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Stay The Night With Me
By shyath


"You're late."

"Better late than never, Sarah."

"Yeah, yeah. Come here. God, your fingers are cold!"

"They will warm up soon enough."

"What are you talking about? Fuck! Where did you learn to – Ah –"

"I do not sleep."

"That's what you keep telling me. Damn, Cameron, you're – I'm going to –"

"Sarah, you do not wish to wake the house, do you?"

"Then stop doing that!"


"On second thought, keep doing that. Ah – yes, just – another, yes –"

"Do you approve, Sarah?"

"Don't talk and just keep doing that."

"I am capable of multitasking, Sarah."

"Yeah, I'm not. God, deeper, please, Cameron –"

"Like that?"

"Yeah. Oh god –"

"Did you come, Sarah?"

"You know very well I did."

"Happy New Year, Sarah."

"You have a funny way of celebrating it. Come here."

"Did you not like it, Sarah?"

"I did. Now, let me return the favour …"

The End

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