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By xxsecretnotesxx


Natalie and Tootie were going to stay overnight with Tootie's Aunt Silvia and Uncle Brian. As they were about to leave with Mrs. Garrett to the bus station, the two girls were dramatically saying their goodbyes. Natalie hugged Jo, and Tootie hugged Blair. Then they switched and Tootie hugged Jo, while Natalie hugged Blair. Natalie and Tootie then theatrically turned to one another and hugged each other. Mrs. Garrett grabbed them both and rushed them out the door.

After Mrs. Garrett left with Tootie and Natalie, Jo and Blair looked at each other still half smiling at Tootie's and Natalie's silliness. Jo quickly erased her smile and gave Blair a dirty look. It was quiet and it felt strange being alone with Blair. Jo didn't want her getting any "brilliant" ideas about them being all buddy-buddy with each other. Just because no one else was around it didn't mean they had to spend time together.

"What?" Blair said wondering what she did now to deserve the dirty look.

"Nothin', I'm goin' upstairs," Jo said, and without a second glance at Blair, she did just that.

Blair stood with her arms crossed in the lounge wondering what the hell went through Jo's head most of the time… besides motorcycles, cars, and sports that is. Jo was so hot and cold. They were always at each other's throats. And then there were the rare times that she and Jo got along fabulously, but then Jo would do or say something to anger Blair or vice-versa. Theirs was a give and take relationship; they both gave insults to one another and took them as well. But the majority of the time it was Jo who started the giving. Jo was so confusing, she would insult Blair constantly, yet she and Jo usually hung out together. But now that there was no one else around, Jo wanted to be alone. Why is that? Blair thought to herself.

Blair shrugged and went upstairs to follow her friend, unsure why she was stressing out over the whole thing anyway. Jo was just being moody and all Blair had to do was go right up there and give her some of the ol' Warner charm to get her out of that funk.

Jo was sitting on her bed reading a car magazine when Blair waltzed in through the door tossing her hair around like she was in some shampoo commercial. Blair stood in the middle of the room and struck a pose, as if she were waiting for her presence to be acknowledged.

"Don'tcha knock?" Jo said harshly, glaring at Blair.

"Why would I knock? This is my room too," Blair said feeling annoyed that Jo would suggest she knock.

"Well, what do ya want anyway? I finally get a shot at having some personal space and you're buggin' me," Jo said and looked back down at her magazine.

"Bugging you? I come up here, trying to cheer you up and you accuse me of 'bugging you?' Some people," Blair said incredulously. "And you've never asked for this 'personal space' before. Why haven't you ever asked for it, if I'm such a nuissance?" Blair said trying to egg Jo on. She knew that getting Jo to insult her would cheer her up some.

"Because it's impossible when there are four of us sharing one room," Jo said not looking up from her magazine. Maybe if Jo didn't pay her much attention, Blair would get bored and go away.

"Well what are you doing that you don't want me around anyway? Grunting and pounding your chest like an ape whenever you read something new about motorcycles?" Blair started laughing as if she had just said the cleverest thing in the world. She got the response she was trying to rise out of Jo. Jo looked fiercely at her and got up from the bed. She walked over to where Blair was standing and stood directly in front of her, just inches away from her face.

"What, do you, want, Blair," Jo said emphasizing each word. Her hands were clenched into fists but she kept them down.

Blair had a way of annoying Jo like no one else did. Jo did not understand why Blair kept following her around like a puppy dog trying to be her friend. She made it clear she didn't like Blair, didn't she? She insulted her whenever she had the chance, so much so that it had become one of her favorite things to do. Well, the truth was, she didn't really hate Blair, but she had to keep her at a distance. That's exactly why Jo had to keep pushing her way, because Jo didn't hate her. Maybe Blair can see through her pretense, and this was why she followed her around. Either that or Blair was a glutton for punishment.

"God Jo, what are you going to do? Hit me?" Blair said patronizingly, meeting Jo's gaze.

This was very brave of Blair considering there was nobody home to save her. Jo grabbed Blair by the wrists and pushed her against the closed door of the room, hard. Jo's jacket, which had been hanging on the hanger, nailed to the door, fell to the floor. But neither had seemed to notice. Blair looked at Jo in disbelief.

"Jo! That really hurts!" Blair said astounded that Jo would actually lay her hands on her.

"Good, maybe next time you'll leave me the hell alone when I tell you I need space!" Jo yelled, getting even closer to Blair's face. She gave Blair her most intimidating stare, and kept her eyes fixed on Blair's.

Blair tried to hold her gaze on Jo, but then started feeling a strange tickle in her stomach. Having Jo so close to her face and looking at her with those fierce green eyes, scared Blair. But she was not afraid for the obvious reasons. Blair was scared because she was feeling something she had not felt before… for anyone.

Jo saw Blair's facial expression change from surprise, to alarm, to confusion, to… something else. Blair looked down and away from Jo's face. Jo's face softened too, out of the puzzlement of not knowing what Blair was thinking. Blair looked shy… or like she was… blushing? Jo let go of Blair's wrists immediately and took a couple steps back, still facing Blair. Jo thought Blair looked vulnerable, and more beautiful than ever.

"Sorry, you just made me mad," Jo mumbled irritably. She slouched and put her hands in her pockets, looking a little ashamed. Blair rubbed her left wrist and took a couple steps closer to Jo. Now it was Blair's turn to see Jo as beautiful and vulnerable.

Before she knew what she was doing, Blair got closer to Jo's face, closed her eyes momentarily, and inhaled deeply, just to calm herself down. But Blair got lost in her own thoughts when she took in Jo's scent. It was subtlety sweet, but not by any means sugary. Her smell could not be manufactured and sold in any store. It was heaven. When she opened her eyes she saw Jo looking back at her with an anxious expression on her face. Blair didn't move back and stared expectantly at Jo. Blair smiled timidly and shrugged as if to say, what now? Jo looked away and took a step back.

"If you want to hang out here that's fine, just leave me alone alright?" Jo said in a softer tone, but there was still an edge to it. She was trying to lighten the atmosphere and bring the subject back to their quarrel. Blair's proximity to Jo did not seem to bother Blair, but it had made Jo uncomfortable, even nervous. What was she trying to do anyway? Jo thought.

Blair was confused; boys would kill to have Blair throw herself at them… the way she had just done with… Jo? What was she thinking? This was Jo, the moody, streetwise, city-girl from the Bronx. Did she just throw herself at her? And if she had thrown herself at Jo, was this the way to approach Jo? The same way she approached all of her suitors? She looked at Jo, who was standing up straight, head tilted up, eyes looking down at Blair challengingly. Blair stepped closer to Jo again with one eyebrow raised in defiance. Blair could tell that she had caught Jo off guard just as much as Blair had surprised herself by her own actions. It was rare to see tough ol' Jo caught off her guard, as much as she was trying to hide it from Blair now.

No, Blair thought. Jo is not just like any guy; she sees right through me. But I see right through her, too.

Without a second thought Blair went straight for a kiss. Her lips bumped into Jo's abruptly but only briefly, when Jo gently backed away from Blair. It was so fast that the kiss could barely be called a peck. Jo was just so taken aback at the fact that Blair was trying to put the moves on her! Jo's heart skipped a beat when she saw the dejected look on Blair's face and she realized that Blair was genuinely hurt by Jo's rebuff. Blair nervously walked away from Jo towards the door. Jo couldn't hold back any longer.

Blair was set on giving Jo the personal space she had originally asked Blair for, when Jo grabbed Blair by the arm, turned her towards Jo, and pulled her close against Jo's body.

