atTENTion G Jo/Blair Forced to share a tent. Complete

Akiela Xal

Fanfic Anyone? PG Jo/Blair A surprise discovery while surfing the internet. Complete


The Princess and the Pirate PG-13 Jo/Blair Jo and Blair dress up for Halloween. Complete

We'll have a gay old time PG-13 Jo/Blair Blair wants them to make friends with the other gay couple at Eastland. Complete

Born of the observation PG-13 Jo/Blair Blair wants to paint Jo. Complete

Party's Over PG-13 Jo/Blair In a missing scene from 'Let's Party', Jo tries to convince Blair to leave with her. Complete

California Dreamin' PG-13 Jo/Blair Jo and Blair fly out to Los Angeles to visit Tootie on a movie set. Blair is so enamoured of the Hollywood lifestyle that she doesn't want to leave -- much to Jo's dismay. Complete


Box in the Sky G Jo/Blair A Ralst challenge involving a rodeo and a crystal glass. Complete

A Welcome Home Celebration PG-13 Jo/Blair A Ralst challenge designed to keep my mind occupied. This one involves Edna's bedroom and balloons and takes place years after the finale. Complete

Secrets Revealed 15 Jo/Blair One of the women is being blackmailed, and the others come to the aid of their friend. Complete

Charitable Beginnings PG Jo/Blair Prequel to 'Charity Begins at Home'. Complete

Charity Begins at Home PG Jo/Blair Blair enters Jo in a golf competition. Complete

A Sundae on a Sunday PG Jo/Blair Sequel to 'Charity Begins at Home'. Complete

A Good Cause PG Jo/Blair Sequel to 'A Sundae on a Sunday'. Complete

Just Like Old Times PG Jo/Blair Sequel to 'A Good Cause'. Complete

A Hero's Incentive PG Jo/Blair Jo needs to come to the rescue. Complete

A Kink in the Plan PG Jo/Blair Mrs Garrett issues an ultimatum. Complete

The Spirit of Giving PG Jo/Blair Hunting for that special gift. Complete

Magic PG Jo/Blair Blair's latest culinary offering leave a lot to be desired. Complete

No Means of Escape PG-13 Jo/Blair The girls are trapped inside Mrs. Garrett's house with no apparent way out. Complete

The Chain Rule PG Jo/Blair Jo and Blair end up with Natalie's and Tootie's tickets to see Duran Duran. Complete

A Jealous Streak PG-13 Jo/Blair Jo's protective instinct comes out. Complete

New Year's Resolutions PG Jo/Blair New Year's Eve with no one to kiss. Complete

Cramming for an Exam PG Jo/Blair Jo is looking for a quiet place to study. Complete

Childish Rhymes PG Jo/Blair Third wheel. Complete

The Baker's Dozen PG Jo/Blair Jo falls victim to gravity. Complete

Color Me a Season PG Jo/Blair A little fashion advice. Complete

Full Circle PG Jo/Blair A new philosophy. Complete

Ground Zero - Peekskill, 6.19am PG Jo/Blair Part of the 'Ground Zero' series and the 'Vampires, Ghosts & Zombies' challenge. Complete

Happy Birthday, Jo PG Jo/Blair Jo turns thirty. Complete

Whose Life is It Anyway? PG Jo/Blair No synopsis given. Complete

Take Me Out to the Ballgame PG Jo/Blair Jo is caught between a rock and a hard place. Complete

Bad Day PG Jo/Blair Jo is having a bad day. Complete

Stark Realization PG Jo/Blair Natalie and Tootie feel left out when Blair and Jo start to spend so much time alone together. Complete

The Evils of the Night PG Jo/Blair Nat and Tootie are convinced that Jo's been attacked by a vampire. Complete

The Seventh Day of Christmas PG Jo/Blair Day 7 of my 'out of tune' 12 Days of Christmas song - Seven fuses a-blowing. Complete

Keeping Up with the Joneses PG Jo/Blair One of the girls becomes embroiled in a neighbourhood war over house decorations. Complete

The Princess and the Frog PG Jo/Blair Set at Langley, Blair gets in over her head with a date, and Jo comes to her rescue. Complete

I've Got You Under My Skin PG Jo/Blair A work of art clearly defines the relationship. Complete

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too PG Jo/Blair A look at the growing friendship between Blair and Jo. Complete

