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Healing Touch
By mel


Lauren delivered three hard knocks in rapid succession onto the front door of Bo and Kenzi's ramshackle abode, the hollow thumps echoing dully through the cavernous interior of the building, before stepping back and adjusting the bag on her shoulder as she surveyed her surroundings for any sign of trouble. She didn't even know exactly why she was there, just that something had happened and Bo had gotten hurt. Kenzi had sounded concerned enough over the phone that she'd immediately abandoned the slides she'd been analyzing, grabbed her coat and ran out the door. "Come on," she muttered, her anxiousness causing her to bounce a little on the balls of her feet in an unusual display of emotion. "Thank God," she sighed as she heard the deadbolt tumbling over.

"Hotpants," Kenzi smiled, almost in relief, as she threw the door open wide and stepped back to allow Lauren entrance. "Thanks for coming, you got here fast."

Lauren cocked her head and pursed her lips thoughtfully at the nickname. She briefly considered asking Kenzi about it – last thing she'd heard from the con-artist was that she was 'frigid' – but her concern for Bo's health outweighed her curiosity. "Where is she?"

Kenzi waved a hand at the ceiling. "In her room."

Lauren nodded and started for the stairs. "What happened?"

"We were going to talk to a Naga about an issue with one of his Lamia…," she let her voice trail off as she watched Lauren stop with one foot on the bottom step and turn around to face her. The look of complete surprise on the doctor's face had her interrupting her description of the day's events to ask, "What?"

"How do you two continue to meet the most obscure Fae on the planet?"

"We're just that good," Kenzi replied dryly. "Anywho, apparently Bo didn't bother to double check what the appropriate protocol was for initiating such an encounter," she just nodded at Lauren's small huff of amused disbelief that the succubus still wasn't paying attention to the rules of her new world, "and Snakeman got all pissy and did this shape-shifty thing – which was majorly creeptastic, by the way – and attacked her."

Lauren held up a hand to stop Kenzi's rant right there. "Wait - Bo got attacked by a Naga?"

"Nope – I made the whole thing up."


Kenzi rolled her eyes. "Of course she did, not even my imagination is that good! You can fix her, right?"

"Did he bite her?" Lauren asked as she flipped open her bag and began shifting through its contents.

Kenzi swallowed the smart ass quip that was on the tip of her tongue and just nodded. "Is that bad?"

Lauren sighed and shook her head as she worried her lip thoughtfully. "It is, but knowing the trouble you two can get into I came prepared for the worst. She'll be fine. Are you coming up?"

"Are you two gonna… you know, get your Doccubus groove thing on?"

Lauren shook her head and smiled sadly. That would be the easiest way to heal the succubus. "I doubt it. But if it would make you more comfortable you can stay down here and I'll call for you if I need you."

Kenzi nodded. "Yeah, that sounds like a good plan."

Lauren climbed halfway up the stairs before another, less pleasant, thought struck her. "Oh. I assume Dyson is on his way – could you send him up when he gets here?"

"Umm," Kenzi drawled. "That's a negative Doctor Lady. Wolfy's not coming."


"Did I stutter?"

"Why isn't he coming?"

Kenzi held her hands up defensively. "Hey, don't blame me. She told me not to call him… said you'd be able to fix her."

"She did?" Lauren frowned, so lost in her own thoughts as to why the succubus would do such a thing that she didn't even wait for Kenzi's response as she turned to finish her trek to Bo's room.

Bo shifted under her sheets, wincing and hissing softly at the stab of pain that shot through her torso from the movement. "Shit that hurts." It had hurt when Kenzi had helped her out of her shirt so they could inspect the wound themselves before deciding to call Lauren for help, but she wasn't expecting this level of pain from simply moving her body to try and get comfortable. It was, as far as she could tell, a fairly straightforward puncture wound, but that snake-man's fangs were freaking huge. She tucked the sheet up under her arms and was saved from further contemplating exactly how bad it hurt by a quiet, almost tentative knock at her bedroom door. She turned her head to look at the door and watched as it swung open to admit one very concerned looking Lauren. She noticed the dark circles under the doctor's eyes and she realized that the blonde hadn't been sleeping well in the week that'd passed since their last encounter.