In an instant Blair found herself so close to Jo she could smell her intoxicating scent again. Ironically Jo was taking in Blair's undeniable, enticing perfume. She absorbed it so much she had committed it to memory. Jo wrapped her arms around Blair's waist and held her securely close to her body as if Blair wanted to be anywhere else but where she was. Blair's mouth was halfway open; she was stunned and could not look anywhere else but in Jo's eyes. Jo leaned in and kissed Blair's upper lip, while gently licking the bottom half of the lip. Blair immediately responded and kissed Jo back, in a desperate kind of hungry way. Blair clung to Jo's sweater fervently, not wanting Jo to get the idea she wanted her to stop. Blair tried to kiss Jo as deeply as Jo did, but instead, kissed her too fast, too hard. Jo took command over the kiss and kept kissing Blair slowly but deeply. Jo then reached up with one hand and held Blair's face keeping her in position, while she passionately continued to kiss her. She slowly lured Blair into accepting Jo's tongue in her mouth. There was a rough gentleness about the way Jo kissed Blair; it was as if she was letting go but there was still so much she was holding back.

Jo was the one who first heard Mrs. Garrett calling their names on her way to their room. Jo forcefully pushed Blair away, when Mrs. Garrett opened the door, rambling on about something Natalie and Tootie did. When Mrs. Garrett came in she saw Jo with an alarmed expression on her face as well as Blair's look of shock.

"Is everything okay girls? Don't tell me you've been fighting again," Mrs. Garrett asked suspiciously.

"Then tell Blair-zy here to stay outta my way! I'm tired of her always stickin' her nose where it doesn't belong!" Jo yelled. She pushed Blair out of the way and stomped past Mrs. Garrett, and out the door she went.

Mrs. Garrett then turned to Blair questioningly. Blair still could not wipe the look of shock off her face.

"Don't worry Mrs. Garrett, it was all my fault, I'll apologize to Jo," Blair was saying this to Mrs. Garrett but was wide-eyed, staring off into space.

"Are you sure you're alright? You girls worry me with your bickering," Mrs. Garrett put her hand on Blair's shoulder trying to get her attention. Blair looked at Mrs. Garrett and smiled, "Yes, I'm alright, don't worry about it Mrs. Garrett." Mrs. Garrett looked at Blair from the corner of her eye and then decided she was satisfied with that answer and left the room.

Jo went downstairs and anxiously started pacing back and forth around the kitchen. She then went to the dining hall and decided to do some chores to distract herself. She got a rag and began to profusely wipe down the tables. What had she done? Blair was going to squeal, she just knew it. How could she ever look Mrs. G in the face again? She had been so careful around Blair. Had Blair sensed that she was different? Did Blair set the whole thing up to have her kicked out of Eastland? That's ridiculous. If Blair really wanted to get rid of her she would have let her marry Eddie. What if I had married Eddie? Jo thought. Maybe I could have gotten these… feelings… I have for other girls outta my system by now. Eddie is alright, and I'm supposed to have those kinds of feelings… for him. Needless to say, she did not.

Jo was so caught up in her own thoughts that she did not hear Mrs. Garrett approach her.

"Jo, those tables are already clean. What's on your mind," Mrs. Garrett asked wearily.

"Nothin' Mrs. G, Blair just gets on my nerves sometimes that's all." Jo studied the expression on Mrs. Garrett's face, which had the usual run of the mill concern. No, Blair didn't squeal afterall, she thought to herself.

"Well, I'm just gonna go hang out in the lounge, and read or somthin'. If Blair comes downstairs could you please ask her to leave me alone for a while?" And without waiting for a response Jo went to the lounge.

Mrs. Garrett shrugged and went upstairs to tell Blair to give Jo some breathing space. When Mrs. Garrett entered the room, Blair was sitting on her bed with the same blank expression on her face as before, staring at nothing. Blair blinked out of her trance once she heard Mrs. Garrett. Blair noticed Mrs. Garrett's worried expression and decided to ask about Natalie and Tootie and the ride to the bus station in order to distract her from asking any questions. Mrs. Garrett temporarily forgot her purpose for taking a detour to the room to see Blair, and began to tell Blair about the girls' shenanigans during the car ride. Mrs. Garrett then quickly remembered her purpose when she realized Blair's thoughts had drifted far, faraway again.

Mrs. Garrett told Blair, "I don't know what happened between the two of you, but Jo said she wanted you to give her some space. I suggest you not bother her for a while… so she can cool down."

"She's really mad?" Blair said a little surprised.

"Should she be?" Mrs. Garrett questioned.

"I'm not sure," Blair said honestly, "But I won't bother her Mrs. Garrett, I promise. I'll stay here until she's ready to talk to me, and then I'll apologize." Blair thought this sounded about right so that Mrs. Garrett won't suspect what was really going on.

Mrs. Garrett patted Blair on the shoulder and left the room.

It was a quarter to one and Jo had still not returned to the room. Blair was in her PJ's waiting for Jo to come in, hoping she'd make some sort of noise so Blair could act like Jo had woken her up. She was anxious. She needed some answers. She was unsure of what she was feeling but it was an uneasy feeling that she was knew would not go away until she talked to Jo. Her mind kept replaying the mind-blowing kiss over and over and over again. She had never been kissed like that. Ever. Maybe Jo could teach Blair a few things after all. It was as if some part of Blair had been dormant, and Jo had awakened it. Blair had no idea that this whole other world existed, and that she was missing out on it.

Just then she saw the door slowly open. Jo quietly walked to her side of the room and grabbed some clothes and then left the room again. At first Blair's heart sank at the thought that Jo would not be sleeping in the room. Is she going to avoid me forever? But then Jo left the room door open, and Blair figured she was going to use the bathroom to change and then she'd be back.

Jo did come back, wearing a long t-shirt and some shorts. She closed the door and through the dark Blair saw that Jo quietly walked toward her side of the room and climbed to bed.

Jo was thankful that Blair had gone to sleep. She was already dealing with all types of feelings of guilt and confusion and she did not feel like explaining herself to Blair. Just as she was drifting to sleep, Jo felt someone sit on the left side of her bed.

"Jo? Are you sleeping?" Blair said in an angelic voice.

"Well, not anymore," Jo mumbled. She put her pillow over her head in frustration, then threw the pillow to the side and quickly sat up.

"I'm sorry Jo, I just want to talk about what happened. I feel a little… confused. And I'm wondering if you feel.. confused too, and if you've ever felt… confused before." Blair said not knowing what other word to use for what she was feeling. She was silently thankful that the room was too dark for Jo to see her mortified face.

"What do ya mean by confused, huh? What are you trynna say? You kissed me back you know, and I didn't even kiss you first! So don't go around and try to blame this all on me. Just forget about it okay? It never happened!" Jo said defensively, getting louder as she worked herself up.

"Is that what you want to do? Forget about it?" Blair said a little dejected. "I've never kissed a girl before, Jo. I've never really wanted to. But nobody has ever made me feel what I felt when you kissed me. It was… exhilarating." Blair said this, again thanking the heavens above that the room was dark.

Jo didn't say anything, and every second that went by in silence drove Blair more and more insane.

"Jo?" Blair said as she reached out to touch Jo's arm.

Jo recoiled a little, "Yeah?"

"Did you hear what I said? I mean, what I asked you? Uh, h-have you ever done anything like that before? Have you kissed other girls?" Blair asked, a little afraid of what Jo's reaction might be to her questions.

Jo sighed; grudgingly she decided to give Blair the answers she sought. "I had this friend, back in the city. Alyssa—Ally. Sh-She was the first girl I ever, I mean —and I was the first girl she ever kissed. We never told anybody. I mean, we knew it wasn't right ya know? But I didn't think it was really wrong… I guess because I thought something that was so great couldn't be bad." Jo hesitated before continuing on. Blair tried to hold back her feelings of jealousy in hearing that there was some other girl that Jo felt that strongly about. Maybe even stronger than what she felt for Blair.

