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By Olli


Peering over a mess of long brown hair, Sarah registered the time on the clock on the nightstand: almost 3 a.m. Enough time for some more hours of sleep. She snuggled closer to the warm naked body she was spooning from behind. She let her hand wander over silken skin to a spot right under her companion's breasts. What she felt there astonished her, even after almost three months of sharing her bed with Cameron. It was the slow and constant heartbeat of the Terminator.

Sarah knew that it was not a real heart. It was a pump to transport hydraulic oil and coolant through the combat chassis. But Sarah knew, too, how to make the pump work faster.. She knew how it felt when they collapsed on top of each other and Cameron's 'heart' was hammering in the Terminator's chest. She knew how Cameron's breathe felt on her skin when the Terminator buried her face in the crook of the elder woman's neck. She knew the soft gasps and moans Cameron makes.

"Everything alright?" Sarah asked quietly.

"Yes," came the immediate response.

"Good." Sarah placed a kiss on a bare shoulder. She knew that Cameron was only mimicking sleep. The Terminator lay at her side for hours with only the slightest movement. Cameron breathed slowly and constantly during this time and kept her eyes closed. And while Sarah slept, holding Cameron, she knew the Terminator was on surveillance mode and would register even the movement of the mice in the basement.. To her own surprise she slept better since she became involved with the Terminator.

Maybe because of the fact that besides John, Cameron was the only other person she could trust without a second thought.



"You are awake?"

Sarah grinned at the silly question. "You would have known if I wasn't."


Sarah lay still as Cameron turned to face her. Both their heads lay on the pillow as they looked at each other. Neither of them said a word but Sarah knew what would happen next. A soft hand that betrayed the strength in it touched Sarah on her bare hip. Fingertips trailed along her skin up to her shoulder and down to the small of her back. She accepted Cameron drawing her closer until they were skin on skin. Their faces were only millimeters apart and she felt the girl's breath on her cheek and the Terminator's increasing heartbeat.

She had never asked about it, but she liked that from time to time Cameron took the initiative; sometimes late at night in bed; sometimes in the morning in the shower; sometimes in the living room and even once on the kitchen counter.

Sarah rolled onto her back and Cameron lay on top of her. With practiced ease, their bodies found the right position. Sarah wrapped her legs around the Terminator's hips linking them at the ankles and held on to her shoulders. This way she could feel Cameron's heartbeat all the time during their lovemaking.

The End

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