Life After Forty PG Jo/Blair An 'older' Jo/Blair fic. Complete

If the Clothes Fit... PG Jo/Blair Blair suspects Jo has been frequenting a gay bar a few towns over. To investigate, she goes "undercover" as (her idea of) a typical lesbian. Complete

A Magical Christmas PG Jo/Blair A tiny Christmas tree works its magic on Jo and Blair. Complete


A Divergent Connection 1 2 3 15 Jo/Blair If you take the time to look you may find you're not so different after all. On-Going

This Time is Forever PG Jo/Blair Jo's thoughts on recent events. Complete

Close Quarters PG Jo/Blair Finally, I was able to complete my challenge to write the prompt: Jo and Blair get locked in the pantry at Edna's Edibles when everyone else is gone for the day. Complete

Everything Changes 1-2 15 Jo/Blair   Brooke/Sam Popular crossover - A story within a story. On-Going

Let It Snow PG Jo/Blair A snowstorm and a chance encounter leads to a Christmas to remember. Complete

Sleep Is Overrated PG-13 Jo/Blair Better than sleep. Complete

Blair's Dare PG Jo/Blair No synipsis given. Complete


Mistletoe PG Jo/Blair Blair becomes the subject of a Christmas bet. Complete

Breakable PG-13 Jo/Blair Jo in an accident. Just a scene or two really. Complete

Rough Day 1 2 PG-13 Jo/Blair Blair is the target of a ransom plot. Jo intervenes a bit. Complete


Tell Me What to Say PG Jo/Blair Jo deiced it's time to be honest about her feelings, but it doesn't go as planned. Complete

Sneak Peak PG-13 Jo/Blair A night in proves to be all the more interesting between the two girls. Complete

Making The Call PG-13 Jo/Blair Jo decides to take a chance, since Blair doesn't seem interested. Will Blair find the courage to speak up or lose out on happiness with the one person who has loved her all along? Complete

Saving Me 1 2 3 15 Jo/Blair In a time of need, Blair reaches out to the one person she has come to trust most in her life. After receiving threats, it's up to Jo to figure out who would want to hurt the person she loves most in this world. Can their friendship overcome the obstacles ahead and create an even deeper bond that neither woman would have anticipated? On-Going

...And the winner is 1 2 3 4 PG-13 Jo/Blair It's been three years since the girls have moved on with their lives. Natalie, a writer for a NY paper. Jo, a social worker. Blair, headmaster of Eastland School. Tootie the newest hottest actress to hit LA. Jo can't keep her secret any longer once Tootie thanks both her and Blair at a televised award ceremony for her role as a lesbian in her most recent film. Shocked and caught off guard by this new revelation, Blair finds herself seeing her best friend in a new light. Complete


Beauty and the Barbarian 15 Jo/Blair It’s 1991. At a time when feelings are shifting, Blair and Jo take a six-year-old Bailey to see Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and experience a semblance of the story themselves. Can a simple fairy tale encourage a change from friendship to romance? Complete

She's So High New 15 Jo/Blair A college party and mysterious cookies change things between Jo and Blair. Complete


Peekskill Roads 1 2   18 Jo/Blair In an alternate Season 5 universe, Jo and Blair begin ultra-posh Langley College with financial pressures and growing feelings for each other. With nosy servants and well-meaning family and friends at every turn, can Jo and Blair find true love before classes start? Complete

Artemis & Aphrodite 1 2   18 Jo/Blair Sequel to 'Peekskill Roads'. From Eastland to Langley, Manhattan to the South Bronx, it seems like everyone is keeping secrets - especially Jo and Blair. After Blair's mother drops a bombshell, can the musketeers sort fact from fiction and keep friendship and love alive? Complete

Lost in the Masquerade 1 2 3 18 Jo/Blair Sequel to 'Artemis & Aphrodite'. Come out, come out wherever you are. Jo and Blair are ready to come out to Natalie and Tootie, and a Halloween house party seems like the perfect opportunity. Sparks fly and mysteries abound as Jo and Blair prepare to drop their masks. Complete

A Very Special Polniaczek Thanksgiving 1 2 18 Jo/Blair Sequel to 'Lost in the Masquerade'. It's the mother of all Turkey Days when the musketeers' moms bring the good, the bad and the ugly to the holiday festivities. It's all about being thankful - even if Jo and Blair have to give up everything except each other. Complete