Lauren surveyed the room as she entered slowly, immediately recognizing the prone figure on the bed. "Bo?"

"That's me," Bo replied lightly, hoping to convince Lauren that her injury didn't hurt like a son of bitch.

"Good, you're awake," Lauren murmured as she closed the door and quickly crossed the room to Bo's bed. That was a good sign, it meant that the Naga's venom was most likely not compatible with the succubus' physiology. She set her bag down next to Bo and quickly scanned the brunette for the location of her injury. She focused her attention on the blood darkening what she hoped had started out as a clean white cloth that was pressed to Bo's shoulder. "What happened?" she asked as she leaned in and pulled the makeshift bandage off to analyze the wound, somehow managing to not visibly react to the raw, ragged, seeping hole that she uncovered. She was much less concerned with the deep cut across the outside of Bo's shoulder where it looked like the Naga's other fang landed.

Bo sighed, this was always the part of getting hurt that she hated. "We have a client who claims that a Lamia stole some stone artifact from him so I thought the easiest way to find out if it was true or not was to just go and talk to her."

Lauren ducked her head to hide her smile. She wasn't amused by the situation at all, but the way that Bo had approached the problem was just so very… Bo. Her act first, ask questions later approach was somewhat endearing, at times. "And her Naga didn't appreciate that?"

"Not at all," Bo exclaimed. "I mean, what was that guy's problem?!"

Lauren rolled her eyes at the brunette's complete disregard for Fae customs. "Did you contact him beforehand to let him know you'd be coming? Did you bring a gift, a trinket as an offering of goodwill?"

"No and no. And if you tell me I was supposed to wear my underwear on the outside of my pants I will totally lose it."

Lauren couldn't help but laugh softly at Bo's humor. "No, you needn't have worn your underwear on the outside of your clothes. Although," she murmured as she carefully pulled the sheet down to Bo's hips to make sure that there was no sign of the venom spreading through the succubus' system. "If you had done that he would have been so shocked that he would have hesitated slightly before attacking. Which would have given you time to either prepare to fight or just run away."

"I'll make a mental note of that," Bo chuckled. "We'll call it the Shock and Awe approach."

Lauren just shook her head and moved her hands up the brunette's sides to check the lymph nodes under the succubus' arms, being careful not to touch the sides of Bo's breasts.

Bo smirked as she watched Lauren's long, thin fingers carefully maneuver around the outsides of her breasts. "See something you like, Doc?"

Lauren looked up and offered the teasing succubus a small smile. "I do."

"I thought so."

"Mmm," Lauren nodded as she turned to withdraw a vial of an ocher tinted liquid from her bag. "Your wound looks clean and the venom hasn't spread or metastasized in your lymph nodes. I'll just administer an injection of anti-venom to hold you over until you can arrange some of your… particular brand of restorative healing, and you'll be good as new."

Bo frowned. "That wasn't what I meant."

Lauren sighed as she flipped the vial over to fill a syringe that she'd pulled from a side pocket in her bag. "I'm aware of what your intentions were Bo."

"Can we have that talk now? Please?" Bo asked as she watched Lauren inject her with whatever was in the needle.

"You're injured and laying in your bed half naked, Bo,". Lauren replied softly. "I don't think now is the time."

Never one to give up easily, Bo pressed on doggedly. "I can't do much about the injured part of that unless you want to join me in getting more than half naked."

"Bo," Lauren warned.

"Fine," the brunette grumbled as she pulled her sheet up over herself and tucked it under her chin. "Better?"

