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Jo & Blair Recap Lost Girl
Episode 01

By Slave2Free


Jo: The show begins in a bar, where a creepy guy offers a spiked drink to the main character, Bo.

Blair: How do you know that she is the main character?

Jo: I watched the promo.

Blair: Is she the lost girl?

Jo: Lost?

Blair: Yes, lost. If the title of the show is Lost Girl, then the main character is lost, right?

Jo: I'm not gonna let you help me with the recap if you make me explain everything to you, Blair.

Blair: Fine. I'll be quiet.

Jo: When Bo, who is tending bar, politely declines the drink, creepy guy scans the bar for a new victim.

Blair: Guys used to hit on me like that all the time.

Jo: See how lucky you are that I came along when I did.

Blair: Did it ever occur to you that you might be the lucky one?

Jo: Look, creepy guy has spotted a young blonde girl. She'll be his next victim.

Blair: She's not a victim, she's a pickpocket.

Jo: She'll become a victim if she accepts the spiked drink from creepy guy.

Blair: She looks too young to be in a bar.

Jo: She's probably a runaway. I used to see girls like that all the time when I was a cop.

Blair: Detective.

Jo: Same thing.

Blair: Not really.

Jo: The young blonde accepts the drink from creepy guy as a way to get close enough to him to pick his pocket. When the girl leaves the bar, creepy guy follows her to the elevator. Once the drug creepy guy put in her drink kicks in, the girl realizes she's been duped and creepy guy gets even creepier.

Blair: Main character Bo's fashion choices are questionable, but her timing is perfect. She gets in the elevator on the next floor. Do all the women in science fiction movies dress like that?

Jo: What's wrong with how she's dressed?

Blair: Please. No one really dresses like that.

Jo: I like it.

Blair: You would. She looks like a villain.

Jo: She saw creepy guy following the young girl from the bar. She's there to make sure nothing happens to the girl. Now we know that Bo is good, even though she isn't human.

Blair: Oh, no. Not another vampire.

Jo: Don't worry, she's not a vampire. Bo makes a pass at creepy guy, but when he kisses her, his life essence, in the form of a bluish mist, leaves his body and enters Bo's.

Blair: Gross.

Jo: It's science fiction, Blair. Bo's a succubus. That's what they do.

Blair: I meant kissing creepy guy, not sucking the life out of him, silly.

Jo: Bo picks up the drugged blonde and carries her away.

Blair: That kid's not going to be her love interest, is she? The succubus is far too old for her.

Jo: Of course not, she's the sidekick, Blair. In the next scene, two detectives examine creepy guy's body and determine that he was not killed by a human. It turns out that the detectives are not human either and they refer to the dead man as a "feed".

Blair: Back at Bo's apartment, if you can call a dilapidated old warehouse an apartment, Bo is packing to leave when the young blonde, who is really a brunette wearing a blonde wig, wakes up and wigs out.

Jo: Cute play on words, Blair, but try to stick to the story. The girl, Kenzi, eventually decides that Bo would make a pretty good friend, seeing as how Bo saved her from creepy guy, and she is willing to overlook the fact that Bo could suck the life out of her at any moment.

Jo: The detectives put out an APB on Bo. Meanwhile, Bo and Kenzi have lunch and when they don't have enough money to pay, Bo illustrates another succubus skill by touching the waitress and sending a supernatural pulse of sexual pleasure her way. The waitress no longer cares if Bo pays.

Blair: I have that same effect on a lot of people. I'm beginning to think that Bo and I have a lot in common.

Jo: Give me a break. You're totally opposite.

Blair: Do you think she's sexy?

Jo: (pausing, recalling the last time she answered that question) Hell no.

Blair: Hmmm.

Jo: Kenzi questions Bo, "You're saying you can seduce people into doing anything you want them to do just by touching them?"

Blair: Are you sure I'm not anything like Bo?

Jo: (ignoring Blair) The detectives grab Bo off of the street, shove her into a van, and take her to their evil lair.

Blair: That's an evil lair?

Jo: Yeah. I've seen a lot of science fiction shows and that's an evil lair if I ever saw one. Bo is tied to a chair while a group of non-humans marvel at Bo's insistence that she doesn't know "what" she is. They bring in a doctor to examine Bo.

Blair: Oh, now I see why you wanted to do this review.

