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Teach Me, Part 2
By zennie


Sarah closed the door behind her mere seconds before Cameron whipped her shirt off and threw it across the room, her fingers already latched onto the waistband of her shorts. "Cameron," Sarah said, jumping forward and catching the girl-terminator's hands. "Slow down."

"I thought you wanted me out of these clothes?" Cameron's voice is innocence personified.

"I…" Sarah kept her eyes fixed on Cameron's, trying to keep her eyes from straying down the curves of the terminator's body. Cameron's body was that of a teenager, her mind that of an Atari, and Sarah was trying very, very hard to keep herself from ripping the remaining clothes from her body and taking advantage of the fact that Cameron may not even know what she is asking. "Are you sure?"

"I'm sure."

Cameron's quick yet bland reply did not reassure Sarah. "Do you know what you are asking?"



"Sex. An orgasm. Multiple if I am lucky. " Cameron cocked her head to the side. "And if you are skilled."

"Do you even know what any of that means?"

Cameron's response stunned Sarah; she grabbed Sarah's shirt and spun, effortlessly throwing Sarah onto the bed. Still gasping at the speed of the turnabout, Sarah had no time to act before Cameron had her pinned to the bed, the springs of the mattress groaning under their combined weight as Cameron gave her a deep, hungry kiss. The lust Sarah had been trying to keep to a controlled smolder burst into a burning heat at the feel of Cameron running her tongue experimentally against the sensitive underside of Sarah's lip. Cameron continued her experimentation, moving her head to the side to deepen the kiss and positioning her leg between Sarah's thighs. It was happening so fast and Sarah had been on the edge for too many days and weeks to control her response as Cameron began a seductive grind, her hipbone grazing Sarah's clit with every rotation. Sarah's orgasm ripped through her like a wildfire, ravenous and red-hot.

Panting and drenched in sweat, Sarah just stared up at the woman? girl? terminator? who had achieved what hours and hours of working out hadn't: a swift release of Sarah's frustration and tension. Cameron stared back, watching curiously as Sarah's breathing slowed. Feeling the heavy weight on her body and wrists, Sarah told the terminator, "Let go of my wrists."

Cameron looked at her hands still gripping Sarah's wrists tightly as if just realizing that she was doing so. She released Sarah and slowly moved back to rest on her heels while Sarah sat up cautiously, rubbing her wrists absently as she tried to clear her head and wrap her mind around what had just happened.

"That," the terminator said simply.

"Huh?" Sarah looked up from her contemplation of the ugly carpet between her toes and blinked.

"That's what I'm asking for."

Sarah reached up to massage her temples. She knew terminators could be single-minded and dedicated; she just never imagined she would meet one who would exhibit these qualities in pursuit of sex. With her.

Cameron's bare leg was just in the corner of Sarah's sight; she ran her fingers along the smooth flesh, her eyes following her hand as it traveled up Cameron's thigh, over her stomach, and along the curve of her breast. Finally she cupped Cameron's chin and gazed into those hazel depths, noting the way Cameron's skin colored and her respirations increased.

She leaned in for a kiss, a soft, gentle kiss, pulling back when Cameron opened her mouth and tried to deepen it. After a couple of times, Cameron finally got the hint and let Sarah set the pace. Sarah feathered kisses along her neck, her cheekbones, her eyelids, gauging Cameron's reactions, the way Cameron turned her head to expose her neck to Sarah's mouth, the way her breath caught when Sarah nibbled on her ear.

Pulling back, Sarah waited until Cameron's eyes fluttered open, the hazel dark with passion. "Are you sure?" She pressed a finger to Cameron's lips to keep her from speaking, frowning as Cameron's tongue darted out to tease her finger. "Humans usually have some emotional feelings for people they have sex with. I don't want…"

The expression in Cameron's eyes sharpened rapidly, going from a hazy passion to near panic in a heartbeat. "Do you not want… you don't have feelings for…"

"Cameron!" Sarah's voice calmed the terminator immediately. "I do want, and I'm attracted to you. I have been," here she gave a rueful smile, "for a while. But I don't want you to…" she trailed off, trying to think of the right words.

"You're Sarah Connor," Cameron stated simply, understanding at last. She reached out to run the back of her hand over Sarah's cheek. "How could I not want you?" Sarah opened her mouth to protest, but Cameron shook her head to cut her off and continued, "You fascinate me. I watch you, when you think I'm not looking, the way you watch me." She pressed a kiss to Sarah's lips that answered Sarah's softness. "You, Sarah Connor, are the only one I want to experience this with. So please, teach me."

As if only waiting for that, Sarah eased Cameron back onto the bed, completing the action she had stopped earlier to strip Cameron of her shorts. Gazing the perfection of the smooth, beautiful body sprawled across her bed, marred here and there by bullet holes and scars, Sarah shivered, surprisingly overcome by a feeling of awe.

Ever vigilant and solicitous, Cameron started to sit up and reach for the blanket at the foot of the bed. "Are you cold?" Sarah pushed her back down, shaking her head as she captured a perfectly symmetrical nipple between her teeth. Cameron gasped, her body almost shooting up off the bed. She stared at Sarah wide-eyed, her mouth gaping open, as a rush new sensations threatened to overwhelm her.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes. It's…" she searched for the words to describe her feelings as Sarah sucked Cameron's nipple into her mouth and teased the tip with her tongue. "Different."

Sarah paused, smirking. "Now you see why those descriptions you read were so inadequate." She slid her hand down Cameron's stomach to caress her thigh. "How does this feel?" A slight groan met her words as Cameron twisted her hips to try to get Sarah's fingers closer to the spot she wanted them.

Sarah stroked the long, lean thigh with unhurried fingers, feeling the terminator shake beneath her. Her fingers ranged higher, causing a cascade of tremors through Cameron's body. "Sarah? Please? I need…" Cameron gasped when Sarah ran an experimental finger through her wetness and her whole body went rigid when Sarah caressed her clit. Sarah did it a second time, and a third, watching as Cameron bucked under her fingers, Cameron's mouth open in a wordless cry.

Sarah lowered her mouth to taste Cameron, her hand cupping Cameron, fingers poised for a moment before plunging in. She paused for a moment, deep inside, letting Cameron experience the feeling, before sliding her fingers out. Cameron whimpered a little in protest, before she understood the rhythm Sarah was slowly building. Cameron moved her hips, tentatively at first, and then with increasing confidence as Sarah upped the tempo, her tongue keeping pace with her fingers. And if Sarah's orgasm had been a wildfire, Cameron's was an electric storm, all sparks and white light crackling up and down her body.

When her optics functioned again, she found Sarah leaning over her with a concerned look. She reached out, brushed Sarah's hair back, watched as it fell forward again, and reached out to repeat the motion, unaware of the silly, satisfied grin on her face. Sarah's mouth curved into an answering grin. "Are you okay?" Cameron nodded, not sure if her voice was ready to work yet and still strangely fuzzy around the edges. "Ready to try for the multiple?" Sarah teased.

Cameron shook her head, sitting up and wrapping her arms around Sarah in one smooth motion. "Not yet." She tugged on Sarah's tank top, pulling it up and off. She gazed critically for a moment and nodded in satisfaction. "It's better," she declared, and when Sarah looked at her, puzzled, she explained, "When you don't wear clothes."

The End

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