"Not now, Bo," Lauren murmured as she capped the used syringe, carefully placing it and the vial of anti-venom back inside her kit. "Your heightened metabolism will have you burning through that anti-venom in a few hours. I don't think you need it, but better safe than sorry. You need to have Dyson come over here for you to feed so you can heal yourself."

"I don't want Dyson."

Always the practical clinician, no matter how much it hurt her personally, Lauren replied, "Okay. Fine. Is there someone else I can have Kenzi call for you?"

"I had her call the only person I want here," Bo answered, a look of stubborn defiance on her face.

Lauren closed her eyes and sucked her lower lip between her teeth as she tried to come up with an appropriate response to Bo's statement. But nothing came to mind and she sighed in resignation as she opened her eyes to focused her gaze onto the stubborn succubus. "You really want to do this now?"

Bo nodded resolutely. She did. She'd done enough soul searching to admit that she wanted Lauren, and she knew they needed to get everything out in the open before that could happen.

"Fine," Lauren sighed. "But could you at least humor me and lay down?"

Bo laid back down against her pillows. "How's this?"

"Much better, thank you," Lauren smiled softly. "May I sit?"

"Of course."

"Mmm," Lauren hummed noncommittally as she carefully lowered herself to the bed at Bo's side and tried to figure out where to start. Finally deciding to just start at the beginning, she folded her hands in her lap. "I was summoned to see the Ash that afternoon,"' she began, knowing that Bo would understand what afternoon she was referring to, "because word of your investigation had reached his ears."


Lauren chuckled softly and rolled her eyes. "You're not exactly subtle, Bo. He told me that he knew I'd been helping you behind his back and that he was assuming it was for the good of the Light."

This got Bo's attention, she'd never thought of that. Sure, Kenzi had suggested something like it before the whole foot soup fiasco, but she'd never given her quirky roommate's conspiracy theory much weight. "Were you?"

"No," Lauren shook her head, a small, almost sad smile lifting one corner of her mouth. "I lied and told him I was because otherwise I would be overstepping my bounds by an extent that even I cannot get away with – but I was helping you because I chose to. There's just something about you that…," her voice trailed off as she pondered the end of that sentence. "I was helping you because I wanted to. My motives were selfish, I admit, but I was helping you because I wanted to."

This intrigued Bo because Lauren was perhaps the least selfish person she knew. "Selfish how?"

"The fact that you were completely untrained should have been reason enough to help you," Lauren replied sounding every bit the experienced clinician that she was. "But when it came right down to it, I was helping you because I wanted you like I've never wanted anyone before." She nodded her head slowly, lifting her right hand to tuck an errant strand of hair back behind her ear as she murmured, "I. Absolutely. Wanted. You."

Bo grinned. "So… you'd wanted me since we first met?"

"Yes," Lauren admitted softly. "From that first day in my lab I've wanted you. I knew that Vex was supremely powerful and able to control the actions of others, and I was so worried that you'd go after him and he'd kill you. Best case scenario of that confrontation would be that you'd kill him, but the Ash told me that Vex was a favorite of the Dark and if you killed him that the Dark would retaliate and kill you – and," she looked imploringly into Bo's eyes, "I just couldn't let that happen. I came over here knowing that I needed to keep you here, out of trouble, while the Ash was negotiating with the Morrigan to have Vex sent away."Bo scoffed. "I wouldn't have thought he'd care."

Lauren tilted her head in a silent acknowledgement of the succubus' distrust. "He wanted to know more about you, your past, your heritage, before he decided one way or the other on your… usefulness to the Light."

"Usefulness," Bo repeated harshly.

Lauren nodded. "Yes. Although I think a part of him was also intrigued as to why I cared so much about you to go behind his back to help you," Lauren admitted. "But all I cared about was that he was willing to help keep you safe. So I came to you thinking that if I could get you talking about why you were so hell bent on helping Lou Ann it would buy the Ash enough time to do what needed to be done. But then you jumped up off the couch like you were going to run out the door and right into trouble and I knew that I needed to try something other than talking to protect you."