Christmas Waltz 1 2 3 18 Jo/Blair Sequel to 'A Very Special Polniaczek Thanksgiving'. Christmas 1983: In Peekskill, Manhattan and the Bronx, friends and lovers settle into new roles while Jo and Blair cope with the aftermath of their Thanksgiving revelations. It's not easy ... but they wouldn't trade their wonderful life for anything! Complete

Not Just Another New Year's Eve 18 Jo/Blair Sequel to 'Christmas Waltz'. The musketeers spend New Year's Eve 1983 at Petal's "cottage" on Lake Peekskill. All they want to do is to welcome 1984 peacefully - but rivals and enemies have other plans! Complete

Glamorous Life 1 2 3 4 18 Jo/Blair Sequel to 'Not Just Another New Year's Eve'. It's Valentine's Day weekend 1984. While Jo and Blair plan the perfect way to celebrate their first Valentine's Day together, friends and family contemplate true love, old enemies surface with deadly results, and New York's founding families face ruin. Complete

That Long Hot Summer 1 2 3 18 Jo/Blair Sequel to 'Glamorous Life'. As Lexi recuperates in 2011, the musketeers remember the long hot summer of 1984. Complete

The One That I Want 1 2 3 18 Jo/Blair Sequel to 'That Long Hot Summer'. It's 1984 and Jo and Blair are Langley College's golden girls. Everything seems perfect as they celebrate their one-year anniversary. But when you're at the top, it's a long way down ... Complete

Faithfully 1 2 3 18 Jo/Blair Sequel to 'The One That I Want'. In November 1984 the musketeers rally around Mona as Manhattan's 'Trial of the Decade' begins. In 2011, Lexi shares a secret, while Jo and Blair adjust to big changes ... Complete

All Shiny and New 1 2 18 Jo/Blair Sequel to 'Faithfully'. Valentine's Day 1985 and 2012: Bright new opportunities beckon Jo and Blair and their friends - even as tragedies strike ... Complete

Separate Ways 1 2 18 Jo/Blair Sequel to 'All Shiny and New'. 1986: Tootie graduates from Eastland and finds first love; Natalie and Snake take it to another level; Mrs. Garrett's show goes national; Jo and Blair learn of a plot to take down BZ Becker. 2012: Jo and Blair finally welcome their bundle of joy! Complete

Goddess on the Mountain Top 1 2 3 18 Jo/Blair Sequel to 'Separate Ways'. In 1986, the Musketeers try to protect David Warner, setting off a sequence of violent events. Secrets are revealed, and wrongs are both committed - and righted. In 2013 Jo and Blair prepare to renew their vows. Complete

Two Hearts 1 2 3 18 Jo/Blair Sequel to 'Goddess on the Mountain Top'. In 1989, Blair and Jo move into a house in Morningside Heights. The pressure of grad school and internships push them in different directions, until Natalie's advice, Tootie's secrets, and life and death encounters put the little things in perspective. Complete

Sweet Child of Mine 1 2 18 Jo/Blair Sequel to 'Two Hearts'. With graduate school behind them, Jo and Blair prepare for the challenges of their new careers while trying to help Alec and Tootie overcome parental difficulties. As the Musketeers discover in the summer of 1990, growing up isn't easy, even when friends rally around. Complete


The Argument PG-13 Jo/Blair Jo and Blair have an lovers spat. Surprise appearance by a Gamma Gamma Gamma; Slight romance, nothing smutty. Like a Drabble x 5. Post Eastland. Complete


The Reunion PG Jo/Blair A school reunion brings Jo back into Blair's life. Complete

I've Loved You Before PG Jo/Blair   Amy/Lucy   Xena/Gabrielle   Spencer/Ashley Multi-fandom crossover - a love through the ages. Complete


Friend in Need PG-13 Jo/Blair Jamie's actions bring Jo and Blair together after a 13 year separation. Complete

You Can't Stop Love PG-13 Jo/Blair Sequel to 'Friend in Need'. Complete

A Diva's Demise 1 2 PG-13 Multi-fandom crossover - Sister conventions at the Happiest Place on Earth - Who said it's a small world after all? Complete

Old Meets New PG-13 Multi-fandom crossover. Complete

Snippets of Solstice PG-13 Multi-fandom crossover. Complete

In Search of Kringle PG Multi-fandom crossover. Complete


Words PG-13 Jo/Blair Sticks and stones could break her bones, but words could never hurt her. Complete


The New Facts of Life 1-2 3-4 5-6 15 Jo/Blair In life we all make choices, our facts of life. Once made can we ever go back? Complete

