on a mission, gone for weeks at a time looking for survivors.

Sarah and her having gotten back from finding another group of survivors will rest a couple of days, and then lead a negotiation team to the arranged meeting spot. The survivors will be given fresh food and medical supplies on the spot. Survivors usually jump at the chance of joining up with our community after that. While the negotiation team works out the particulars, Sarah and she would move on, searching further out for the next group of survivors.

Originally, Sarah and she was the only search team. It being a very dangerous job; you are constantly exposed to being captured and tortured for information, spending weeks out in the open dodging HK Aerial and HK Tank patrols. Which is why Sarah and her took on the job, they were the best trained for accomplishing the mission. That and it got Sarah out of the bunkers and relief from her constant struggle against her fear of being locked up. Now there are 6 search teams constantly going out to find more survivors and the only reason Sarah and her report directly to John, is because Sarah is his mother and Sarah is Sarah and refuses to report to anyone else.

"Hey Babe, why dontcha come into a dark corner with me and show me a good time," A male voice suddenly interrupts Cameron as a hand grabs her arm.

Cameron looks at the large man, recognizing him as part of a new group. He has displayed bullying tendencies and a sense that he is owed things. She glances down at his offending hand and then back up into his face, "No."

"Come on babe, don't be like that. I can show you a much better time then that chick you hang out with. Besides, aren't you, like programmed to obey humans."

Cameron tilts her head to the side as she calculates how she can remove his hand, painfully, without breaking Sarah's order to not hurt humans, when she registers Sarah striding towards them angrily. "You should remove your hand before you lose it," Cameron informs the man.

"Listen here, robot, you aren't going to AARRGGHHHHHHHHH!!!"

Sarah steps up, hooks the man's offending arm at the wrist with one hand and slams her other hand into his elbow, bending it in the wrong direction as a loud "CRACKKK!" echoes through the chamber and the man collapses to the floor holding his broken arm, screaming in pain.

"Keep your damn hands off of my wife!" Sarah hisses down at him as he howls in pain.

Cameron ducks her head shyly and looks up through her bangs at Sarah, "You called me wife."

Sarah's head snaps up in startlment as she realizes she did indeed say that, "Yes, I did," Sarah replies gruffly.

The rest of the room is watching the altercation with shock, no one wanting to step forward and interfere with Sarah. Everyone in here knows that Sarah is a hard woman and those who have known her for a long time, believe that Cameron is the only thing keeping Sarah on an even keel. And they don't feel much sympathy for the guy, he had been warned previously to not mess with Cameron, but apparently he decided to not listen.

"Can I kick him?" Cameron asks Sarah hopefully.

"No," Sarah rolls her eyes at Cameron as she turns to the crowd, "You two! Take him to the medic. His screams are annoying me." Sarah snaps out, pointing at two large men, who jump to follow her orders.

Cameron hides a mischievous smile, "I have read that you should kick a man while he is down."

Sarah turns her head to Cameron and smothers a fond glare, "Shouldn't."

Cameron tilts her head, "Shouldn't? It would be more efficient to kick your opponent while they are down and can not protect themselves effectively."

Sarah grabs Cameron's arm and starts pulling her out of the room, "If you kick someone while they are down, it means you are a bad person who is afraid to face someone in a fair fight."

Cameron smiles as she lets Sarah pull her along smiling while Sarah is looking away, "Thanks for explaining."

Sarah glances back at Cameron with a mock glare, "Sometimes I think you get these sayings wrong to annoy me."

Cameron does not deny Sarah's assertion as she lets Sarah drag her several more steps before asking in a soft curious tone of voice, "When are we getting married?"

Sarah stops dead in her tracks in the hallway as she ducks her head to hide a blush of pleasure, "Tomorrow." She tries to make her voice gruff, but anyone overhearing wouldn't be fooled.

Cameron smiles at Sarah as she intertwines her fingers with Sarah's, "Good, that means we can write our vows tonight." Cameron cocks her head to the side thoughtfully, "But that means we can not sleep together tonight. A bride should not see her groom the night before the wedding. And who is going to officiate the wedding, we do not know a priest."

Sarah pulls Cameron into a hug, "John will officiate, as leader of this band of reprobates, he has the authority. And as for sleeping together, we are way past where that matters," Sarah smirks as she lightly touches her lips to Cameron's in a soft kiss.

Cameron follows along behind Sarah as they continue towards their sleeping quarters, "You need to get me a ring too."

Sarah rolls her eyes, "You are such a girl."

"I am a cybernetic organism," Cameron starts and glares as Sarah finishes it with her. "That makes you the butch. You should have John throw you a Butch-lor party tonight."

Sarah stops and turns to face Cameron with a smile, "Is my Tin Miss making a joke. And no, I am not having a party and getting drunk. I have to write my vows. Unlike someone, I haven't been through this several times."