"So you kissed me."

"So I kissed you," Lauren whispered. "I was selfish and I kissed you because I could not bear the thought of losing you."

"Did he tell you to sleep with me?"

Lauren hung her head as she answered softly. "He suggested it would be a way to distract you, but he didn't order me into your bed like you accused me of."

"He suggested it," Bo muttered, shaking her head in disbelief. Sure she was a succubus and all, but was nothing sacred to the Fae?

Lauren looked up to stare into Bo's eyes. "Yes, he suggested that it would be a way to keep you out of harm's way. I believe his exact words were, 'She's a succubus. If you want to keep her alive, I'm sure you can think of something to distract her.' The one thing I wanted more than anything else in the world that night was to keep you away from Vex and alive, and I would have done anything to make it happen."

Bo was silent for a moment as she held Lauren's gaze, and when she finally spoke her voice was neither angry nor accusing. It was calm, steady. "You seduced me."

"I did." Lauren nodded.

"Because you wanted to protect me."

Lauren closed her eyes and nodded. "Yes. I am sorry that my actions hurt you. I'm sorry you felt so obviously betrayed. I'm so sorry I didn't explain all this that night before I kissed you. I am so, so sorry that you ran out before I could explain it to you afterwards, but I am not sorry for doing what I thought I had to do to keep you safe."

Bo watched Lauren sit as if awaiting her fate, her body tense, on edge – almost as if she were expecting Bo to rant and rave and throw her out at any moment. Bo couldn't deny that she had felt betrayed that night, couldn't deny that she had been absolutely livid about Lauren's deception; but she could now see how the blonde was simply reacting to her actions that day, could tell that the doctor's remorse at the effects of her actions was genuine. She also knew that she'd decided long before she'd heard Lauren's side of the story that she wanted the woman back in her life. Knew that she absolutely needed Lauren back in her life, in her arms, and in her bed.

She pushed herself up in her bed until she was sitting, not caring that the sheet she'd tucked under her chin had fallen. Her eyes softened as she let herself really look at the woman in front of her, her gaze caressing the blonde's features. She reached out with her uninjured hand and cradled Lauren's cheek tenderly in her palm, lightly brushing her thumb over the blonde's cheekbone. "Look at me," she whispered as she continued to gently rub Lauren's cheek in what she hoped was a reassuring gesture. She smiled when Lauren finally opened her eyes finally opened to look at her. "I'm sorry I've been such an ass," she murmured as she used her touch against Lauren's jaw to pull the blonde in closer until she was finally able to claim her lips in a slow, deliberate, unmistakably tender kiss.

Lauren reacted immediately to the caress, leaning forward into Bo, increasing the delicate pressure against her lips as she realized that every memory she had of the succubus' touch had been woefully inadequate. There were no words to describe how sweet Bo's lips tasted, how silky soft they felt moving against her own. Bo's tongue pressed lightly against her lips and she opened her mouth willingly, inviting the brunette's tongue inside and meeting it eagerly with her own. She moaned loudly as their tongues stroked and danced together in a slow, sensual dance; that moan effectively breaking the spell the unexpected kiss had evoked over her and she pulled back, her eyes wide and confused as she asked, "What are you doing?"

Bo bit down on her lower lip and smiled. "Kissing you," she answered simply as she watched desire and confusion and desperation and bewilderment swirl in Lauren's eyes.

"But, what about…," Lauren's voice trailed off as she took in the succubus' soft smile. "What do you want?"

Bo chuckled as she leaned in to brush her lips across Lauren's softly. "I thought that was obvious," she teased as she captured the blonde's lower lip between her own.

Lauren moaned softly, her hands moving to rest on the succubus' hips as she gave herself over to the simple caress. "God, Bo," she gasped as the brunette began trailing a string of kisses across her cheek.