Del Robertson

You Take the Good - You Take The Bad PG Jo/Blair What happens when Blair's date stands her up? Complete

Who Watches the Watch Man? PG-13 Jo/Blair Follow-up to my previous Facts of Life story: You Take the Good, You Take the Bad. Jo wants Blair - Blair wants a watch. Complete

A (Black and) Blue Christmas PG Jo/Blair Blair discovers that Jo was her "mystery date" for Halloween. Complete

Resolutions PG Jo/Blair The New Year's Eve Party is on - but will Blair make an appearance? Complete

Living in Exile PG Jo/Blair Blair is back - Jo has moved out. Complete

Deliverance PG-13 Jo/Blair Jo agreed to go to Church with Blair to atone for her past sins. Will she keep her word - or be gone by the time for the first hymn is sung? Complete

Won't You Be My Valentine? PG Jo/Blair Someone's sending Jo flowers for Valentine's. Complete

The Luck of the Irish PG-13 Jo/Blair Everyone knows if you don't wear green for St. Patrick's Day, you have to face the consequences. Complete

Pomp & Circumstance PG-13 Jo/Blair As they attend Natalie's and Tootie's graduation, Jo and Blair reflect on their own ceremony. Complete

The Five Fandom Cross-Over Story PG Jo/Blair Multi-fandom crossover - Ms. Fletcher is in trouble - and the Angels are on the case. Complete

Illusory Manifestations 15 Jo/Blair What's real and what's not in Peekskill? Natalie and Tootie think they know - but do they? Complete

Higher Education 15 Jo/Blair Natalie and Tootie get stranded in New York after attending a rock concert when they were meant to be on a school field trip. It's up to Jo and Blair to get them back to Peekskill and keep Mrs Garrett from finding out. Complete

Once Upon a Stormy Night 15 Jo/Blair Clichés and urban legends abound in Peekskill on a dark and stormy night. Complete

The Headless Biker of Peekskill 15 Jo/Blair Blair asks Jo for a ride home on Halloween night. Complete

Nineteen-Eighty Something 15 Jo/Blair Years after a tragedy has struck at Over Our Heads, Jo comes home, seeking closure. Complete

Musty Memories and Passionate Kisses 18 Jo/Blair After Mrs. G suffers a heart attack, Jo and Blair are forced to work together on a spring cleaning project. Complete

Della Street

Kiss 15 Jo/Blair Blair is asked a difficult question while playing a game with Nat and Tootie. Complete

Ribbon PG Jo/Blair Blair sticks with Jo through thick and thin. Complete

Tool 15 Jo/Blair Jo gets in over her head trying to save Blair. Complete

Arcade G Jo/Blair Jo's evening at the arcade goes awry. Complete

Burn PG Jo/Blair Blair plans to see Jo during a summer visit to Eastland. Complete

Auction PG Jo/Blair Jo finds herself trailing behind Blair at a silent auction. Complete

Pending 15 Jo/Blair Detective Jo Polniaczek runs into an old friend when she investigates a sudden death on Park Avenue. Complete

Over the Moon PG Jo/Blair Not-so-secret Santas. Complete

Art PG-13 Jo/Blair Jo worries about the new art teacher's intentions toward Blair. Complete

A Winter's Tale PG-13 Jo/Blair The broken heating causes Jo and Blair to get a little closer. Complete

Scholarship PG-13 Jo/Blair Blair goes looking for Jo in the Bronx. Complete

Memorable PG-13 Jo/Blair The girls' last trip together before Jo's marriage doesn't go as planned. Complete

Atlantic City PG Jo/Blair Jo and Blair plan a long weekend in Atlantic City. Complete

Death Duty PG Jo/Blair Directing traffic and being there for your friends. Complete

31 Slices of Jo/Blair Life 15 Jo/Blair Thirty-one slices of Jo and Blair's life together. Complete

Lobby PG Jo/Blair Jo and Blair arrange to meet up over spring break. Complete

A Merry Little Christmas 15 Jo/Blair Jo helps Blair out with a PR problem. Complete

Why They Fight G Jo/Blair Blair doesn't realize what it is about Jo that really frustrates her. Complete

