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Jo & Blair Recap Lost Girl
Episode 03

By Slave2Free


Oh Kappa, My Kappa

Jo: The show begins where episode two ended, with Bo and Wolf Boy enjoying the afterglow of their night of passion.

Blair: Ick.

Jo: Yeah, this might be a short recap. I don't like capturing screen shots of Wolf Boy.

Natalie: I hate to break it to you, but they've started doing more than enjoy the afterglow.

Jo: Nat's right, Blair. Bo's into Wolf Boy. She's not injured, so she's not doing it just for the healing benefits.

Jo: The show cuts away from the bedroom.

Blair: Thank goodness.

Jo: A frightened girl is running through the woods, but we can't see who, or what, is chasing her.

Blair: After the opening credits, Kenzi wakes up to find Dyson in the bathroom. Kenzi teases Bo about her overnight guest, happy that Bo and Dyson have . . . Jo, what's the term our children are using these days.

Jo: Hooked up.

Bo: Would you just relax? You know he was just here to heal me.

Kenzi: Apparently, he healed you all night long.

Jo: Bo finds a flyer Kenzi printed to advertise Bo's Private Investigation Services.

Blair: How sweet. (looking at Natalie) I made business cards for Jo when we were at Eastland advertising her automotive repairs and maintenance skills. She made a lot of extra money changing oil for faculty members.

Jo: How else was I gonna take you to the movies every weekend?

Blair: You wouldn't have had to pay anything if you would have done like I suggested and taken pretend dates with us.

Jo: (sighing deeply) Bo isn't happy with the brochure because Kenzi embellished Bo's qualifications.

Bo: You can't just lie about this shit.

Kenzi: In my defense, truth is for pussies.

Natalie: (giggling) You have to love Kenzi.

Jo: Kenzi talks Bo into meeting with one of the clients who responded to the advertisement. They have a lunch meeting with a woman whose daughter is missing.

Blair: Could that be the girl we saw running through the woods at the beginning of the show?

Natalie: You're a genius, Blair.

Jo: The woman's daughter is a college student, but her mother insists that Gina would have contacted her is she wasn't in trouble. She goes on to explain that Gina was very excited about joining a new sorority and shows Bo and Kenzi a picture of her daughter with other sorority members. Bo eventually agrees to take the case.

Blair: I could have been in a sorority. I was voted in, but I turned them down.

Natalie: You were a legacy, Blair. You're membership invitation was automatic.

Blair: I would have gotten in whether or not my mother and grandmother had been members. Wouldn't I Jo?

Jo: Yes, Princess.

Natalie: I still don't understand why you gave up having your own suite in the sorority house to live with us over Mrs. Garrett's store.

Blair: (smiling sweetly at Jo) Fringe benefits.

Jo: (clearing her throat) Bo tells Kenzi that she wants to start the investigation by checking with the police to see if they know of any reason why Gina would run away. Kenzi teases Bo about using the investigation as an excuse to see Wolf Boy.

Bo: Why are you being so weird about this? We had sex. It doesn't have to mean anything more.

Kenzi: Sex doesn't, but sleeping over usually does.

Blair: Kenzi has a good point. Bo's interest in Dyson goes beyond sexual attraction or she would have booted him from her bed after they had sex. Natalie's right, Bo's falling in love.

Natalie: See. I'm essential to your reviews.

Jo: Dyson is surprised that Bo wants to work, telling her that if she would choose to join the Light Fae, she would be 'cared for'.

Bo: Membership has it's privileges, huh?"

Dyson: Something like that."

Bo: Well, so does freedom.

Jo: That's the Bo we like to watch.

Natalie: Hum, I see trouble ahead for Team Dyson.

Blair: Really?

Natalie: Yep. The last thing a succubus wants is for someone to try to take care of her.

Jo: Especially a half wolf. He's gonna smoother her.

Blair: Dyson gives Bo a police file about another college student who disappeared ten years earlier.

Jo: When her body was found, she was hollow, 'her insides were completely sucked out.'

Bo: Gross.

Natalie: Gross.

Blair: Gross.

Jo: Bo returns to her apartment where she and Kenzi discuss the case. Kenzi is thrilled when Bo asks her to go undercover at the college, until she discovers what Bo wants her to do.

Natalie: Kenzi as a sorority girl. What a hoot!

Blair: I don't see why everyone thinks sorority girls are such a joke.

Jo: Think 'Boots.'

Blair: Oh, you have a point.

Kenzi: I can handle scary monsters, but privilege creeps me out.

Jo: (snickering) Oh, Kenzi, if you only knew.

Blair: Bo looks hot in her security outfit.