Bo smiled as she flicked the tip of her tongue over Lauren's earlobe, delighting in the mewl of pleasure that escaped the blonde. "I want you," she husked against Lauren's ear. "I want to hold you. I want to kiss you. I want to love you," she breathed, dropping her hand to Lauren's side and drawing the blonde in even closer to her.

Lauren's breath was coming in ragged pants and her thoughts were effectively scrambled by the way Bo's breath danced over her skin. "That night?" she gasped as the succubus pressed a soft kiss to the sensitive hollow below her ear.

"History," Bo murmured. "Can we just start over like it never happened?"

Lauren moaned as her body responded gloriously to the succubus' words. She wanted nothing more than to forget that night and try again. "Bo," she sighed.

"Let me kiss you Lauren," Bo implored softly as she lifted her head to stare beseechingly into Lauren's eyes. "Please… just let me."

Lauren licked her lips and nodded as her heart seemed to grow infinitely lighter in her chest, her gaze flicking down to Bo's mouth expectantly as she acquiesced to the brunette's plea. Her eyes fluttered closed as the distance separating their lips lessened until the brunette's mouth were once again descended to her own, lips gliding, grasping, caressing each other so tenderly as the final seemingly impenetrable wall separating them fell.

"Lauren," Bo moaned softly as the blonde's hands tangled in her hair, holding her there where their breaths mingled in hot, desperate pants as they stared deep into the other's eyes.

Lauren smiled softly at the woman before her. "Lie down, Bo," she murmured as she leaned in and pressed her lips to the succubus', using that contact as a means to force the brunette back onto the bed. "You're still injured," she explained softly between kisses as she helped Bo down onto her pillows.

Bo reached out, ignoring the pain in her shoulder, to wrap both of her hands around Lauren's waist and pull the blonde down on top of her, deftly slipping a leg between Lauren's and pushing up into the doctor's center. She grinned at Lauren's obvious surprise and lifted her chin to claim the blonde's lips in a quick, playful kiss. "I will never be too injured to love you, Lauren," she murmured as she slipped her hands under the blonde's shirt.

Lauren gasped at the feeling of Bo's hands splayed across the small of her back, fingertips flexing, gripping at her skin and pulling her down harder. "God, Bo, are you sure? I don't want to hurt you."

Bo licked her lips and nodded her assent, causing the cautious blonde to smile bashfully. Taking the brunette at her word, Lauren settled her weight onto her hands and tilted her hips forward into the supine succubus, pressing herself into Bo as she captured the brunette's lips in a deep, languid, indisputably serious kiss.

Bo, for her part, took full advantage of their new positions and quickly worked open the buttons on Lauren's ridiculously professional shirt. She moaned into the doctor's mouth as she flared the shirt open wider, allowing flushed, heated skin to rest against flushed, heated skin. "Lauren," she sighed as the blonde's breasts, still encased in a distinctly unprofessional sheer lace bra dipped down to rub lightly against her own naked mounds.

"Tell me," Lauren murmured between kisses, "if I hurt you."

Bo nodded and reached behind Lauren's back to deftly unclasp the blonde's bra with just one hand. "I will, but you won't," she assured her.

Lauren shifted her weight down onto her hips, laying more of her weight against Bo's center as she allowed the succubus to help her out of her shirt and bra one arm at a time until they were finally able to lay together breast to breast. Twin moans punctuated the moment rigid, needy nipples brushed against each other and Bo eagerly lifted her head off her pillow to claim Lauren's lips once more. "I've missed you," she whispered as she broke the kiss.

Lauren ducked her head at Bo's admission and smiled a small, shy smile as she confessed softly, "I've missed you too."

Bo's answering smile was absolutely radiant as she reached up to twine her hand in Lauren's hair and pull the blonde in close once more. Lips danced along lips, tongues dipping, diving, delving deep into each other's mouths as their need, their desire grew causing their hips to begin to rock ever so slightly against each other. "I've missed kissing you," she murmured between kisses.

