A.M. Glass

Promises to Keep PG Bo/Lauren This story is very Kenzi and Lauren-centric. No, they're not in a relationship, but they are the crux of the story, although Bo is mentioned and is the driving force, somewhat to the story. Complete

Talking to Nadia PG-13 Bo/Lauren No synopsis given. Complete

Wanting More PG Bo/Lauren After second season finale - no synopsis given. Complete

When You're Sure PG Bo/Lauren After second season finale - no synopsis given. Complete

Angel Makayla

Noticed 15 Bo/Kenzi Just a short story I wrote about Kenzi and Bo. Look closely and you'll see the Benzi. This was a product of my boredom. Complete

Bella Taggart

Lost and Found 1 PG-13 Bo/Lauren When Bo comes across a drunken Lauren in a bar, everything she thought she knew about the doctor comes into question. On-Going

Catherine Westwood

None Of Us Were Angels 15 Bo/Lauren Epic Proportions entry - no synopsis given. Complete


Hunger 18 Bo/Scully X-Files crossover - What happens when a hungry succubus hooks up with a certain redhead? Complete


Strictly Professional PG Bo/Kenzi A short interlude in which Bo and Kenzi take some necessary precautions. Takes place some time in Season 2. Complete


A Taste of Things to Come PG Bo/Lauren No synopsis given. Complete


Faetal Attraction PG Bo/Lauren Bo is hurt by Lauren's words. Complete

Late Night Snack PG Bo/Lauren Lauren is woken by a knock on her door. Complete


House Call 18 Bo/Lauren Bo is badly injured and Lauren is called to help, leading to unexpected results. Complete

The Miracle 18 Bo/Lauren A sequel to Housecall. Bo & Lauren face the challenge of becoming parents; their unborn child a possible pawn to both Light & Dark sides, and the return of an old enemy. Complete

The Brave 18 Bo/Lauren As they prepare for the Dawning, a part of Lauren's past is revealed. Complete

Geminus Fatum 18 Bo/Lauren Grieving over the loss of Kenzi, and under pressure as her role as the Chosen One, Bo finds support in Lauren to get Kenzi back. Hopeful they can rekindle their relationship, Bo is devastated again, when Lauren rejects the idea. And long hidden secrets start to unravel. Complete

Geminus Fatum Epilogue - "Meeting The Parents" New 18 Bo/Lauren It's eight weeks after Lauren defeated Hades, and she and Bo are going to visit her 'parents', to discover about their lives. Complete


Runaway Love 18 Bo/Lauren Post Season 3 finale. After everything that went down, someone unexpected makes Bo see the errors of her ways and sends her after Lauren. Complete


The Memory of Her Touch 18 Bo/Lauren Lauren can't forget the feeling of Bo's touch. Complete

Phantom Touch 18 Bo/Lauren Bo remembers. Sequel to The Memory of Her Touch. Complete

Healing Touch 18 Bo/Lauren A simple touch can heal all wounds. Conclusion to The Memory of Her Touch and Phantom Touch. Complete

An Interesting Evening 15 Bo/Lauren What happens when Bo and Lauren go out on their own? Set after 1x06 and before 1x08. Complete

An Electric Night 18 Bo/Lauren Follows immediately after 'An Interesting Evening' Complete

A Matter of Control 18 Bo/Lauren What if Lauren were to physically help Bo learn how to control her powers? Set after 'An Interesting Evening' and 'An Electric Night'. Complete


When Heroes Fall 1 PG-13 Bo/Lauren A Jump to Season 3. On-Going

The Raven

Mortal Desires 15 Bo/Lauren Can't resist. Would not, even if it were possible. Complete

Deadly Hunger 15 Bo/Lauren When what you want is something that you can't have. Complete

Lethal Passions 15 Bo/Lauren This is not a love song. Complete

Fatal Lust 15 Bo/Lauren Damn it. Complete

Control 15 Bo/Lauren What can the night bring? Complete

Possession 15 Bo/Lauren What will the day bring? Complete

Freedom 15 Bo/Lauren What will the future bring? Complete

Perceptions 15 Bo/Lauren The accused and the accuser. Complete

Sensations 15 Bo/Lauren So, what the hell do we do now? Complete


Mending Bridges 15 Bo/Lauren Set after episode 1x08. Lauren finally gets the chance to explain her side of things. Complete


Jo & Blair Recap Lost Girl

Episode 01 PG Bo/Lauren   Jo/Blair Jo and Blair recap episodes of the new series, Lost Girl. Complete

Episode 02 PG Bo/Lauren   Jo/Blair Jo and Blair recap episodes of the new series, Lost Girl. Episode Two. Complete

Episode 03 PG-13 Jo/Blair   Bo/Lauren Jo and Blair recap episodes of the new series, Lost Girl. Kenzi goes undercover as a sorority girl in order to solve a missing person's case. Lauren does not appear in this episode. Complete

Episode 04 15 Jo/Blair   Bo/Lauren Kenzi gets freaky. Lauren and Bo have 'sparkage'. Bo has a threesome with a Fae couple and is dragged into a murder plot when the wife asks Bo to kill her husband's mistress. Complete

Episode 05 15 Jo/Blair   Bo/Lauren Jo and Blair are very unhappy reviewers while watching LG Episode 5, Dead Lucky. When she isn't having sex with Dyson (AKA, Wolf Boy), Bo solves a case in which a Body Jumper inhabits the bodies of recently deceased humans. Snippet of Lip Service episode 5 for Team Sam fans. Complete

Episode 06 PG Jo/Blair   Bo/Lauren Happy days are here again for Team Lauren fans. Lauren and Bo go out on the town as Lauren tries to teach Bo how to gain control of her desires and Bo tries to teach Lauren how to lose control. Kenzi gets sick after accidentally eating 'People Feet Soup'. Lauren helps Bo find a cure for Kenzi. Complete


Aurora 18 Bo/Lauren An exploration of trust, honesty and love. Complete


Love 18 Bo/Lauren No synopsis given. Complete

Aftertaste 18 Bo/Lauren No synopsis given. Complete

Blood Loss 18 Bo/Lauren No synopsis given. Complete

Sacrifice 18 Bo/Lauren No synopsis given. Complete

My Girl PG Bo/Lauren Takes place after episode 2.21 - Into the Dark. Complete

A Walk in the Park PG Bo/Lauren A little Bo and Lauren fluff. Complete

In the Moment PG Bo/Lauren Takes place after episode 2.13 - Barometz. Trick. Pressure. Complete