Word Play PG-13 Jo/Blair Another excuse for them to get heated. Complete

Timing G Jo/Blair Blair's admirer finally sees an opening. Complete

Her Hero PG Jo/Blair Jo saves Blair's virtue. Complete

Seven-Year Itch 15 Jo/Blair Blair offers Jo something she doesn't want. Complete

Stuck 15 Jo/Blair Blair worries that Jo is tired of her. Complete

Nostalgia PG-13 Jo/Blair Not a routine prisoner transport. Complete


Post Peekskill Series

That Weekend in Vegas 15 Jo/Blair No synopsis given. Complete

Catching Up PG Jo/Blair Blair and Jo deal with seeing old friends. Complete

Openings PG Jo/Blair Jo and Blair deal with issues at home and work. A sequel to "Catching Up". Complete

The Thanksgiving Episode 15 Jo/Blair Jo and Blair prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving. A sequel to "Catching Up" and "Openings." Complete

Commitments 15 Jo/Blair Jo and Blair decide to have a commitment ceremony. Complete

The Celebrity PG Jo/Blair Jo is assigned to guard a celebrity. Complete

Recoveries PG Jo/Blair After Jo is injured at work, the gang goes to the seashore. Complete

Gifts 15 Jo/Blair Jo decides on a gift for Blair. Complete

The Godsend PG Jo/Blair While flying home, Jo makes a new friend. Complete

The Season Finale PG Jo/Blair In preparation for a television role,Tootie consults Jo. Complete

A Day in the Life PG Jo/Blair Jo and Blair spend a day in the park. Complete

Identities PG-13 Jo/Blair Jo and Blair disagree over vacation plans. Complete

The Ramada PG Jo/Blair Tootie and Jo get a gig as a hotel lounge act. Complete

The Dinner Party PG-13 Jo/Blair Jo invites a friend home for dinner with Mrs. Garrett and the gang. A sequel to "The Ramada." Complete

A Summer Story PG Jo/Blair Jo gets a summer job at a fancy resort. Complete

Invitations G Jo/Blair Blair doesn't invite Jo to her debutante dance. Complete

The Upgrade PG Jo/Blair An investment banker observes his fellow airplane passengers. Complete

The Valentine Mystery PG Jo/Blair Jo receives a Valentine. Complete

The Return PG Jo/Blair A "What If" story. What if Blair had accepted Cliff's proposal and Natalie had won the election for Mayor of Peekskill. Complete

Bullet PG-13 Jo/Blair A shooting incident in Peekskill. A sequel to "The Return." Complete


A letter from Jo to Blair G Jo/Blair After five years apart Jo sends a letter to Blair. Complete

A letter from Jo to Blair 2 G Jo/Blair After five years apart Jo sends a letter to Blair. Complete

the ghost

Don't Ask, It's Complicated PG Jo/Blair Blair and Jo find themselves in a socially awkward situation. Complete

Learning to Dress PG Jo/Blair Sequel to 'Don't Ask, It's complicated'. Complete

Exposed PG Jo/Blair Sequel to 'Learning to Dress.' Tootie (surprisingly) gets a little nosy. Complete

Finishing school 18 Jo/Blair An unusual encounter with Jo sends Blair into a tailspin. (An attempt to do the conventional unconventionally.) Complete


Just a Genuine Something in My Misery PG-13 Jo/Blair Princesses weren't supposed to prefer the frog to the prince, or lust after their ladies in waiting, were they? Complete

Christmas Wishes PG Jo/Blair Blair chooses to spend Christmas with Jo. Complete

Was I Just Your Habit... 18 Jo/Blair Jo wonders how she could have let it go on for so long. Complete

Walking Boots PG-13 Jo/Blair Blair walks in on something she shouldn't, and has to revaluate her relationship with Jo. Complete

Stealing from Steinbeck PG Jo/Blair Nat and Tootie decide to play matchmaker. Complete

The Failures of Modern Home Economics For Boys PG-13 Jo/Blair No synopsis given. Complete

JS Stephens

The Impossible Dream 1 2 3 15 Jo/Blair Jo comes back into Blair's life unexpectedly and two women renew their friendship, which deepens when tragedy strikes Blair's family. This tragedy tears Blair's marriage apart, and Jo is on hand to help pick up the pieces, as they try to ignore undercurrents of attraction of a different kind. Complete

Wedding Vignettes PG Jo/Blair Jo's and Blair's thoughts before, during, and after each other's weddings. Prequel to "The Impossible Dream". Complete

Blair's Christmas Gift G Jo/Blair Jo buys a gift for Blair, who shows up wearing it many years later. Prequel to "The Impossible Dream". Complete


The Autumn Leaves 1 2 PG Jo/Blair Jo tracks down Blair after several years. On-Going