Lauren moaned low and deep at Bo's murmured confession and she rested her forehead against the succubus' as she rocked her hips down harder into the brunette. Warm brown eyes stared into faintly glowing blue as chests heaved in a desperate attempt to fill burning lungs with much needed oxygen. "Are you okay?"

Bo nodded and ran her fingers lightly down Lauren's sides to slip her thumb under the waistband of the blonde's slacks. She hooked the fabric onto the webbing between her thumb and forefinger and pressed down indicatively. "Off."

Lauren leaned in to press one last deep, sensual kiss to the succubus' lips before she moved off the bed completely to shuck her slacks and panties before quickly ridding the brunette of her remaining clothes as well. "Better?" she asked playfully as she climbed back on top of Bo, whose leg immediately insinuated itself between her own once more.

"Almost," Bo replied, lifting her leg and flexing the strong muscle against Lauren's center. "God," she breathed as the blonde rocked down onto her and coated her thigh with desire.

Lauren bit her lip and whimpered slightly at the heavenly feeling of Bo pressed so intimately against her and she wasted no time returning the favor and pressing herself into the brunette's center. "I've dreamed of this," she whispered as their bodies fell into an easy rhythm against each other, neither concerned with proving their prowess, both simply content to revel in the closeness that the situation afforded them.

Bo slipped her hands down to grasp Lauren's ass and pull the blonde into her harder. "Me too," she murmured as she rocked herself up onto Lauren's thigh. "I could stay here with you forever," she whispered as she stared deep into Lauren's eyes, her own orbs glowing brighter and brighter with each passing second.

Lauren's eyes fluttered closed under the weight of emotion Bo's statement elicited within her and she eagerly dipped her chin down to claim the brunette's lips with her own in a slow, sensual, searing kiss. A small moan escaped her as Bo's lips opened under her own and the brunette greedily sucked against her tongue, drawing it in deeper into the brunette's mouth. Heartbeats fluttered as adoring lips pressed whispers of devotion onto flushed, sensitive skin and hands and fingers gripped, groped, and massaged available flesh as hips rocked in firm, steady, deliberate motions guiding each woman closer and closer to their unified release.

Bo gritted her jaw and buried her face in the crook of Lauren's neck as her need to feed became nearly overpowering. She didn't want to feed off of Lauren, didn't want this experience to be cheapened by her underlying nature. She was torn between her two selves, her Fae natured demanded she feed, take, steal energy while her human heart demanded she love, give, cherish the woman in her arms. Lauren, for her part, was well aware of the succubus' growing need and knew that their love making combined with Bo's injury would make not feeding nearly impossible.

"It's okay," Lauren murmured as she moved to look Bo in the eye, but the succubus' lids were closed tight, preventing the unearthly glow from showing. "Bo," she tried again, pushing herself up more fully and stopping the movement of her hips against the brunette, forcing the succubus to look at her. "It's okay," she whispered, leaning in and kissing Bo gently.

"I don't…"

"You need to," Lauren interrupted, a small, lopsided smile tweaking her lips.

"I hate this," Bo muttered as she threw her head back onto her pillow.

"I know," Lauren soothed as she leaned in and claimed Bo's lips in a deep, deliberate kiss. "I know you do Bo, but you need to."

Bo stared deep into Lauren's warm, chocolate eyes, gauging the blonde's honesty for a moment before she ran her hands up Lauren's arms to grasp the back of her shoulders. "Do you trust me?"

Lauren smiled and nodded. "With my heart," she murmured, leaning in to kiss Bo quickly. "With my life," she continued, this time lingering for a few moments in her kiss before pulling back just far enough to finish softly, "With all that I am, I trust you."

