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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This fic is my first attempt with The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Who did kill Andy Goode at the end of the chess competition? Here's my wishful thinking.
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By Bears


Cameron was really starting to hate humans, which in and of itself was strange. Terminators aren't supposed to have "feelings" at all. Not having feelings made the machines more efficient killing machines. Having feelings made Cameron less efficient. More hesitant to do what she was made to do. Reluctant to kill.

Except jealousy. Jealousy made her want to kill Andy Goode. Killing him would be the logical decision. But that isn't why she wanted him dead. She wanted him dead because he touched Sarah, which was an illogical rationale. Terminators are supposed to be rational, with the capability of learning. Not irrational, with feelings like anger and jealousy. Anger and jealousy belonged with humans, not terminators. Now Cameron just wished that Her John had not given her the capability of having feelings when he reprogrammed her. Her. That's new too. Not just thinking like a human, but also thinking of herself as human, or at least partially human. Like the Tin Man, after he received his heart.

Sarah and John Connor had become her heart. And Sarah was slowly filling her heart up, with feelings like, love and lust, which actually didn't bother her. It was the feelings centering around Andy Goode that really disturbed her. The anger and the jealousy. She didn't want Andy Goode to be the one touching Sarah. She wanted to be the one touching Sarah.

Cameron had hoped, once this Andy Goode's house had been burned out, along with all his research and computers, that Sarah would have nothing more to do with him. But here he was again, after having rebuilt his chess playing computer from memory of all things. That was another problem for Cameron. If she had been her normal efficient self, she would have deduced the probability of such an event occurring, and then taken the appropriate steps. But she hadn't. Because her emotions had taken over her thought processes.

Yes, this Andy Goode definitely had to die, whether or not he and his partner won the military contract or not. "Andy Goode must die, and his Turk version 2 must be destroyed, win or lose. Just in case." Cameron glances over her shoulder to the nearby exit door, before turning back to watch the outcome of the chess match between Goode and his partner against the team from China. Actually wishing for the young man to win, so she would have a legitimate excuse to terminate him.

Cameron looks up as a buzzer sounds, signifying the end of the match. Oh well, she thinks to herself while slipping through the exit door. Too bad he doesn't get to die a winner. Cameron imagines second place would be like kissing your sister. Unpleasant at best.

Sarah looks around at the buzz going through the crowd, before looking at her son. "What is it, what's going on?"

John glanced up at the stage one more time before looking at his mom. "The match is over. Andy lost and the Chinese won. Nobody'll offer them a contract now, and they both know it."

"In that case, why don't you round Cameron up, while I say a quick goodbye to Andy?"

"No problem mom. She was over near that exit during the match. Have you seen her since it ended?"

The End

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