Natalie: What is it with you and law enforcement?

Blair: (ignoring Natalie's question) I hope Lauren gets a chance to see Bo in her tight black security t-shirt and hip hugger utility belt.

Jo: Bo tries to get information from the Security Chief while Kenzi infiltrates the sorority. After learning that ninety percent of her job was to keep Dean Peretti happy, Bo visits the Dean.

Blair: Is it my imagination, or is Bo flirting with the old bat.

Jo: It's a succubus thing.

Natalie: The Dean doesn't look that old.

Jo: When the Dean isn't forthcoming when answering Bo's questions, she touches the Dean's leg and sends her a full dose of succubus sex vibes.

Dean Peretti: It's hard enough, squeezing out donations in this economy without toxic rumors flying around. My lips are already chapped from all the behind I've had to kiss.

Bo: (while running her hand up the Dean's leg) Well, what if I gave you something better to kiss.

Natalie: Whoa, this is getting good.

Blair: Ick.

Natalie: What? I thought you wanted to see hot lesbian sex scenes.

Blair: (offended) It's not about that, Lauren is the one she loves. Sex without love is just . . . sex.

Natalie: Don't knock it until you've tried it.

Jo: (glaring at Natalie) She ain't ever gonna try it, Nat.

Natalie: (smiling apologetically) Sorry.

Jo: Bo continues to seduce the Dean, asking her to share her secrets while she strategically kisses the Dean's neck.

Blair: The Dean doesn't seem nearly as uptight as she was at the beginning of the scene.

Jo: It's that succubus mojo. Even straight girls go for Bo.

Blair: Yeah, Bo and I have a lot in common.

Jo: (rolling her eyes) The Dean looks close to . . . um, you know, when someone interrupts.

Natalie: That is one ticked off Dean.

Blair: Wouldn't you be?

Jo: Much to the Dean's disappointment, Bo leaves. Once Bo is gone, the Dean makes a phone call to Human Resources, cluing us in on the fact that the Dean is up to no good.

Blair: Back at the sorority house, Kenzi see's the Dean's picture on the wall, indicating that Dean Peretti was in the same sorority as the missing girl.

Jo: The other sorority members are mad at Gina because they believe she ran away. They don't like it when someone who rushes the sorority doesn't accept their offer to join.

Blair: You can say that again. You know, Boots still holds a grudge against me for not joining Gamma Gamma.

Natalie: Does everything have to be about you, Blair.

Blair: Yes.

Jo: Poor Kenzi is surrounded by pink clad muffin heads while Bo gets to tromp around in the woods looking for clues. At the entrance of a huge hole in the ground, Bo finds Gina's necklace.

Natalie: Meanwhile, back at the sorority house, Kenzi impresses the muffin heads with her beer chugging skills.

Jo: Later, Kenzi and Bo search the Dean's office and find a list of student numbers taped under the desk. Bo does some research and discovers that there are a bunch of caves under the college and that one of them runs under the Kappa house.

Natalie: Bo meets with Dyson, who tells her that the student numbers she found match the names of dozens of students who have disappeared, but the police thought the students were runaways.

Jo: While Bo shows Wolf Boy maps of the underground tunnels, the waitress appears and flirts with him. He smiles at the waitress and Bo makes a joke about it.

Blair: I hate it when women flirt with Jo. Waitresses, nurses, flight attendants, you name it, they all fawn over Jo. It's very rude. It's a good thing Jo has me around to remind them of their manners.

Natalie: Yeah, I'll bet.

Jo: Wolf Boy kisses Bo, allowing her to feed off of him.

Natalie: That's not good for Team Dyson.

Blair: Why?

Natalie: It's almost as if he's giving her a drug. Mixing feeding with kissing may be confusing Bo. She doesn't have a lot of experience in that area. In the past, all the men and women she feed on died. That probably put a crimp in the high she got from it.

Jo: You aren't the only one who sees a problem with it, Nat. The bartender doesn't look too happy about the kiss either.

Trick: You're my eyes, Dyson. I need you to stay objective.

Dyson: I am.

Trick: Then keep your guard up with Bo. We don't know if we can trust her yet.

Dyson: How many hoops does she have to jump through? We know more about her than she does.

Trick: And how do you think she's going to react to that betrayal? When she finds out that the guy she's sleeping with is lying to her? Especially if you let her develop feelings for you by then.

Jo, Blair, and Nat: Ooooh.

Jo: Bo and Kenzi form a plan. Bo will enter the sink hole in the woods and follow the tunnel to the Kappa house. They suspect that the Kappa's may be sacrificing girls as part of the initiation process.