Bo let her eyelids close as the sincerity of Lauren's vow settled into her soul. When she opened her eyes they were a bright, brilliant blue and glowing with barely restrained power. She ran her hands down Lauren's back to rest atop the blonde's hips, tugging, pulling against the woman perched above her, urging their bodies back into motion. "I will," she murmured, answering the silent question evident in Lauren's gaze, "but not yet. Not until…" she let her voice trail off as she instead busied her mouth, her lips, her tongue with teasing the sensitive column of the blonde's throat – urging both their bodies faster, driving their joint need higher and higher with each roll of hips and every quiet gasp of pleasure.

"Fuck, Bo," Lauren moaned as the succubus' teeth raked over her clavicle causing her hips to buck hard against the brunette.

"That's it, Baby," Bo encouraged as she pushed herself to meet each and every one of the blonde's rocking, seeking thrusts, driving herself higher, winding herself tighter so that when Lauren let go she would be right there with her.

Lauren's mouth fell open and her eyelids drooped as she retreated inside herself for those few moments before her building climax peaked, focusing on the sensations Bo's fingers on her skin elicited within her, fixating on the feeling of Bo's leg rubbing against her, concentrating on the burning, fiery need that was growing hotter and hotter low in her hips. "God Bo."

Bo could tell from the suddenly uncoordinated and jerky movements that Lauren was making against her that the blonde was close, so incredibly close. "Kiss me," she murmured as she felt herself edging closer and closer to the edge, her loud moan of pleasure echoed by Lauren as their lips met and each of them poured every ounce of their adoration into the kiss as they raced toward their joint release.

"Mmmm," Lauren moaned into the kiss, her hips stalling for a moment against Bo's leg before the electricity of the first wave of her climax passed and she pressed down harder and ground herself against the brunette's strong thigh.

Bo whimpered as Lauren's climax brought on her own, and she hungrily claimed the blondes lips in a feverish, needy kiss, breathing in deep, drawing in the blonde's energy and using it to selfishly heal herself as Lauren insisted she do.

Lauren gasped at the feeling of Bo's power surging through her, not surprised at all by the immeasurable pleasure she received from the exchange, but completely surprised by the feeling of warmth that spread through her from it. It was almost as if she could feel the depth of Bo's affection for her through their preternaturally intimate connection – and she was overwhelmed by the overpowering depth of the succubus' devotion. Bo, for her part, could taste Lauren's love for her thick on her tongue, could feel the blonde's absolute trust sliding effortlessly through the bond to keep her grounded and aware of the world outside their connection. She took just enough to speed her healing and not nearly enough to do more than make Lauren a little fatigued. She broke her kiss abruptly, leaving both of them gasping for breath as their bodies continued to spasm with mild aftershocks from their climaxes.

"Are you okay?" Bo asked as she carefully analyzed Lauren's face, the blonde's eyes were closed which was worrisome but there was a faint smile lifting her lips that made her not so afraid. "Lauren?"

Lauren smiled wider and nodded jerkily. She was okay, a little fatigued from their supernatural kiss and very much drained from the strength of her orgasm, but she was most definitely okay. "Mmm. How are you?"

Bo chuckled. "Only you would be more concerned with my well being after I just fed off you."

Lauren just shrugged. It was what it was. "Well?"

"C'mere," Bo smiled and drew Lauren down onto her, taking and enjoying the feeling of the blonde's full weight resting atop her. "See? All better."

Lauren tried to push herself up to inspect the brunette's wound herself. She'd seen that it'd closed itself up, but she was pretty sure there was still some signs of injury to prove that Bo wasn't completely healed. "Really?"

Realizing that the doctor above her wasn't fooled, she murmured, "Shh. I'm good enough for now." She pressed a soft, adoring kiss to Lauren's forehead to assure the blonde that she was okay as she reached down to grab hold of the sheet that'd been discarded and pull it up over their rapidly cooling bodies. By the morning the wound will have healed itself further and though she might have to feed again to help herself recover completely, in this moment she was content to let her decidedly Human heart win out over her Fae nature, because having Lauren in her arms somehow healed both halves of herself.

The End

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