Blair scowled in the dark but tried to sound indifferent, her need to know the inner workings of Jo overbearing her jealousy. "And what happened? With 'Ally' I mean."

"Well, Ally and me were tight for months. Then one day, her mom walked in on us, when we were, uh…" Jo then looked down and Blair couldn't read her face in the darkness. "It looked a lot worse than what it was, but anyway, she didn't like it," she said dismissively.

Jo continued, "She said that what we were doin' was wrong and that we were embarrassin' our families. She said that girls shouldn't be doin' what we were doin', and that maybe we just needed to find ourselves a couple of boyfriends. She kicked me outta the house, and I don't know what she said to get to Ally, but she wasn't the same after that. I mean, thankfully, her mom didn't tell my mom what she saw, then everything coulda been a lot worse. I didn't want to hurt my mom too ya know, but after that, Ally kept avoidin' me." Jo's voice cracked a little when she said the girl's name and but she choked it back, and sounded detached again. "She found herself a boyfriend and told me that it was for the best. And… I did the same."

"And that's where Eddie comes in," Blair said sadly. "So… what about me?"

"What about you?" Jo said more harshly than she intended.

Blair's heart dropped a little at how Jo's tone changed from sad affection when talking about 'Ally' to annoyance when Blair asked about herself. "I-I told you how I felt about today, I just was wondering what you were feeling." Blair said, not knowing where the courage was coming from.

"Blair, c'mon, what do ya want from me, huh? You parade all your boyfriends around me, and just 'cause you suspected this about me, you expected to be able to wrap me around ya little finger like all the rest. But because you can't, all of a sudden you're interested. Well guess what? It's not gonna happen." Jo said loudly. "I love Eddie. You hear me? I love him! And maybe you stopped me from marrying him before, but I will marry him, and if not him, someone else!"

"But you're not in-love with him, Jo!" Blair interjected.

"I'm not in-love with you either!" Jo yelled. Blair got up, outraged and most of all hurt. She stood there in silence staring at Jo's shadow. Jo sighed and ran her fingers through her hair. They remained silent for a moment, registering what had just transgressed.

"Why Ally and not me?" Blair finally said, her voice dripping with heartbreak.

"Come here." Jo said, not sure why. Blair could not decipher Jo's tone. Blair sat down on the edge of Jo's bed. Jo leaned forward suddenly, and took Blair's face in one hand and grabbed her waist in the other, pulling her forcefully closer toward Jo. Jo hesitated then, and was about to let Blair go again. Without waiting for Jo to kiss her, Blair went for it again. This time, she knew just how to kiss Jo. Blair kissed Jo with deep passion and without hesitation. She then tried pulling away a little between kisses, in order to draw Jo towards her.

But Jo would not let her have the control. Jo pushed Blair back onto the bed and climbed on top of Blair hurriedly, almost before Jo had a chance to change her own mind. Blair let out a little moan of surprise and rapture between the kissing. Jo ran her fingers through Blair's hair passionately, while kissing her. She was completely engrossed in Blair. Jo then slid her hand to the back of Blair's head and grabbed a fist full of her hair; she then gently pulled her hair, while teasing her lips with her tongue. This made Blair moan louder. She continued to kiss her intensely.

Jo then dared to kiss Blair's neck, knowing that she had her right where she wanted her. She started with gentle kisses under her chin then moved to the right side of her neck. Jo then licked Blair's neck between kisses. She gently bit her neck and then released and kissed it all over, softly. All Blair could do was clench at Jo's back and moan hoping Jo would continue. Jo then opened her eyes, exhaled, and suddenly let Blair go. She got up hastily and walked to the other side of the room near the window. What am I doing? Jo thought. I can't mess up everything I've worked for on a moment of weakness. Besides, Blair's a rich conceited princess. There's no way she'd give everythin' up for me.

"What's wrong? What did I do?" Blair said getting up. Her hair was disheveled and she quickly ran her fingers through it, but then realized they were in the dark anyway.

"Nothin'. Look, this isn't gonna work Blair," Jo said trying to sound cruel, crossing her arms defensively. "You're a stuck-up richy-rich princess. Not to mention your family isn't gonna like this very much. Besides I don't know what all this means, but I'm not ready to find out either."

"You were trying to find out what it meant with Ally, Jo!" Blair became angry as she heard the words come out of her mouth. "So if I was more like Ally…" Blair trailed off. She didn't want to show Jo that she was hurt. She wanted to hold on to her anger. "You know what? I'm better than her Jo. But if you think I'm going to plead and beg, think again!"

Blair gave her back to Jo and crossed her arms in objection.

"It's better this way Blair." Jo couldn't believe it as she heard herself say the words to Blair. "You've got your life, and I've got mine. This never happened okay?"

Blair tossed her hair and went to her bed. "Fine," she said. "No sweat, I have plenty of guys who would gladly take your place."

"So, uh, I had a place huh?" Jo said with a smirk as she got into her own bed.

"Not really, considering nothing happened." Blair turned away from Jo in her bed acting as if she would be able to go sleep after all that had happened. This isn't the end of it Jo. I'll make you regret this decision, even if I have to rub in your face every single guy I date, until you realize the error of your ways. Satisfied with that thought, she tried to go to sleep.

Jo hoped Blair would just forget and drop it. She did not know how long she could keep this charade up, but she didn't want to deal with all these feelings. Not yet, and Blair and nobody else could make her. No matter what she may feel for Blair.

After finding Blair, Jo jumped back on her motorcycle, and angrily stomped on the kick-start pedal. It loudly roared to life. She glared back at Blair, her eyes green daggers.

"Get on," she commanded coolly, although she was as irate as ever.

"Jo, I can't. This is a De La Renta," Blair said with true dismay in her voice.

"If you don't get on, Blair, so help me GOD, I'll drag you on. It's bad enough I couldn't take a swing at that creep," Jo said getting louder.

Blair looked back at the lavish hotel as if contemplating to go back in. She looked at Jo again and casually lifted the exquisite, form-fitting red dress as she hobbled hurriedly on her way toward Jo. She was graceful even while hobbling.

"They're high heels and I had them on all night, my feet hurt." Blair said defensively. Jo said nothing and looked at Blair up and down. She could not help but admire her refined beauty despite the circumstances. Blair pretended not to notice.

"How am I supposed to get on this thing? The slit on my dress is not high enough for me to straddle that monstrosity. It's so… crass." Blair said as if she were appalled. Secretly, she'd been curious ever since the first time she'd met Jo.

"Maybe you shoulda thought of that before callin' me asking for my help. Maybe you shoulda called yourself a limosine," Jo said impatiently. Her tone then changed to sarcasm as she added, "Gosh, or maybe you should stop leading rich dorky snobs on and act surprised when they expect something from ya. Then when you act all offended that they would even suggest such a thing, they leave you stranded in a hotel—Which I don't even want to know how he lead ya up to this point…. Now get on or stay here for all I care, but don't say I never tried to do ya any favors."

Jo acted as if she were about to leave when Blair yelled for her to wait. Jo was annoyed at Blair. She'd been pulling stunts like this lately. Jo knew she was just seeking attention.

Jo took off her helmet.

"Here, wear this. I don't have an extra one, so I'll let you wear mine."

"I'm not wearing that." Blair said pretending to be disgusted.

"Listen you'll wear it if you want a ride back to Peekskill. Got it?" Jo said with authority.

"Fine." Blair then extended her hand to receive the helmet, but Jo just plopped it on her head. It made Jo chuckle a little to see Blair with her helmet on, imagining her puffy fluffy hair flattened. She couldn't wait to see Blair's helmet-hair when they got back.

Blair was embarrassed and thought maybe the helmet made her look stupid. Wait, what was she thinking? She could make anything look glorious. She was Blair Warner after all.