Cameron smirks as she leads Sarah into their room, "I love what ever you write for me."

The next day John and Sarah are standing next to each other, Sarah looking a little bleary eyed and tired. They are waiting for the room to settle down and for the dozen or so people to take their seats, "Whose idea was it to have a wedding ceremony; I could have just signed something." John asks his mother with a sigh, "I am putting off an important meeting."

Sarah rolls her eyes at John, "Cameron's, her girl mode is in full control." Sarah tightens her face to hide a smile, secretly pleased that Cameron is making such a big fuss about their wedding, although she will never admit it. "She even had a wedding dress and this monkey suit squirreled away," Sarah gestures down at the black tux that fits loosely around her frame, but makes her look very handsome and beautiful.

John lets loose a put upon sigh as he looks into his mother's happy eyes, although her face is as stern as ever, shrugging, he turns to the crowd, "Okay, everyone, lets get this started."

Everyone settles down and looks back at the entrance of the large dining hall as a flute sings out in a rough rendering of "Here Comes the Bride." Cameron enters the room, wearing a long flowing, white dress she has had hidden away for this exact reason. Cameron glides smoothly, moving like she is dancing, up to Sarah and they turn to face each other, reaching out and taking each others left hands.

John smiles as he looks and takes in the love Cameron and his Mother have for each other. Clearing his throat as he looks out over the crowd, "We haven't had much reason to celebrate recently, but we should. We survived the apocalypse, we survive in our war against Skynet. And in all our fighting, we must not forget what makes us human," adding with a nod to Cameron, "and sentient beings, the ability to love. We are here to celebrate Love through the wedding of Cameron Phillips and Sarah Connor."

John turns his attention to his mother and Cameron, "Sarah Connor do you take this cybernetic organism, Cameron Phillips to be your ….. wife?" John stumbles over whether Cameron should be called wife, husband or something else, but quickly decides to stick with wife.

Sarah focuses on Cameron, "I do."

"Cameron Phillips, do you take this human woman, Sarah Connor to be your wife?" John asks Cameron.

Cameron smiles shyly as she stares into Sarah's eyes through her bangs, "I Do."

"Fortunately for me, you two have written your own vows," there is a little chuckling from the gathered observers, John smiles as he continues, "you may now say your vows to each other."

Sarah stares intently into Cameron's eyes," I love you, Cameron. You are my center, my sanity. You are there when I need you. You offer me shelter when I need it, you support me in all my decisions. And most importantly, you have taught me to live again. I promise to love you, cherish you, be there when you need me. To protect you and help you understand. And if I have any say in the matter, all my other selves will love you as much as I do."

There is a bit of surprise in the crowd as Sarah mentions other selves, no one realizing Sarah believed in reincarnation.

Sarah turns Cameron's left palm down as she pulls out a tightly braided ring of hair, "This ring of my hair represents my love for you. And while this ring of hair may fade away, there will be a never ending supply of hair to replace it with." Sarah slides the ring of her hair on Cameron's left ring finger lovingly.

Cameron smiles as she looks up from watching Sarah slide the ring of hair on her finger, "Sarah Conner, I love you. You give me purpose. You have guided me and taught me. You stand up for me against others. You have taught me how to be alive. I promise to be there for you, to be your shelter against all the storms. To help you to smile and live. I will protect you from all harm and follow where you lead, Forever."

Cameron gently turns Sarah's left palm down as she pulls out a ring made of a shiny coltan alloy, "In the past I have been damaged. One time I took the opportunity to make this ring out of some of the damage pieces. It represents my enduring love for you." Cameron reverently slides the ring of coltan on Sarah's left ring finger.

Sarah blinks back tears as she intertwines her fingers with Cameron's, their rings ending up side by side.

John smiles happily, "I now pronounce you Wife and Wife. You may kiss the ..brides."

Cameron and Sarah come together like there is a magnetic force pulling them, their intertwined left hands trapped between them as their right arms wrap around each other and they kiss, softly, slowly, and deeply, holding it until Sarah has to pull away with a gasp of air.

"I need to breathe girlie." Sarah lovingly admonishes Cameron as they turn to face the clapping guests, "what is with trying to suffocate me."

Cameron smirks, "Tradition states that the longer the kiss, the longer the relationship. I wanted everyone to know we are lasting forever."

Sarah, John and the guests chuckle and snicker at Cameron's answer as Sarah and Cameron walk together, hand in hand, through the line of guests.

Cameron tilts her head towards Sarah, "Where are you taking me for our honeymoon."

Sarah smirks and shakes her head, "Three days locked in our room with food and water followed by a lovely stroll to San Francisco, dodging Skynet patrols."

As the door closes behind them, the crowd hears, "Perfect. You take me to all the best romantic spots."

The End

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