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We Have Time For One More
By shyath


"Cameron!" The name comes out as a gasp, but the sentiment behind it does not escape Cameron's increasingly refined ability to emulate and, with that, understand more sophisticated human traits.

"Yes?" Cameron asks, her voice deceptively innocent, her tone infuriatingly mild, but there is a noticeable shine on her bottom lip and her fingers are still buried inside of Sarah.

Sarah fights down the blush that assaults and begins to creep up her neck at the sight. "John is coming down any minute now," she tells the Tin Miss in what she hopes sounds like a firm tone (her fingers tremble as she runs them through matted hair). "Any second now," Sarah murmurs and tries to encourage Cameron to remove her fingers from where they are so very distractingly ensconced at the moment.

Cameron tilts her head to the side and she finally replies after a few moments of silent consideration, "We have time for one more."

"Cameron," Sarah hisses exasperatedly.

Cameron blinks and then directs a positively lewd smile at Sarah. She pushes another finger (and Sarah gasps aloud) and another (Sarah is certain that her backbone is never designed to bend that way) and another (Sarah's cheeks feel like burning and she has no words to describe the raging fire in her nether regions). Shifting the fist she has inside of Sarah and hovering her lips over Sarah's left nipple, Cameron murmurs, "We have time for one more."

Sarah cannot quite bring herself to stop or contradict Cameron.

The End

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