Dear Apple, Byte This! PG Jo/Blair While making renovation estimates for an inner-city library, Jo runs into an "old acquaintance." Complete

Miss Pamela

Nature PG Jo/Blair Jo was sick of that question: sick of it from the girls at school, sick of it from her asshole uncle, sick of it from herself. Complete

Misty Flores

When Blair Warner met Joanne Jefferson - and Joanna Marie Polniaczek Went Insane PG-13 Jo/Blair   Blair/Joanne Blair has made the perfect friend in the law program: she's bright, attractive, and from a very affluent family. So what does it matter that she's gay and appears to have a crush on Blair? That's just good taste is all. Meanwhile, Jo's head proceeds to explode. Complete

In a Family Way PG-13 Jo/Blair When Blair's biological clock starts ticking, Jo has to confront her own insecurities about starting a family with the heiress. Complete

Hot Flash PG-13 Jo/Blair Intent is always easier than execution, Jo and Blair figure out, as they deal with the fact that having a baby may be more of a struggle than they had originally planned. Complete

Bright Lights 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 15 Jo/Blair When Blair moves to New York, newlywed Jo must figure out how to cope without the thorn-in-her-side she learned to need. Complete

Like A Bad Movie PG-13 Jo/Blair Blair craved romance like she breathed air, and she was determined the make the best of things, because like it or not, she was stuck with Jo. There was simply no one else. Complete


Blair has a big mouth PG Jo/Blair Comic-strip style story. Complete

Blair has a brilliant idea PG Jo/Blair Comic-strip style story. Complete

Great minds think alike PG Jo/Blair Comic-strip style story. Complete

Always use protection PG Jo/Blair Comic-strip style story. Complete

Priorities PG Jo/Blair Comic-strip style story. Complete

Learning Experience PG Jo/Blair Comic-strip style story. Complete

quiethearted (QH Fletcher)

Getting the Girl 18 Jo/Blair Just when you think they've gotten together, something else has to happen. Complete

A Blonde Understanding PG Jo/Blair   Alex/Olivia Law & Order: SVU crossover - Blair and Alex understand each other perfectly. Complete

Butch Wiles PG Jo/Blair   Alex/Olivia Law & Order: SVU crossover - Jo gives Olivia a little advice on football and princesses. Complete

Living with Choices PG-13 Jo/Blair It's hard to live with your choices when you know you've made a mistake. Complete


The Children's Hour PG Jo/Blair The girls learn about innuendo. Complete


The Princess' Diaries 1-3 4-8 15 Jo/Blair Natalie is desperate to complete her creative writing assignment before the deadline, and decides to snoop into Blair's diary in the hope that inspiration will strike. Complete


Worth the Wait PG Jo/Blair Blair reflects on recent events. Complete

Arguments and Motor Oil PG Jo/Blair Blair's car isn't the only thing giving her trouble. Complete

Not the Surprise She Was Expecting PG Jo/Blair Blair's birthday surprise doesn't turn out quite how she planned. Complete

Walking the Beat PG-13 Jo/Blair Jo stumbles across Blair during a routine patrol of the Bronx. Complete


That Time They All Went Camping PG Jo/Blair The girls of Eastland go on a camping trip. Complete


Yule PG-13 Jo/Blair Jo. Blair. A Christmas tree. Complete

After PG-13 Jo/Blair Blair comforts Jo after the events of episode 2.10, Breaking Point. Complete

Trick or Treat PG-13 Jo/Blair Halloween fun. Complete


10-13 PG-13 Jo/Blair When an arrest goes bad, Jo gets some much need help from an unexpected source. Complete

Welcome Home PG-13 Jo/Blair Sequel to 10-13 - "It is not necessary to understand things in order to argue about them." - Pierre Beaumarchais (1732 - 1799) Complete

Judgment Call PG-13 Jo/Blair Sequel to Welcome Home - "And everyone knows you can’t disprove a rumor." Jay Asher, Thirteen Reasons Why Complete

All Lies Lead to the Truth PG-13 Jo/Blair The fragile line separating truth from lie becomes blurred when Jo begins dating someone from Blair's past. Complete


Pranks PG Jo/Blair Beverly-Ann accidentally loses the house in a card game. Complete

Distinguishing Marks PG Jo/Blair Nat and Tootie are convinced that Jo's been attacked by a vampire. How else can she explain all the marks on her neck? Complete


