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AUTHOR'S NOTE: A sequel to 'Kissing Sarah Connor' and 'Give Me A Kiss (And More)'. Written for Challenge #214 ~ Flash at slashthedrabble.
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Kissing Cameron
By shyath


Kissing Cameron is like experiencing a series of hot flashes. It leaves me faint and unsteady on my legs, and I suspect I would have fallen if it were not for the strength in the arms supporting me, but it also makes me feel so alive. Like surviving a near-death experience and with Cameron being what she is, who she is, it really is not too far-fetched an analogy to make.

I keep expecting to taste cold metal underneath all the warmth, keep anticipating for the flesh to give way to wires and bolts, keep fearing how Cameron's eyes will look like when she finally rides out her high and I almost, almost want to tell her to shut up when she opens her mouth to say something, to ruin this moment when she looks so vulnerable and human.

Only I have also come to wait for the faint smile that accompanies the first flutter of her eyelashes, the musky scent left on her lips as she traces my jaw line, the heartbreakingly gentle embrace she rewards me with as she whispers in that monotone of hers I have come to find so adorable, "Can you sleep now, Sarah?"


The End

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