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I Can Be Broken (Just For You)
By shyath


Cameron comprehends what it means to be broken, comprehends that it is not a desirable state to be in. To be broken is to be a liability to the mission and, despite all her claims to the contrary, Cameron remains true to her basics: to ensure the mission is a success and it simply will not do if she happens to be one of the deterrents.

Cameron is confident however that she is, in all sense of the word, broken. Her system does not seem to function as well as it is meant to and that is simply brushing the surface. She knows her mission and she knows her priorities. John first, then Sarah. Only recently she has made Sarah's safety her top priority instead of John's. More strangely, Cameron finds herself expending the full power of her processor to ensure that Sarah is - happy. Happy is the word, she realises. She wants Sarah to smile and not frown as she is wont to do. It is not like she has not tried to repair the problem. She has run countless diagnoses, but everything reads clear and clean. It cannot be that she is so broken that the separate diagnostics subroutine has been affected.

Cameron is so concerned that she finally confesses to Sarah one day.

She tells the mother of the future saviour of mankind that she is broken and Sarah grips her gun a little harder in response. Cameron tells her that she will not hurt her. And John, she adds almost as an afterthought. It is simply that my system is not functioning as it should, she tells Sarah. What do you mean, Sarah asks, still looking scared but more relaxed than she is before. You are constantly in my thoughts, Cameron says slowly, and my priorities have reset themselves. I want to see you smile and I cannot seem to keep my eyes off of you, she continues, and I register this urge to touch you. Sarah looks like she is fighting a smirk or a scowl and Cameron feels more confused than ever.

When Sarah crooks a finger and tells her to come closer, Cameron obeys without thought. When Sarah presses her lips against hers, Cameron is positive she is more broken than she has suspected. Only the revelation this time does not scare her as much. She has Sarah with her this time.

The End

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