Beauty Crowds Me

1: A New Face PG-13 Jo/Blair Jo, a streetwise girl from the Bronx, earns a scholarship to a prestigious preparatory school where she meets a pampered heiress named Blair. Sparks fly when the two girls are forced to become roommates. As they struggle to understand and accept the attraction they feel for one another, they forge a friendship which will test their ability to trust, forgive, and love. Complete

2: A New Country PG-13 Jo/Blair Jo was trying her best to fit in at Eastland, but she knew her plan to keep her relationship with Blair casual wasn't working. Complete

3: It Had To Be You PG-13 Jo/Blair Blair's friend invites Jo to a dance but he has more than dancing on his agenda. Complete

4: Joining the Gang PG-13 Jo/Blair When Jo confronts Blair about being a snob, Blair retaliates by questioning Jo's street gang affiliation. Complete

5: Make out Mountain PG-13 Jo/Blair Jo visits Cooper's Rock with Blair, unaware that it is a notorious lover's lane. Complete

6: Girl Friends and Girlfriends PG-13 Jo/Blair Blair is shocked when Jo resorts to shoplifting in order to give Mrs. Garrett a suitable birthday present. Complete

7: Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall Part 1 PG-13 Jo/Blair Blair is frantic when Jo's boyfriend, Eddie, comes to town and proposes to Jo. This is the first of a two chapter storyline. Complete

8: Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall Part 2 PG-13 Jo/Blair Blair is devastated by Jo's elopement attempt. This is the second of a two chapter storyline. Complete

9: Courting Blair PG-13 Jo/Blair Jo has to deal with the consequences of her actions and makes a new friend. Blair goes to Monte Carlo. When the girls return to Eastland following Christmas break, Jo begins her campaign to win Blair back. Complete

10: Breaking Point 15 Jo/Blair Jo goes to extremes in order to impress Blair during a field trip to New York. A classmate's suicide prompts Jo to reveal her painful past and sheds light on her relationship with Eddie. Complete

11: Turning Point PG-13 Jo/Blair When Natalie's date begins spreading rumors about their younger friend, Jo and Blair intervene. Complete

12: Revelations and Celebrations PG-13 Jo/Blair Jo's father visits Eastland and Blair discovers another family secret. Later, Jo and Blair celebrate Blair's birthday. Complete

13: Crushes and Clues PG-13 Jo/Blair Blair goes on a major shopping spree to help Jo. Afterward, Blair embarks on a sales initiative of her own. When she enlists Natalie's help, the younger roommate develops a 'friendship crush' on Blair. Complete

14: Courting Jo PG-13 Jo/Blair Jo discovers one of Blair's hidden talents. Blair asks Jo for a date. Complete

15: The Family We Choose PG-13 Jo/Blair Blair and Jo celebrate Jo's birthday and later go out on their first official date. Complete

16: Leaving Home PG-13 Jo/Blair The last chapter of the Beauty Crowds Me series. Blair's reckless actions after an argument with Jo put her life in danger. The girls must say goodbye to one another at the end of the school year. Complete

Common Ground

1: Separation Pains PG-13 Jo/Blair The sequel begins where Beauty Crowds Me ended as Jo returns to the Bronx for the summer following her junior year at Eastland. Complete

2: Hidden Pain PG-13 Jo/Blair Blair spends the summer in Paris with her mother. Complete

3: Growing Pains PG-13 Jo/Blair Blair and Jo celebrate their return to Eastland by sharing a bottle of wine. Complete

4: Bad Omens PG-13 Jo/Blair Blair and Jo meet a friend of Miss Gallagher's and find out more about their teacher's private life. More details about how Jo managed to pay for Blair's dream house are revealed in the Fast Forward. Complete

5: A Tale of Two Classes 15 Jo/Blair Jo and the new journalism teacher clash. Mrs. Garrett plans to surprise Jo and Blair during a visit to the Peekskill Retirement Center, but Mrs. Garrett is the one surprised. Complete

6: Fear Strikes 15 Jo/Blair Jo and Blair attend a costume party together. Complete

7: Hope Strikes Back PG-13 Jo/Blair Natalie turns to Blair for emotional support after an attempted sexual assault. Blair buys tickets to a Bruce Springsteen concert in an effort to lift Natalie's spirits, but the girls find it difficult to convince Natalie to attend the event. Complete

8: Baby Talk PG-13 Jo/Blair Jo has mixed feelings after learning that Blair has invited her recently married former girlfriend to visit Eastland. Complete