Blair then slowly lifted her dress up higher—significantly higher, up to her thighs, knowing that Jo would want to look. Jo was trying to look straight ahead, but discretely peeked out of the corner of her eye, while acting uninterested. Blair then grabbed on to Jo's shoulder with one hand as she attempted to lift her left leg over the motorcycle and still hold her dress up. Blair had finally succeeded in mounting the motorcycle and then her shoe fell off. Jo could not help laughing heartily at that and Blair just gave her a cold stare. And then, Jo just took off. Quickly, Blair instinctively dropped her hands from Jo's shoulders, and wrapped them around Jo's waist tightly.

"Jo! I'm falling off!" Blair yelled. They had barely gone over 5 mph. Blair was attention-seeking again. Jo stopped the motorcycle again with the engine still on, and turned her head toward Blair. They were just inches from each other's lips but Jo acted as if she hadn't become aware of that fact. They were inhaling each other's scent once more. Blair looked at Jo's lips.

"You're fine! Just hold on tightly okay, like you're doin now. Just--relax." Jo said turning away and taking off again, this time a little more tentative for Blair.

"My shoe! Do you have any idea how much they're worth? You can't just drive off and leave me without a shoe!" Blair yelled over the growing wind and the roar of the motorcycle.

"I thought you said your feet hurt, you should get rid of the other one while ya still can," Jo yelled back.

Blair sighed her annoying Warner sigh, but Jo didn't hear it. She kicked off the other shoe in compliance. She decided to just enjoy the moment while she could. She had Jo all to herself again. She held on tighter and thoughtlessly put her face on the nook between Jo's right shoulder and her neck. Jo stiffened and held her breath. What is Blair doing? Jo glanced back quickly at Blair and gave her a dirty look, and then quickly looked ahead again. Blair was startled and moved back at Jo's sudden head turn. What is her problem? Blair thought.

Blair was daydreaming of the delectable mind altering kisses she and Jo had shared a couple of months ago. Why was Jo set on acting as if it never happened? At first Blair was confused. Jo was just so convincing in her act, that Blair was questioning herself on whether or not it really did occur. But now and then Jo would give Blair a look, or say a slick remark only she and Blair understood, and Blair's pulse would quicken with excitement. Blair was then overcome with her thoughts of their kiss and she dared to kiss Jo on the back of her neck ever so gently as Jo's ponytail blew away in the wind. She then waited to see what reaction she had risen out of Jo.

Jo straightened her back, accidentally increased her speed, and pretended not to feel anything. Blair was disappointed. Jo didn't know what to do in this situation. She yearned for Blair but still did not trust their feelings, neither Blair's, nor her own.

Jo stopped at a red light on the desolate intersection and was thinking about running the light. Blair had been thinking how she and Jo had not been this physically close for more than a total of 15 minutes during their initial hot and heavy encounters that fateful day, and she now felt as if she had been missing it all along. Blair then breathed out heavily with melancholy and Jo felt her warm breath on the back of her neck. It made Jo's heart race faster than when she'd accelerated at the feel of Blair's sweet kiss. Jo didn't dare look back. She didn't know if she'd be strong enough to ignore Blair's facial expression for whatever she may be thinking or feeling at that moment. Jo then thought…C'mon… She's probably wondering about those shoes she lost. Or that Brad creep. And I'm here stressing out thinkin' it's over me. Yeah, right.

Jo quickly glanced back before taking off after the light changed. Blair had been staring at her the entire time and quickly looked away nonchalantly when Jo met her gaze. Jo swallowed nervousy, looked down and away and kept going. Blair's grip on Jo never faltered. She was squeezing tightly with every inch of her body, her hands, arms and even her legs. Jo's motorcycle wasn't that big but it wasn't as small as to have Blair practically on top of Jo like a second skin. It's not that Jo minded it anyway, but it's just that it overloaded her with too many different feelings. All Jo had to do was look down and she could see Blair's bare smooth legs side by side next to her own jeans-clad legs. Jo then felt bad thinking that Blair might be getting bitten by bugs or feeling a little cold, almost half-naked on the back of her motorcycle. She hadn't even offered her her jacket. Jo quickly then thought, Good, serves her right for making me come all the way down here to get her after going out with that dork. Even though, she didn't think to call and tell anyone else…she specifically asked Natalie to speak to me on the phone… well… maybe it's because she knows I won't squeal. If anything good came out of my "moment of weakness" that day, it's that at least I know we won't squeal on each other...

Jo looked down a second time to glance at Blair's legs and she did not see the deer leap directly in front of her path. Jo swerved and missed the deer. The tree coming at them and Blair's piercing scream was the last thing Jo saw and heard, and then---darkness.

At the deserted, dark intersection Jo had caught Blair staring at her, and Blair quickly tried to look away casually. Blair still managed to catch the subtle ache in Jo's eyes, but she then quickly turned away from Blair.

Jo slowly took off again and Blair closed her eyes to take in the feeling of the wind gently blowing in her face, as well as the feeling of Jo's body intimately close to her own. She wondered if Jo could feel how hard her heart was beating; it felt as if at any moment it would jump out of her chest.

Everything happened in a matter of seconds. Blair would have been paying attention to the road ahead if she only knew where Jo's concentration truly was. She suddenly felt Jo veer off to the right and she opened her eyes quick enough to see something stealthily dart to the left across the highway, into the forest. Blair then looked ahead and saw that they were headed directly for a tree. Naturally, her only reaction was to scream.

Since Jo had instinctively squeezed on the brake to decelerate, and swerved before they could have gained any true momentum, the collision was not as perilous as it could have been. Jo, however, was not wearing her helmet. Jo braced herself, head low, body clenched, preparing for the hit. The impact had made Blair's body jerk forward adding to the brute force that rammed Jo's head against the tree, knocking her out instantaneously. Blair was tossed frontward from the motorcycle onto the ground receiving minor, but painful, scrapes and bruises to her arms and legs. Jo had somehow ricocheted off the tree, landing flat on her back; her motorcycle flipped up and away, and rested a couple of feet apart from them.

Blair had landed facedown on the ground. Her arms and legs stung from the dirt caked onto her fresh wounds. She got up, and anxiously looked in all directions, searching for Jo.

"J-Jo?" She barely said her name, scared of what she might find.

"Jo!" she exclaimed as soon as she saw her. She staggered a little on her way to where Jo lay. She scraped her bare foot on a jagged twig, but barely noticed as the realization of what had just happened continued sinking in.

"Jo—Oh my God, Jo no!" Blair dropped to her knees next to Jo and started to feel her eyes burn with the menace of tears. She shook Jo by the shoulders, crazed with panic. The longer Jo continued without responding the harder Blair shook Jo.

"Jo! Wake up! Please!" She then tried lifting Jo. As soon as she had Jo's head lifted a couple of inches off the ground she madly started thinking better of it, at about a mile a minute. Oh my God what if she has any broken bones-- I'm not supposed to move the body, I mean her body, not the body, she's still alive, isn't she? Oh my God. Startling herself with her thoughts, she abruptly dropped Jo again causing her to softly bump her head yet again. But Blair was too jittery to hear Jo's low groan.

Everything was swimming and spinning in Jo's head. It was taking a lot out of Jo to swim back up to consciousness. She heard someone calling her but she was still lost in her pool of darkness. Blair leaned in closely to hear if Jo was breathing. Jo at that moment could smell Blair's undeniable alluring aroma, her rich intoxicating scent, which often had made her dizzy with longing. She breathed in deep, and exhaled with vigor. She slowly tried opening her eyes. Blair was taken aback by Jo's subtle movements when she had gotten close, and could barely contain her emotion.

"Jo! Are you alright? Say something!" she yelled when she saw Jo finally open her eyes. "JO!"