Natalie: Back at the bar, the waitress, Kayla, continues to flirt with Dyson. He's not really interested, but he flirts back.

Jo: He's following Trick's advice and breaking up with Bo for her own good.

Blair: Stupid Wolf Boy. (taking Jo's hand) Breaking up with someone you love is never best for them, no matter how much you think they'll have to sacrifice in order to be with you.

Natalie: (after five full minutes of watching Jo and Blair gaze lovingly into one another's eyes) Hello! We have a recap to finish.

Jo: Kenzi is terrified as she begins the initiation ceremony.

Natalie: Whew, Kenzi discovers that the initiation ceremony where she thought someone would be sacrificed is only a typical sorority party.

Blair: (giggling) You are so gullible. I can't believe you let the robes and candles fake you out.

Jo: Kenzi calls Bo to tell her that the Kappa's are just ordinary muffin heads, but Bo is tasered by the chief security guard during their conversation.

Security Chief: I hope you're not dead, girlie, cause he likes um with some fight.

Blair: When are we going to see Lauren?

Jo: It doesn't look like she's in this episode. Sorry, Princess.

Natalie: When she gets cut off from Bo, Kenzi calls Dyson for help.

Jo: Kenzi takes Dyson to the Dean's office, where Bo was heading, but the Dean is dead. While they continue to look for Bo, she wakes up in a cave with Gina and the security chief. Bo is chained and the security chief taunts Bo, telling her that he killed the Dean because she was going to seal the caves.

Natalie: As Kenzi and Dyson run through the woods, toward the sink hole, Dyson begins to shed his clothes.

Blair: He's not bad looking. I've dated better.

Jo: Wolf Boy shows his true nature and turns into a wolf in front of Kenzi

Kenzi: Holy shit balls. That was awesome.

Jo: The wolf tracks down the security chief, who left Bo and Gina in the cave to be sucked dry by another Fae creature, and . . . well . . . rips the guy to shreds.

Natalie: In the cave, Bo fights the ugliest Fae we've seen so far.

Blair: Gross.

Natalie: Kenzi and Dyson arrive just as the ugly Fae is about to suck the life out of Bo and Dyson swats the monster on the head.

Jo: Bo takes Gina back to her mother.

Natalie: I wonder if Kenzi is going to save Bo's life in every episode.

Blair: It looks that way.

Natalie: I like this show.

Blair: See, Bo and I have so much in common. We both like a nice bubble bath at the end of a hard day.

Blair: (eyeing Jo carefully) Do you think Bo looks good in suds.

Jo: (grinning) Not as good as you, baby.

Natalie: Kenzi tells Bo that she saw Dyson's 'wolf junk'.

Blair: Ick.

Bo: Okay, what is the matter with you?

Kenzi: I'm just happy for you. You know, most love lives don't include a body count. You're kind of due for some happiness.

Jo: Bo asks Kenzi for relationship advice and Kenzi tells Bo that she should tell Wolf Boy how she feels.

Natalie: Bo enters the bar in search of Dyson so that she can declare her love for him.

Jo: When she finds Dyson, he's shagging the waitress, Kayla.

Blair: Oh, poor Bo's heart is broken.

Natalie: I thought this is what you wanted.

Blair: I didn't want him to break her heart.

Jo: (winking at Blair) Maybe Lauren can help her get over it.

Natalie: I liked this episode.

Blair: I missed Lauren, but I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of her now that Dyson has broken up with Bo.

Natalie: (pulling Blair aside to speak confidentially) Did you see episode three?

Jo: You're not fooling me, y'know. Go ahead and moon over her, see if I care.

Blair: (biting her lower lip) You can't really still be on Team Frankie. Can't you see how happy Cat is with D.S. Murray? They were so cute having breakfast together.

Natalie: The heart wants what the heart wants, Blair. What did you think of the sex scene with Cat and Sam?

Blair: (groaning) It was painful to watch. Sam was trying so hard to . . . make Cat 'happy', but she just wasn't into it.

Natalie: It happens.

Blair: Not to me.

Jo: (smirking from the other side of the room) Ain't gonna happen either.

Blair: I can't believe Cat could talk about Frankie while Sam was . . . um . . .

Natalie: Well, even though I'm still Team Frankie, it was painful for me to watch as well.

Blair: They made up for it at the police station, don't you think?

Natalie: (grinning) That was the hottest sex scene so far. Um, did you and Jo ever, um, do anything like that at the police station?

Jo: That's enough!

Natalie: Does that mean, yes?

Jo: No, it means it's none of your f**n business. I knew f**n D.S. Murray was gonna cause trouble. I knew it.

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