9: Blair-y-pie and Allie-kins 15 Jo/Blair Jo had attempted to prepare herself for Allison's visit, but nothing could have prepared her for the spectacle of 'Blair-y-Pie' and 'Allie-kins'. Allison not only insisted on using the sickeningly cute nickname for Blair, she couldn't seem to keep her hands off of Jo's astonishingly receptive girlfriend. Complete

10: Four Teens and A Baby 15 Jo/Blair When Allison disappears, Jo, Blair, Natalie, and Tootie must take care of Allison's baby. While Jo is quick to take charge of the situation, Blair's motherhood fantasies are dashed by the demands of caring for a real infant. Complete

11: Friend in Need 15 Jo/Blair Blair discovers that her mother has been keeping a terrible secret. Complete

12: Lean on Me 15 Jo/Blair Jo travels to New York to comfort her girlfriend while Blair's mother is in the hospital. Complete

13: Special Friends 15 Jo/Blair Jo and Blair grow closer during their weekend together in New York. Complete

14: The Bully 15 Jo/Blair The animosity between Jo and Mr. Gideon escalates when Jo and Blair return from New York. Complete

15: Absence of Malice 15 Jo/Blair Jo gets blindsided by an unknown adversary and Blair continues to keep Jo in the dark about her efforts to help Jo pass Mr. Gideon's class. Complete

16: Front Page 15 Jo/Blair Jo's newspaper article shakes up the entire school and Jo must decide if she will face the consequences of her actions alone, or if she and Blair will face them together. Complete

17: Give and Take 18 Jo/Blair Higher rating is for language. Jo, Blair, Natalie, and Tootie are crushed when they learn that Mrs. Garrett may be leaving Eastland. Jo and Blair watch the latest Brooke Shield's movie, Endless Love. Complete

18: Fish Out Of Water (Part 1 of 2) 15 Jo/Blair Blair visits Jo and Rose in the Bronx and meets Jo's childhood friends and neighbors for the first time. Complete

Jo & Blair Recap Lost Girl

Episode 01 PG Jo/Blair   Bo/Lauren Jo and Blair recap episodes of the new series, Lost Girl. Complete

Episode 02 PG Jo/Blair   Bo/Lauren Jo and Blair recap episodes of the new series, Lost Girl. Complete

Episode 03 PG-13 Jo/Blair   Bo/Lauren Jo and Blair recap episodes of the new series, Lost Girl. Kenzi goes undercover as a sorority girl in order to solve a missing person's case. Lauren does not appear in this episode. Complete

Episode 04 15 Jo/Blair   Bo/Lauren Kenzi gets freaky. Lauren and Bo have 'sparkage'. Bo has a threesome with a Fae couple and is dragged into a murder plot when the wife asks Bo to kill her husband's mistress. Complete

Episode 05 15 Jo/Blair   Bo/Lauren Jo and Blair are very unhappy reviewers while watching LG Episode 5, Dead Lucky. When she isn't having sex with Dyson (AKA, Wolf Boy), Bo solves a case in which a Body Jumper inhabits the bodies of recently deceased humans. Snippet of Lip Service episode 5 for Team Sam fans. Complete

Episode 06 PG Jo/Blair   Bo/Lauren Happy days are here again for Team Lauren fans. Lauren and Bo go out on the town as Lauren tries to teach Bo how to gain control of her desires and Bo tries to teach Lauren how to lose control. Kenzi gets sick after accidentally eating 'People Feet Soup'. Lauren helps Bo find a cure for Kenzi. Complete

Mr. Frog PG-13 Jo/Blair No synopsis given. Complete


I Wonder You 1 2 PG-13 Jo/Blair After Blair is cornered into accepting a date from another student on campus that's a woman, no less. Jo, at first teases Blair about the situation but then when Blair decides to go through with said date, Jo becomes quite noticeably jealous. On-Going


Waiting Up PG Jo/Blair Jo is not scared of a stupid urban legend. Complete


An Acquired Taste PG Jo/Blair A catastrophe causes Blair to ask for Jo's help. Complete


Stumbling into grace PG-13 Jo/Blair Blair's new boyfriend is pushing her to sleep with him, but something' is holding her back. She goes to Jo for guidance. Complete


Alone 15 Jo/Blair It all begins with Jo and Blair being alone together. Complete

Jealousy PG Jo/Blair Natalie realizes something about her friends... Complete


The Facts of Buffy 1 2 PG-13 Jo/Buffy Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover. On-Going