"I'm not deaf," Jo managed to say weakly. She tried moving her head from side to side slowly. No broken bones, I don't think. She only felt pain near the crown of her head. Just one hell of a bump on my head.

"Jo!" Blair said with a wide grateful smile. She held three fingers a couple inches away from Jo's face. "How many fingers am I holding?"

"Why Blair, I didn't think you could count that high." Jo said softly holding her head.

Blair had to smile at that remark. Jo was alright and that was the only thing that mattered.

"We need to take you to a hospital as soon as possible. It might be serious," Blair said concerned.

"Jeez, Wouldya lay off it, Blair? I'm fine!" Jo said annoyed. Jo tried to get up too quickly; it made her head sink back into her haze briefly, and she hesitated.

"Here let me help you," Blair said standing up and holding out her hands. Jo didn't even look up at her.

"Nah, it's fine, I got it." She slowly got up using the tree for support.

"You would rather hold on to the very same tree that gave you a concussion than to receive my help,? Unbelievable! You know, I was worried about you, Jo." Blair said expecting some sort of gratitude.

"Oh no my Bike!" Jo rushed to it and regretted it as soon as she stumbled to the floor next to the motorcycle. She felt as if she had left her brain back at the tree and it had chased her down and slammed back inside her skull; her head was throbbing. She assessed the damage to her motorcycle ignoring the pain. The front wheel was completely busted, along with a broken headlight. Jo got up, went back to the tree and kicked it in frustration.

Blair was still standing with her arms crossed acting offended over Jo's snub. She saw Jo continuing to kick the tree and then move on to throwing punches out of pure unadulterated aggravation. Blair went back to feeling concern for Jo, and went towards her.

"Jo calm down, we'll get it fixed. It's okay" Blair said softly. She reached out and tried rubbing Jo's shoulder in a way to soothe and calm her. It helped, Jo stopped hurting herself. Her knuckles had begun to bleed a little.

"And how do you propose we get home now, Princess Di? It's almost the middle of the night and we're in the middle of nowhere." Jo yelled.

"Don't take it out on me! It was an accident; it's that wild animal's fault! For jumping… in the way…" Blair said this and began to lower her voice and step closer to Jo. The thought of them being near the forest, in the middle of nowhere, where there could be wild animals—large wild animals, it did not thrill her.

Jo noticed Blair looking around uneasily, and softly grabbing her arm. It was a childish gesture, but it made Blair look so helpless and innocent. Jo got an overwhelming desire to protect her.

"Alright," Jo sighed, "this is what we're gonna do." She looked at Blair from the bottom up. With the helmet still on, her hair all wild and her dress tattered and dirty, she looked even more desirable to Jo than before.

"Here, put my boots on." She took off her boots and noticed she did not hear Blair protest to this. She's a spoiled princess, 'til the end. Jo thought.

Blair put on Jo's boots, tying the laces tight, and then waited for Jo's next command. "Wait what are you going to wear?" Blair finally realized out loud.

"Nothin' my socks, I'll be alright. And here, wear my jacket, I have a warm enough shirt under." Jo took off her jacket and handed it to Blair. Blair put it on instantly basking in the scent of Jo. Just her smell made Blair's insides ache with a need so… primal.

"Thanks, Jo." Blair said not knowing what else to say. She knew better than to argue with what Jo said.

"Don't thank me yet. Because, we've got some walkin' to do. I know what road we're on and I'll just memorize the mile marker so I can come get my bike later. I'll hide it in the bushes. Hopefully we can get to a phone and call for someone to pick us up. Everyone still thinks you're out on your 'date' with loverboy, and Natalie thinks I went out for a ride. They don't know I came to get you."

"They'll know something's going on when they figure out that both of us are late for our curfews." Blair said hoping she wasn't obvious in the way she was breathing in Jo's jacket.

"Yeah, and when Natalie squeals about you callin' and wantin' to talk to me. Why all the secrecy anyway, huh? I mean it's not your fault this guy tricked you into coming here, Mrs. G woulda understood. She probably could have come picked ya up in the van and we wouldn't even be in this mess. You know, I can't wait to lay my hands on that jerk." Jo said making a fist and punching her other hand.

"Well… Mrs. Garrett would have asked too many questions like you are doing now, and I don't want to discuss it at the moment. Which direction should we walk?" Blair said attempting to sound nonchalant.

"The direction we were headed, to the right, stay near the road. What kind of questions am I asking now that you don't feel like discussin'?" Jo said not missing a beat.

"Well, what makes you assume that I was tricked into going to the hotel?" Blair said testing the waters. Jo's head started to hurt again.

"What? What do ya mean assume that you were tricked? You told me on the phone! You said that he took you there and you didn't want to be there! Am I missin' something here?!" Jo was getting louder as her anger became more apparent. Jo usually tried to hide her feelings around Blair but she was furious.

"Well, I was trying to do what you told me to do. To lead my own life. Bradley happens to be a fine suitor, and maybe we had feelings for each other… and we just wanted to 'find out what it all meant.'" Blair said digging the knife a little deeper.

"I'm not even gonna respond to that, Blair." Jo said in a low deep voice. Jo was enraged, but above all hurt. She could feel betraying tears forming on the corner of her eyes, and she turned away before she thought Blair could see. She choked them back and walked ahead. Jo didn't care to look back to see if Blair was able to keep up with her pace.

Jo's reaction surprised Blair. She expected Jo to rant, yell, scream… passionately ravage her with insane jealous kisses of passion… anything but shut down. She had thought her plan was working wonderfully until this moment. Plan 'A' was to try and make Jo feel like her hero and savior against Bradley the villain. But since plan 'A' had not worked so well due to the accident, Blair went to Plan 'B.' True, it was not at the best time, but drastic times, drastic measures. She did not know when would be the next time she'd be alone with Jo for this long. It was true that she had led Bradley on about wanting to sleep with him, but it was the only way to get him to take her to that extravagant hotel. It wasn't hard to get him to leave her there either. All she had to do was act like Jo--the irony. Her own snooty people were just too easy to figure out. But Jo…. That was another issue.

Blair decided to give Jo her space and walk a couple of steps behind. She sighed her signature sigh.

"Quit it, I'm not in the mood, Blair," Jo said still looking ahead.

After about forty-five minutes of walking in silence, Jo saw some light in the distance. Blair noticed Jo pick up her pace, looked ahead, and squinted to see what Jo was looking at. Jo turned to Blair, "C'mon let's go," and extended her hand.

Blair was grateful to be holding Jo's hand. She quickened her pace trying to match Jo's and as soon as they reached the source of the light Jo quickly and frigidly let go of Blair's hand. Blair recoiled a little in sadness.

Blair finally looked up to see what Jo was looking at. The sign read "Moe's Motel."

"Ew. I hope you do NOT expect moi, to sleep in a disgusting place such as this." Blair said in disdain.

"We need a phone and a place to wait and rest until Mrs. G can come get us. Quit ya whinin' will ya?"

Blair stubbornly crossed her arms. "Jo, this place looks horribly maintained. Besides, I don't even think it's open. That sign that has 'Moe's Motel' wonderfully scrawled in tacky neon lights was only reflecting light off that street lamp."

Jo glared at Blair, she hated when she was right. She then eyed Blair up and down. She had her torn red dress, Jo's helmet, jacket and boots on. Blair's know-it-all look, along with her scrapes and bruises made her look like a racy heathen motorcycle goddess. Jo sharpened her glare, and turned away. She walked toward the dark main entrance of the bare motel.

"Jo!" Blair whined following her, "This place gives me the creeps. Can we please keep walking?"

Jo continued on, ignoring Blair. She looked inside the passing window and saw no signs of life. When she reached the main door there was a hand written sign made out of cardboard on the inside of the screen door. It read: CLOSED FOR THE SEASON. But from the way it looked from the windows, Jo figured the 'season' must have lasted at least a couple of years.

