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Baby Blues
By Dru


"It's a girl! Congratulations," the bubbly nurse said, putting away the equipment used for the sonogram. "It's a healthy girl. Everything seems fine." With a smile she held out a black and white photo, "Would you like the picture?"

A slender hand reached in and gently took it away from the nurse and stared at it. "John wanted a brother." The simple statement held no anger or disappointment. It only held the barest hint of wonder. Cameron glanced at Sarah with awe shining through her bright blue eyes. It wasn't often that the cyborg showed emotion, even when she had learned to emulate it. But it seemed she was losing the battle between her robotic self and her human side.

Sarah stared, stunned, at the teen age girl. She, Sarah Conner, was pregnant? Again? She slowly smiled at her partner. "I know," was all she said. She had done it. She and Cameron hadn't meant to become pregnant. But she guessed that's what happens when you have a one night stand with your ex-fiancé when trying to forget said cyborg.

The nurse cleaned off Sarah's stomach and went to help her stand, Cameron beat her to it. "Well, let me just go get your paperwork and you can be on your way." Noticing she wasn't being heard, she silently left the room.

Cameron stood with a hand on her girlfriend's stomach, "We are going to have to be cautious. You are going to have to eat healthily..."

"I do eat healthily," Sarah cut her off.

Cameron fixed her with a blank stare, her equivalent of a doubtful look, "And no more guns," she said with finality.

Sarah's mouth dropped open but the terminator stood with rigid awareness, daring her to fight it. Sarah sighed, "Fine." Cameron barely smiled, but smiled nonetheless.

The nurse came back in with all her paperwork, "We expect you back in 4 weeks for your seventh month checkup."

Sarah nodded and took the paperwork. "See you then." As she and Cameron left the office, her cell rang.

"Hello," she asked typing in her 3-digit code.

Responding with his own, John's voice drifted over the phone, "We may have a problem."

Sarah snapped into warrior mode, "What is it?" Listening to his answer, she rattled off instructions and snapped the phone closed. She turned to her partner, but Cameron was all ready.

"Back to the real world."

The End

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