Jo: What?

Blair: Nothing. Continue your story.

Jo: The doctor, Lauren, is immediately attracted to Bo, who is sitting on the examination table naked. Uh, viewers don't actually see Bo naked.

Blair: They see more than usual, unless they watched a lot of NYPD Blue.

Jo: The doctor can't seem to keep her hands off of Bo during the examination. Looking at Bo, she exclaims, "My God, you're beautiful." Bo reassures the embarrassed doctor by explaining that she "has that effect on people."

Blair: Do you think Lauren is sexy?

Jo: I think that Lauren thinks that Bo is sexy, that's all that matters.

Blair: Bo is attracted to Lauren, too. I hate it when shows try to match up people without any chemistry.

Jo: Do you think Bo and Lauren have chemistry?

Blair: (considering herself an expert, gives the question serious thought) Yes.

Jo: Lauren goes on to explain to Bo that Bo is a succubus. She tells Bo about the Fae, two clans of supernatural beings, Light Fae and Dark Fae. Lauren encourages Bo to join the Light Fae, telling her that they (as in the doctor who can't wait to get her hands on the succubus) can teach Bo how to be with humans, etc. without sucking the life out of them. By the way, Lauren is a human.

Blair: Etc.?

Jo: Well, at this point we don't know how much Bo can actually do, in a sexual way, before sucking the life out of her partner. That's another thing you have in common with Bo.

Blair: (rolls eyes) Bo holds hands with the good doctor, sending a double dose of those pleasure pulses we saw earlier, into Lauren. The doctor swoons.

Jo: Still holding hands with the Doc, who is all too willing to help Bo escape from her captors, the nasty half-wolf detective stops her.

Blair: Why are you calling him names?

Jo: He's attracted to Bo.

Blair: So?

Jo: He's Lauren's competition. We're on Team Lauren.

Blair: Oh, good. I like being on a team. Wolves are hairy creatures, icky.

Jo: Representatives from both the Light Fae and the Dark Fae take Bo to an abandoned warehouse where they make her fight two monster Fae to the death. Bo is almost killed, but Kenzi, who tracked down her friend via some superhuman detective skills, saves Bo by calling out to her and breaking a trance.

Blair: Are the Light Fae good?

Jo: I'm not sure. They set Bo up to be killed by the monster Fae, but they seem better than the Dark Fae.

Blair: I think Bo is wise not to join either clan.

Jo: Bo has earned her freedom, but is required to stay in town. Bo asks Kenzi to move in with her and Kenzi is thrilled, but sets the record straight. "Just so we're clear about this partnership, you being you and all, I'm only into guys. Sorry." Bo laughs. "I'll try to contain my disappointment."

Blair: I like Kenzi. It's good to have a funny friend, like Natalie.

Jo: I like them all, except for wolf boy. What do you think, Blair? Do you want to recap another episode next week?

Blair: This isn't going to be another one of those shows where I get invested in the characters and watch them flirt with one another for several years while they deny their feelings and never actually kiss, is it?

Jo: Possibly. Lauren isn't in the opening credits and she's not in "The Characters of Lost Girl" section of the Showcase website.

Blair: That's not good news for Team Lauren.

Jo: On a positive note, networks don't seem as squeamish about lesbian kisses between non-humans so there is hope for Bo and Lauren.

(Natalie joins Jo and Blair)

Natalie: Well, did you like the show?

Blair: Yes, I definitely plan to watch episode two of "Lost Girl". Do you want to stay? Jo and I are going to recap Lip Service next.

Jo: We are NOT going to recap Lip Service! We are not going to watch that show.

Blair: (pouting) Jo, you're being silly. She's only a character on a television show.

Natalie: What's wrong with Lip Service?

Jo: F**n Detective Murray, that's what's wrong with it.

Blair: Detective Sergeant Murray.

Jo: (glaring) Same thing.

Blair: Not exactly.

Jo: She's not even one of the stars of the show.

Blair: She will be.

Natalie: What's wrong with Detective Sergeant Murray?

Blair: (smiling more than she should) Absolutely nothing.

Jo: If you call having to replay five lousy minutes of the show a hundred times nothing.

Blair: Two and a half minutes.

Jo: F**n D.S. Murray.

Natalie: Oh, I see.

To Be Continued

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