"There, see? It's closed. Let's go." Blair said hurriedly. She grabbed Jo by the arm and attempted to pull her away from the door. Jo pulled her arm away and continued to walk toward the back of the building.

"Jo! Are you crazy? What are you doing?" Blair whispered loudly as if they were being heard. She followed Jo anyway, afraid to be alone.

"We need a phone, Blair. There's nobody here anyway." Jo said dismissively.

"Exactly! So what are you doing? Can't We—"

"Give me my jacket."

"What for?"

Jo didn't answer. She just gave Blair a menacing look and held out her hand. Blair reluctantly took off the jacket and feigned being colder than she was. Jo wrapped the jacket around her forearm and elbow. Blair looked at her, confused. Had she hurt her arm during the accident? It's just like Jo to be hurt and keep it to herself. Jo then proceeded to smash the window.

"Jo!" Blair exclaimed.

Jo reached in, turned the latch and opened the window. "It's an emergency, Blair. We're stranded. Besides what's the worst that could happen? If the cops come they could give us a lift home," Jo said trying to make light of the situation. "C'mooon, we'll pay them back for the damages okay?"

Jo cleared any jagged shards left on the window pane with the jacket, and then threw it inside somewhere in the darkness. She then started to climb the window.

"Jo, I can't climb in, it's too high," Blair said hesitantly.

"That's okay; I'll just open the door for you from the inside."

"I don't want to stay out here by myself," Blair pleaded. "Besides you only have socks on, what if you cut yourself when you climb the window and get inside. I'll never forgive myself if you get hurt since all of this is my fault in the first place."

"Okay then, give me my boots back so I can climb the window." Jo said coolly.

Blair looked at Jo with her best puppy dog impression.

"Alright already, so what do ya want me to do, huh?"

"Let's just go, Jo," Blair said with a worried expression.

Jo disregarded this and said, "Okay listen I'm gonna give you a lift so you can climb through first." Without waiting for Blair's answer Jo bent down, and in a quick swoop lifted Blair up like a groom lifts his bride on their wedding night. This caught Blair so off guard that she didn't even argue with Jo, and she mechanically climbed through the window. She was still bemused at how Jo had been able to pick her up, that she did not even think to run to the front to open the door for Jo. Without even waiting for Blair to do so, Jo skillfully climbed through the window and jumped away from the broken glass.

"There, now that wasn't so bad, was it? That was your first lesson in B&E, breakin' and enterin', hah," Jo said with a quick chuckle. She felt around in the dark for her jacket, there was just enough light from the moon to help her spot it.

"Could we make this quick? Where are the lights?" Blair said suddenly remembering where they were.

Jo walked over to the lamp and tried to click it on. Blair rushed over to a light switch, but the lights stayed off.

"The power must be off. Do ya see a circuit breaker or a fuse box in here?"

Blair looked at Jo, uninterested. "Jo, we're here to find a phone right? So just forget about the lights and look for a phone."

Jo scowled at Blair although she knew Blair wouldn't be able to see it very well in the dark. Jo spotted a phone on the reception desk, casually walked over to it and picked up the receiver.

"It's dead," she said, disappointed.

"Great. Yet another felony you've forced me to commit. And for what? Nothing."

"Don't forget we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place if you hadn't gone out with that nerd," Jo yelled back. "Just help me find the circuit breaker will ya?" she said regretting her outburst.

But Jo found it without Blair's help. She angrily walked over to it and saw that it was locked. She then looked around the desk for something to pick the lock with.

Blair guardedly walked over to where Jo was standing. Her eyes had adjusted to the dark and she decided to watch her work. In about a minute, Jo had the box opened. Blair didn't want to admit she was impressed.

"Why didn't you just do that instead of breaking a window?"

Jo just rolled her eyes, and then turned back to the box. She strained her vision, trying to make sense of what she was looking at. Blair couldn't stop looking at Jo, critically staring at the circuit breaker box. Jo's attentiveness at the task at hand thrilled Blair. Jo flipped a switch, and again nothing happened.

"There's some damage in here," Jo said thoughtfully. "Well, at least we know the true reason Moe's closed down."

"Great, I didn't want to live on not ever knowing why."

"Here, hold this," Jo said giving her jacket back to Blair. Jo then fiddled with some of switches and a few of the lights came on in the motel. Blair unconsciously breathed a sigh of relief. The place was clean, just a little dusty. At least it's not completely pitch black, she thought.

"Can you do something about the phone lines?"

"I don't know what damaged the phone lines. I'm not sure whether whatever caused damaged to the circuit breaker, was the same thing that messed up the phone lines."

"Like an animal?" Blair said alarmed again.

"No, Blair. Like an electrical storm or somethin', jeez. Or a power overload."

"So what now?"

Jo shrugged unsure how she was chosen as leader. "I guess we can stay here, until morning. Maybe there'll be more cars out on the road in the day and we can hitch a ride, at least to somewhere where there's a phone."

Blair looked down, pensive. Jo thought Blair took her idea pretty well considering all the events that had taken place that night.

"What about Mrs. Garrett? They're all probably so worried about us."

"What time is it?"

"A watch does not go with this dress, Jo," Blair said stepping back as if inviting Jo to admire her exquisiteness. She then looked away embarrassed; she realized she must look absolutely horrendous--ragged and dirty, with boots, and not to forget, a motorcycle helmet. But when Blair saw Jo, and the way Jo was looking back at her, the expression on her face told Blair that she did look as gorgeous and seductive as she had earlier that night, if not more. Blair blushed and this made Jo quickly aware of how she was longingly staring at her, and she rapidly looked elsewhere around the room. Jo pretended to study her surroundings, but the tension between the two just continued to build up as they awkwardly stood in the room.

"Hey, maybe there's another phone in this place. I mean we only checked the one phone. Maybe it was already broken or somethin'," Jo said trying to break the building tension.

"Good idea," Blair said quietly.

Jo led the way toward the dark hallway, and Blair cautiously followed.

"Jo?" Blair said in a small voice, in the middle of the hallway.


"Jo? Where'd you go?" Blair called out anxiously.

"Hey I'm right here," Jo soothed, walking toward Blair again. Blair sighed in relief. Jo extended her hand; almost hoping Blair wouldn't take it. Blair delicately took her hand.

"I'm sorry. It's darker in certain areas." Blair said apologetically. Jo noticed how cold Blair's hands were.

"Are you cold?"

"A little," Blair said and then she let go of Jo's hand momentarily to put Jo's jacket back on.

"No Wait! It might have bits of glass in it. This is a motel, I'm sure we can find some blankets or somethin'. Stay right here. Don't move," Jo commanded.

Blair heard Jo's footsteps fade away, and she started to get nervous again. Jo shortly appeared again, this time from behind Blair; Jo had unintentionally startled her.

"Sorry. Here ya go," Jo said softly in Blair's ear as she wrapped a blanket around her. Blair felt her pulse quicken at the sound of Jo's raspy voice so close to her ear, and the warmth of Jo's body behind her.

Jo's arms involuntarily remained around Blair, trying to keep her warm. Despite feeling her temperature rise, Blair continued to tremble out of nerves. Jo abruptly let go of Blair and was about to walk ahead. She then stopped, turned, and offered her hand to Blair again. No matter how hard Jo fought she could not fight her attraction to Blair. Something about her always pulled Jo near.

Blair smiled a secret smile and took her hand.

Jo and Blair finally gave up after checking several different telephones.

"So, uh, which room ya takin'?" Jo teased.

"Whichever room you're in of course! You do NOT expect me to sleep alone in a place like this!" Blair said astounded.

Jo had to laugh at Blair's reaction. She couldn't help herself. "Come on," Jo smirked.

Jo had realized what Blair had been doing all along. During their silent walk she had thought, If Blair really had feelings for that creep, and wanted to take it further, she woulda done it. She wouldn't have called me. But Blair has no idea what she's getting herself into. She figured it was a case of 'you want what you can't have.' Jo had continued to try to push Blair away, but it seemed the more she pushed, the more Blair would try to pull Jo in. And so Jo decided to really test Blair to see if this was what Blair really wanted. She led Blair to one of the first rooms they had seen earlier. It had a king sized bed in the center of the room as well as its very own bathroom. The room was dimly lit.

Blair nervously looked at the room. There were sheets on top of everything protecting the bed and furniture from the dust. Jo shut the door behind her.

"So…" Blair said nervously fidgeting with her hands.

"So, uh, I'll just check if the plumbing works," Jo said a little nervous.

Jo went into the bathroom and Blair quickly took off the helmet, found a mirror, and ran to it like a moth to flame, trying to salvage her hair. What am I doing? Jo, has seen me at my worst… But it couldn't hurt for her to see me at my best, she thought with a smile.

After Jo discovered the plumbing was working; she tried cleaning her head wound a little. It didn't look as bad as it had felt. Jo considered herself lucky. She then told Blair she'd be right back. After much reassurance, she managed to step out of the room to find bed sheets, blankets, towels, and pillows. She also found a first aid kit for Blair. When she came back in the room Blair had taken the dusty linens off of the furniture and was in the bathroom cleaning out her cuts. Jo flipped the mattress, made the bed and decided to check on Blair in the bathroom.

"I brought ya a first aid kit," Jo said at the door. She heard Blair lightly sniffling inside. "You alright?" Jo asked concerned.

Blair opened the door, walked passed Jo and sat on the bed. "It just stings a little that's all, I'm fine," Blair said trying to hide the fact that she had been crying.

Jo did not like the fact that she was this concerned about Blair crying. "Don't worry, Blair they're not deep enough to scar ya, if that's what you're worried about." Jo said spitefully.

Blair glowered at Jo.

"Sorry. Here lemme help." Jo sat next to Blair on the bed. She opened the first aid kit, took a small hand towel and started to apply antibacterial to the scrapes on Blair's arms. Blair recoiled due to the stinging but tried not to complain. She didn't want Jo to think she really was prissy. Jo then started with the lowest cut on her legs and worked her way up. She tried to be very gentle with the scrapes. They were inconsequential scratches but Jo knew how sensitive Blair was. As Jo worked her way up, Blair suddenly became very aware of Jo's proximity to her, and the fact that she was touching her leg—almost. The hand towel may have been hindering Jo's touch, but it was Jo's hand controlling that towel. Jo immediately noticed the change in Blair's breathing and the fact that Blair's body had become tense. Jo kept her head down but looked up at Blair. Blair was anxious; she nervously licked her lips, and that's all it took.

Jo pounced on her like a lion on its prey. Blair felt Jo's lips on hers again, and it was like she was able to breathe again. Had she been breathing this entire time? Jo's mouth burned into Blair's, and the kiss wasn't as gentle as it had been before. It was raw. Jo kissed Blair ravenously, and Blair felt her heart racing ardently.

"Lay back," Jo commanded in between the intense kissing.

Blair did as she was told, and Jo slowly worked her tongue hungrily inside Blair's mouth. Jo then forced both her legs between Blair's easing her way in. Blair tried to reach up and put her arms around Jo's neck, but Jo roughly grabbed her by the wrists and pinned them down on the bed.

"Did I say you could do that?" Jo said mischievously, her eyes ice cold, her smile mocking. She leaned in and when Blair was about to accept her kiss she pulled back teasing her again. She then studied Blair's plagued expression. Jo's smile vanished and she looked a little sad somehow. She then let go of Blair's wrists and gently caressed Blair's cheek, while she softly kissed Blair's neck. Her hand went to Blair's thigh and slowly began to climb up. Jo's other hand was nomadic all over Blair's body.

Jo was shocked Blair had let her take it this far and tried to slow down but her hands and body weren't listening to her mind. Blair's mind, in contrast to Jo's, was completely shut off. All Blair could feel, see, hear, smell, taste, was Jo. She had completely taken over Blair. Blair's breathing quickened; she began to groan in pure rapture in between her breaths. These weren't the first sounds of pleasure Jo had roused out of someone. This wasn't the first girl Jo had given this to, but it was the first time Jo had felt completely connected. She was completely intoxicated with Blair; she took in every sound, every sigh, every grasp, every moment.

It wasn't long before Jo heard Blair finally let go and release, breathlessly moaning Jo's name in her ear in complete euphoria. Blair had surrendered to Jo something she hadn't given away to anyone. Jo swallowed the rest of Blair's cries of pleasure with one last burning kiss.

"Jo … oh Jo… Jo," Blair repeated breathlessly in Jo's ear, unaware she was doing so.

Her hands tightly grasped Jo's back and shoulder blade, clenching so hard she was mostly grabbing at her shirt. They had been so consumed by their passion they had not even bothered removing all of their clothes; Jo was still completely dressed. Jo's hands expertly worked on Blair under and over her tattered red dress. Nobody had ever even come close to touching Blair the way Jo was handling her now. Every stroke and caress drove Blair closer to the brink of insanity. Jo's hands felt so good to Blair she thought she'd go mad with ecstasy; she barely knew what she was doing or saying. Just feeling and just knowing it was Jo—making her feel this way, being the cause of the exhilaration radiating from her inner core—it made her desire spread like wildfire.

Blair's groans got louder as Jo took domination over her body, pushing Blair to her mind's and her body's edge. Jo, sensing that Blair was at her peak moved her seductive, teasing kisses from Blair's neck, to her lips, passionately pushing her tongue inside Blair's mouth, while she was still in mid-cry. Blair felt Jo assertively prolong her bliss with skilled fingers. Blair forcefully shook under Jo as she felt the rush of pleasure explode from where Jo's fingers probed, and expand and pulsate throughout the rest of her body.

Jo continued to greedily kiss Blair until Blair's groans slowly subsided and became trembling sighs of passion. Jo was about ready to explode after taking Blair, and seeing how much of an affect she had on her. But Jo knew that Blair's influence on her was much more dominant, how else could she have let it get this far? Blair was now searching Jo's body, trying to reach and connect with Jo again. But Jo would not let Blair give to her what she had given Blair. Jo didn't want her to have the control and be in command of her the way she had been in command of Blair. Jo hastily got up. Blair tried reaching up for a kiss in protest, but Jo pushed Blair back down on the bed. She walked toward the other end of the room and crossed her arms defensively. She looked down and heavily breathed out in frustration.

"What's wrong?" Blair said still dizzy with her desire.

Jo ran her fingers through her hair. "Uh, this is all wrong, … I uh…" Jo said uncertainly still breathing heavily. She was fighting with every inch of her being the urge to pick up right where she and Blair had left off.

"What? What do you mean? What's wrong? Did I do something wrong?"

"No, well, yes, I mean it's my fault," Jo was torn between what she wanted to do and what she knew she had to do.

"Well? What did I do now?... Is…Is it that girl Jo? Are you still—" Blair stopped herself, the words would hurt her too much to say out loud.

"What? What girl?" Jo then realized who Blair was talking about and considered for a quick second lying to Blair and maybe that way destroying Blair's infatuation with Jo. No. Blair deserves better than that. She at least deserves to know why we can't be together, Jo thought.

"No Blair, it's not Ally. It's you and it's me." Jo looked at Blair. "This is wrong," Jo began.

"Says who?" Blair began to interject.

"Listen Blair, I'm not like one of your fancy shoes or one of your dresses that ya buy on whim. I'm a person, with feelings. You may feel strongly now but somethin' like this can't end well," Jo took a moment to pause and think. Blair took advantage and interrupted again.

"I'm a person too, Jo. And it hurts me when you keep pushing me away, or when you stand there smugly, finding a nice way to call me shallow." Blair said sharply.

"Well ya are, Blair!" Jo yelled. "We come from different worlds! You're all refined, classy and rich, and have fancy things. You've been to places I've only read and dreamed about going to." Jo paused and spitefully added, "And I'm a rude, poor, lower class kid from the Bronx. I've been to juvie, I've seen things ya think ya know about just because ya saw it on some TV show. Well, I lived it."

There was a short pause.

"So what?" Blair said dismissively.

"So what?" Jo said trying not to let her temper flare. "So Blair-zy what do ya think we're supposed to do, huh? Tell all our parents, our families, our loved ones, 'Hey surprise! We're here, we're queer!' And then live happily ever after? Then what? Huh? You wouldn't give up you're whole entire life for this! For me! So what do ya wanna do? Ya wanna keep it a secret then? Well, I can't live like that either Blair."

Blair chuckled with bitterness. "I used to admire how tough and brave you were Polniaczek. You act like you don't care what anybody else thinks, and you give people your opinion on something whether they want it or not. But I never knew it was all a front." Blair's eyes began to shine with the tears that were forming. "You refuse to live like that, but yet, you choose to live a lie and try to be with a 'guy like Eddie,' or any guy for that matter."

Jo tried to ignore the remark. "Ya deserve better than me, Blair, and better than this. Ya deserve everything your family wishes for ya and more…They want you to marry a rich sophisticated debonair guy so that you can run off and make more rich beautiful sophisticated babies together," Jo heard her own voice raspier than usual, filled with sorrow. "Don't mess it all up, not on someone like me. You're right. Maybe I am a coward."

The girls remained quiet after that. Jo decided to sleep on the sofa in the corner of the room. Blair cried herself to sleep. She thought of the rollercoaster of emotions she had felt tonight. She went from her highest high, to her lowest low in her life, all in just one night.

The girls awoke the next morning just as the room began to brighten with the first rays of the sun. Neither had slept well in the short 3 hours of night they had for sleeping. They did not dare look at each other; nor did they say a word to one another. They each tried to pretend as if the night before had all been a vivid but hazy dream. They were extremely awkward around each other, and there was a never-ending tension in the air.

They each took turns washing up as best they could in the sink and left the motel, hoping they had not left any evidence of ever being at "Moe's Motel."

They walked along the road and tried hitching a ride. They did not have to wait long, before a police squad car drove by and noticed the two worn out, and emotionally drained girls. After a long lecture for hitch-hiking the officer dropped the girls off home.

"Where have you girls BEEN?!" Mrs. Garrett wailed.

"Sorry Mrs. Garrett I had a problem with my date and Jo left to help me." Blair said apologetically.

"Well then why didn't you leave me a message? A note? Let the other girls know where you were headed… something?!?" Mrs. Garrett ranted.

"Sorry Mrs. G, I really wasn't thinkin' straight, I was just so worried about Blair I just ran out the door." Jo said, and then she and Blair looked at each other in the eyes for the first time since last night.

Blair smiled softly and then turned to Mrs. Garrett, "It will never happen again Mrs. Garrett," she then turned to Jo and said, "Thanks for being a good friend to me Jo."

"Just don't go spreading that around okay?" Jo said with her irresistible smile.

"Well this is just fine and dandy but you girls still have some explaining to do!" Mrs. Garrett said still outraged.

As both girls tried explaining to Mrs. Garrett some of the events, the girls began to bicker as they attempted to get their stories straight. The girls then got into an intense heated argument of what had caused them to crash. I guess some things don't change. Mrs. Garette thought …Or have they?


Blair smoothed over her long white beautiful princess-like designer gown. Her corset was a little tight but it enhanced her already beautifully shaped frame. She looked at herself in the mirror. She was, from top to bottom, pure utter perfection. She was having the most lavish, most talked about wedding of the decade, the wedding of her dreams. But she was having doubts.

Natalie and Tootie came in her dressing room gushing about how beautiful she was. Blair tried to laugh and act like a blushing bride, not feeling she was doing the part justice.

"Who's all out there? Has everyone arrived?" Blair asked anxiously.

"Jo's still not here," Tootie said fluffing the back of Blair's dress.

"Not here? Why does she do this to me? TODAY of all days! She knows the ceremony was to start at 12:30pm o'clock sharp!" Blair breathed angrily.

"Are you okay?" Natalie said suspiciously. "You wouldn't happen to have cold feet now would you?"

"Uh... maybe just a little bit." Blair admitted. "I just need a minute alone."

"Are you sure?" Natalie and Tootie said in unison.

"Alright," Tootie said, "I have to check on Tisha anyway."

"Mmm-hmm," Natalie eyed Blair suspiciously crossing her arms. She then slowly walked out back to the pews.

Blair looked back at herself in the mirror. And sighed.

"Do you, Blair Warner…"

Blair heard a loud roar of a motorcycle outside of the superbly posh and luxurious chapel.

"…take this man, Harrison James Williams, III, to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, in sickness and health, to love, honor and obey, in good times and woe, for richer or poorer, keeping yourself solely unto him for as long as you both shall live?"

"Blair! Wait!" Jo yelled as she slammed open the chapel doors. "I can't let you make the same mistake I did with Rick!" The whole church stirred as they frantically talked in loud whispers among themselves and gasped in horror. Photographers/Paparazzi were taking pictures of Jo walking up to the bride and groom. The groom was giving Jo a horrified look. Blair turned and looked at Jo. She exhaled and realized she had not been breathing and had been standing frozen, ever since she first heard Jo's motorcycle calling to her. Her heart was beating so hard she thought the whole world could hear it.

As Jo finally reached Blair she held out her hand. She looked at Blair with painful longing; she was beautiful. "I shoulda done this a long time ago Blair. For years we've been close, you're my best friend and you're also the only person I've ever really been in love with." There were more gasps in the crowd from everyone except Natalie, Tootie, Mrs. Garrett, and Beverly Ann; they all had knowing smiles.

"It's been torture holding back my feelings for you, all these damn years. Life with Rick was hell. He was a nice man and everyday I thank God I have Jamie, but being apart from you has fucked me up. That's the real reason I didn't go to the reunion. Rick and I got a divorce and I was a coward again and didn't know how to break the news to everybody." Jo paused realizing there was so much she wanted to tell Blair, yet so little time. "But I'm tired of trying not to let anybody down, and living my life for them. I just want to live my life for me and be happy, and if they don't understand it then so be it."

Blair looked around at the crowd, she was frozen stiff. She then took a final look at Jo. Blair should have been mortified.

"Is it too late? Am I too late?" Jo said, her eyes, glistening.

Blair smiled brilliantly and hurriedly grabbed Jo's hand. Jo smiled her signature charming grin, and they then made a run for the door to Jo's Motorcycle. Everyone stood up in the pews not knowing what to do. Harrison still looked dumbfounded.

When they reached her motorcycle Jo looked Blair appreciatively from head to toe. "It's beautiful Blair, but white? You and I both know ya shoulda chosen more like 'off-white' or 'egg-shell,' or a—ouch, hey!" Jo said as Blair playfully hit her on her arm.

Jo then got on her motorcycle and stomped on the kick-start pedal. Blair quickly hopped on behind Jo, as if she'd done it a million times before. Jo turned her head and they shared a quick passionate kiss. They then saw the people coming out of the church yelling after them as well as the photographers.

"Hold on!" Jo said to Blair, and she gave Blair another quick tender kiss before turning forward, popping a wheelie and riding off, as Blair's dress gracefully danced in the wind behind them.

The End

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